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Published: Sunday, April 13 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Don't you think this is all being handled a little poorly. The Children and women need protected, but humanity and wisdom should be used were ever possible.


This is going to end badly.


Leave these people alone. If there is proof of child abuse in individual cases, handle it. Do not persecute all these people. All of us who are religious believe things others may disagree with, and I would want others to keep their noses out of it. Apparently the mothers can come and go so if they didn't like the situation they would not have to return. They could have a custody hearing on an individual basis if there is dispute between the parents over any child a parent wants to remove from the compound.

St. George

Disgusting what the State can do. This is a crime and the Judge and the CPS should be held accountable for their actions.

Just as the men who are marrying child brides, hopefully, the new FLDS profit will wake up and see this was all caused by not letting the girls turn 18 before marrying them.

Still two wrongs dont make a right, and these children and mothers need to be set free.

Robert from NC

The old movie is been played over and over again. Take one problem, add government, and the result is chaos. These government stooges are making a problem worse. If poligamy is wrong, how about shacking up? Why doesn't the government go after these people too? The reason is that it is an overwhelming problem and a poor use for the taxpayers money.

This crazy cult is doing many things wrong and the news media is pointing it out to the world. Other crazy cults, like snake handlers and peyote smokers are also in the wrong. It is not the duty of the government to go after every religious deviant.

This group who call themselves "Fundamental" Latter Day Saints act as if they had some claim to or a real reason to call themselves LDS. THEY DON'T! The real LDS Church is a fine, upstanding, honest, decent, truthful organization which is attempting to spread the word of God and help its members prepare for an eternity with their creator. The FLDS group is a bunch of people practicing a deviant lifestyle while pretending to believe in God. May they mend their ways and quit the poligamy.


The long term solution to the poligamy problem is simple.
Let them cohabit as they will(people do that anyway)
but limit the number of children a male, breaking the law and living in poligamy is entitled to create...say a resonable number, maybe six.

After he has reached his quota,


Texas is going to get sued, big time...


We will probably never know if these children were being abused. But, we know they are being abused now.


"First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist. Then they came for the trade unionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist. Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me." -- Pastor Martin Niemller

DeLaval Milker

They're not after the communists or trade unionists here. They're after the child molesters, a process that may involve rescuing their victims. Against this, I will not speak out.
Of course this process is going to be traumatic. The tragedy increases exponentially the longer one of these compound cults is allowed to enslave the minds and bodies of the 'faithful'.
The separation and upset are necessary but unpleasant things. These people have been captive all their lives. Denied educcation and taught fear of the outside, it's not surprising that they will have some trouble adjusting.

The Texan

When the authorities came, identify yourself, give a valid birth certificate and a named father. No problem.

Stand there and refuse to answer questions and watch the authorities take them away.

What don't you understand about who caused the problem?

And now it's crowded? Why is the state spending $25,000 to $30,000 a day to take care of you if all you do is complain. Perhaps they should send you the bill. All the bills, lawyers, court costs, etc. But you have the right to remain silent and all that brings. Enjoy, you brought this on yourself.

You're right Blaine, no one speaks for you and these people provided their own lack of words to cause even greater problems.

CPS scare tactics

I never heard an entire community being uprooted to protect one accuser of abuse.

These children don't have the same understanding of who they are in relation to families, because they tend to raise them with many different mothers and sometimes fathers. They probably do know which is a biological parent, but most little kids I know wouldn't know what I was asking if I wanted to know who their biological dad was.

The state authorities of Texas should not be touching and examining those children without parental consent. They are violating those kids and making a mockery of what CPS stands for. CPS is to protect kids, not cause more damage to them and this raid is going to impact all those kids for decades.


Now we know why they wont let the media talk to their prisoners


The herd mentality here is what is wrong. They have suspected abuse and I don't doubt there is some and the actual abuse should be prosecuted. And like every society it will depend on the victims being brave enough and feeling safe enough to prosecute it.

But this is not the American way to deal with it. It's crazy and abusive to these women and children who have done nothing wrong themselves. Meanwhile, where are the "abusers"? - oh yeah, they are still free. After the women and children have been treated this way by "child protective services" and police - how likely are they to call for help - ever?

I have seen first-hand abuse of power in Utah's Child Protection agency and frankly, I don't trust them. There is a place for this service but they believe they know best for every family (most workers barely out of school and inexperienced). They use state-given power in the name of child welfare, knowing their superiors will support even the bad caseworker (to protect the agency and retain power). It's disgraceful what they do in the name of caring and protection. I shudder at the next raid in protection's name.


This is a tragedy perptrated by a hoax. The phone call that started it all has been shown to be a ruse to allow authorities to take the children. Where is due process in all of this? Or the kindness and humanity one would expect from an agency which believes it is protecting children. Sadly, this will solve nothing and will result in many of those children and adults suffering PTSD. Everything is bigger in TX, especially the mistakes.


I carry no brief for child-molesting polygamists, but unless those women contacting the News are exaggerating, it sounds like some of the case workers are typical arrogant bureaucratic types, like at the DMV or public school administrators.

There is no greater disparity between professional quality and personal self-perception than among government workers.


I salute Texas CPS for rescuing these children and their mothers. Polygamy is against United States law as far as I know. It should have been firmly stopped and practitioners arrested in Utah and other states when the practice was outlawed in 1890. It's scary what can be tolerated and practiced in the name of religion.


Kids will always cry. They will even cry for those who abuse them. These children are being handled the best way they can be for such a large group. The children need to know security, and that they ARE NOT GOING to be used for a breeding farm. Time for a change.

To: Carolyn

Why the outcry for the children of illegal immigrants and the demand for a humane solution that protects the innocent children of circumstance but no such outcry for the protection of these 419 children carried away from their homes by a government that apprears to know better?

To: The Texan

So they didn't show their papers and that's cause enough to arrest the children, oh excuse me, put them in "protective" custody? No other evidence needed?

What is Texas? A police state?

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