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Dialogue will be unprecedented move for church

Published: Monday, April 7 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Brain Game

If homosexuality is a sin, then why can gay people hold temple recommends? It boggles the mind.
And for another brain exercise, reread all the comments, but substitute mormon for homosexuality and pretend they were written by fundamentalist christians.
Does this change what you think of tolerance?

Texas MOrmon

I do believe that sex between same sex is wrong and that the church will stand on their doctrine. However, until my sister decided to live with another woman and raise a family with her, I couldn't see that people who are gay are still humans. We as a family have learned to love and accept our sister, regardless of her lifestyle. We hope that someday she will return to the church and bring her children up with the same doctrines she was raised with. However, until that time, I am so happy that President Monson is willing to listen and learn from "gay members". He is not there to judge, and it appears they are not there to demand. They will just be working together to try to help those in the community who have been ignored and pushed aside. Good for them!

Tolerance isn't acceptance

Folks, tolerance doesn't mean acceptance. I've read so many comments on here from homosexuals that say they are glad Pres. Monson told people to be more tolerant as if we are supposed to agree with your homosexual behavior.

That's not what tolerance is. Pres. Monson also said, "In these days sin manifests itself in the hollowing mask of tolerance. We know what is right and what is wrong."

I love each of my 5 children, unconditionally. However, when one of them needs correcting, I correct them. If one of them steals, I don't condone their behavior, yet I still love them.

I'm sorry that some homosexuals aren't treated well in their own families and wards. However, that doesn't negate the fact that homosexual behavior has been condemned by Christ.

I really don't understand how homosexuals sit on these pages and obviously in their lives and try to justify what they are doing.

Will we next have a group of theives, liars, adulterers, etc. who want to have a meeting? For what purpose?

People have been counseled to welcome all people. It's not the church, but the imperfect people in it that need to change. Truth is eternal.


I believe that sex between anyone is wrong.

Just my opinion, but...

I truly think that as society becomes more and more accepting of gays, in TV shows, movies, and possibly even accepting gay marriage, the Church will eventually have to follow suit. Or else it will be seen as a bigoted and out-of-date organization that only bigoted out-of-date people want to belong to.

Whether we want to accept it or not, our values and expectations DO change over time. Dress standards that would be considered "totally immodest" years ago are now totally acceptable. Blacks DO have the priesthood. Plural marriage is part of our past, not present. Mixed marriages are now acceptable.

People and attitudes DO change.

Churches positions have changed?

Regarding "changes(?) in doctrine:

Look back into scriptural history. At times God permitted polygamous relationships. At other times and with various other peoples, he did not.

At times some were given the priesthood. It was limited to specific lineages, or peoples. At other times he did not. In fact, this is the first time in the history of the world (except for Adam's time) that the Priesthood has been given to all men. Some black men held it in Joseph Smith's time. I think that it was because of the ignorance of the people in the 1800's that this did not continue at large.

I don't think God will say:

"Okay, don't have kids. People aren't important. Don't give others a life- yes, that gift you were given."

Life is not about what I want. It is about what I can and could give to others. Quit worrying about yourself and go to work.

Is life about "me," or "thee?"

Lesbian Mormon

In response to "Truth". Perfect! You helped make my point. You judge me and call me "selfish and unwilling to put God's teachings above my own" without even knowing me. I know the 30 years that I was active in the church, I was taught that we will be judged by Heavenly Father but it sounds like that may have changed.


I know this is crass, but I hope it makes my point. I am divorced and I can tell you that I enjoy having sex with women. However, in order to be Temple worthy and to keep the Spirit with me, I don't have sex with women. I like the smell of a nice cigar, but in order to keep my Temple recommend and to keep the Spirit with me, I don't partake. Nor would I attempt to attend BYU and expect them to change their honor code so I can have sex with women and smoke cigars and not feel guilty about it. As a matter of fact, I do things like pray and read my scriptures and listen to General Conference to help fortify me from breaking these and other commandments. You ought to try it. It works. Especially if you want it to work.


1. God loves it when he sees his children born.
2. God is happier when he sees them raised by loving parents.
3. We each need to be glad of parents. It is why we each exist.

I don't expect anyone to modify things to make me or you feel better. Our actions have their natural and eternal consequences. You can't write your own rules to the Earth Game. Try if it makes you feel better.

For each of us that are alive and exist in mortal form, we have a mother (woman) and a father (man) responsible for it. Remember your roots. Give thanks for the man and woman that made you. Give back in their tradition. It is an act of complete selflessness- and gives back ten-fold.

Oh yeah- but I hear it is REALLY hard. Especially when you have teenagers.

