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Dialogue will be unprecedented move for church

Published: Monday, April 7 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I'm happy the Church is meeting with this group. I find it a positive, hopeful act. Talking and understanding are always better choices than silence and ignorance.

Ken Baguley

You know, it's not that some are intolerant of those who call themselves gay, it's that all should be intolerant of the lifestyle. Let's face it, It's wrong and the individuals who are driven to it should do all they can to suppress it the same as those who have criminal tendencies should suppress it. When it's wrong, it's wrong. Repent and be baptized and stay clean...


gays, lesbians,transgenders...it's ALL the SAME...



Many of you make it so absolute, as if you know all about what is in another person's heart. Well, I am convinced. I don't want to be a member of this Church anymore.

Arizona Monte

Bottom line....Why open a dialog with a "mere" prophet? The dialog needs to be opened with the one who's commandments they are. Then, learn who this Lord of Lords is. He created heaven and earth and all that is. Nothing was created that he did not create. He is omnipotent and knows all that there is to know, owns all there is to own, including us. A Prophet is but a mere man. Who is he that he would change the commandments of God. He is just the caretaker of the covenants and commandments. Go right to the source and bargain and complain and cajole with the God of Israel. Explain to him that he created you different and your difference is not the machinations and imaginations of man. Tell him He was wrong to have repented for making man, when the "different" ones were so "mainstream" in Sodom that they went about in gangs and raped all that were not already raped. How very thoughtless of their God. What is earthly consolation compared to salvation....indeed..exhaltaion.

gays next door

WOW! i know 2 LDS men who are gay. One lives next door to me, and he keeps it very quite, and he has not been X'ed from the church yet. I have known several in the past 30 years of being a member. They are nice guys but have selfish life styles.


Why can't the church change its doctrine? It wouldn't be the first time. The year I was baptised into the church (1978) was the same year the church made a major break with its past and began allowing blacks to hold the priesthood. Apparently it took god that long to get over his racism and see all races as equal. Now if only he could get past his sexism and homophobia, maybe the church could join the twenty first century...

Gay Mormon

I appreciate the dialogue that this invitation has started within the LDS community. I believe this discussion will help Gay Mormons who suffer so much. I am one of them. For years I prayed and fasted that God would make me feel something towards a woman. I longed to be married and have a family. I went to therapy for many years and to Evergreen and searched the scriptures, the teaching of the prophets and the advice and counsel of church leaders, family members and friends.

It wasn't until I learned wisdom in accepting that some things can't be changed in this life and accepting myself for who I am that the clouds of darkness and despair lifted and I felt the sunlight of day. I believe that God's light is in the sunshine and that He has a plan for me. I know he is aware of the efforts I make to obey His commandments and teachings in every way I possibly can.


Do you think that those struggling with same gender attraction, especially those in the Church, WANT to feel that way? Many KNOW that to act on those desires would be wrong and would give ANYTHING to have a normal sexual orientation, but CAN'T because that's the way their bodies work. Acting on the desires is a choice; the desires are not.

Please understand this. Please.

Committed Partners

My partner and I share a monogamous relationship that is very deep and caring. We pray and study together. We perform service for others in need, we hold dinners in which active heterosexual church members also attend. We share so much in common with these brothers and sister and look forward to feeling comfortable attending church. We don't ask the church to change their stand on temple requirements, but we just want to feel at peace in attending church and feeling the doors