Deeper understanding

There are people on here that need to deepen their understanding of the gospel of the church they profess to belong to.

Many comments show a shallow understanding of eternal truths. The comments show that some of us didn't pay attention too well in Seminary and Sunday SChool classes. It would behoove many to start hitting the books a little better along with prayer to deepen their gospel knowledge.

The gospel isn't changing folks. You think the counsel given about homosexuality in the OT and NT are somehow going to be changed now? No they won't be changed.

If homosexuals can get a deeper understanding of the gospel from this meeting, great.

I would encourage all to deepen their understanding of the gospel. All humans are children of God and deserve love and respect. No one should be demeaned no matter what they do.

I have many homosexual friends. We have lunch, dinner, they babysit, etc.

We can all get along, but trying to justify your behavior is just making excuses. We all fall into the same trap for many of our sins.

Christ is the only option for all of us sinner. Seek Him; Follow Him!

To californian 5:10 pm

Ever hear the term "they want their cake and eat it too"?

Reap what you sow (addendum)

Oh yeah...

Some fruits are sweet and the others bitter.

Some are pretty tasty now and then become bitter later.

Some are sweet now and sweeter later.

Look at the menu and use wisdom when you order. It is your choice. What do you think was intended by Mother Nature?

church doctrine

Sorry 9:31 but God's doctrine has never changed. God's doctrine is the same today, yesterday and tomorrow.

The gospel is eternal, folks. It's always been; always will be.

Polygamy isn't being practiced on earth right now, but the doctrine hasn't been changed. I'm confident that it will return again to fulfil the plan of happiness.

It's really shocking to see some of the basic gospel principles are so misunderstood.

for those who cop the "judge not that ye be not judged" excuse...actually read the whole verse and the few after it, particularly the JST part....

To you I'd say, do you understand, thou shalt not commit adultery/fornication? or Mark 10 "But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female.
7 For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife;
8 And they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh."

How do those scriptures get justified away?


I'm truly thankful for my parents. And, I am also thankful for kind and caring neighbors and relatives who helped raise me, whether they were married or not.

Even people who are not parents can still be very important and contributing members of society.

I really think the world has enough people that humanity will still be able to carry on, even if not everyone has children of their own.

There are times when it is actually beneficial to have a few extra helping hands. I don't understand why people continue to de-value anyone who is not a parent.

About Time

As a member of the LDS church (outside of Utah, so I don't see the issues as often) I'm very happy to see this meeting take place. While there are certain boundaries that cannot be crossed by the church in opening their arms to this community it is very important to remember that every single soul on this earth (heterosexual or homosexual) is a child of our Father in Heaven and should be treated as such.

Those that commit other acts we see as sins do not face the same retribution and condemnation as our gay brothers. "Love one another" includes all of God's children and hopefully the two sides can come to an understanding which will help Affirmation better understand the church's view...The church better understand Affirmation...and all members of the LDS faith treat their non-LDS brethren (and sisters) like children of God, independent of lifestyle.

Love the sinner...not the sin.

Re: Adam 8:40 pm

There is a big difference between forgiveness of sin through the "process" of true repentance, and forgiving sin through acceptance. Clearly the first is possible, (see Elder Scott's talk) - the second isn't.


I thought the church believed in modern revelation, isn't that one of the articles of faith? How sad that so many profess to know God's views. There seems to be a lot of personal judgement here. I guess modern revelation was ok in Joseph Smith times, but not now???? I wonder how many of you would leave the church and lose faith if there was again some modern revelation only in this area. Was not allowing blacks to hold the priesthood modern revelation???????


It is funny to me that talk of "dialogue" between the two groups instantly results in the fear, or for some hope, that the church is going to change one position or another. Anyone out there believe that Affirmation has an open enough mind to accept any of the church's heretofore official position? Maybe Affirmation can or should walk away from the dialogue with a greater acceptance of why the church believes and teaches what it does about homosexuality.

My suspicion is that those who support the homosexual agenda will say "No...and Affirmation has no obligation to do so." This is a double standard and is why there will really be no true dialogue on this matter.

Josephs Myth

I find it telling and embarassing that the DesNews edited several paragraphs out of this AP story before printing it. I would paste it here, but it's longer than the 200 word limit. Go read it in "the other" paper. It's the comments of Dr. Rob Killian in Seattle about he was treated as a gay Mormon.

To "Church Doctrine"

qDo you watch the news? Do you see how much harm your supposed "revelation" has caused. I truly feel sorry for you. And, I would like to add, polygamy is not coming back...it's on it's way totally out. Thank Goodness!

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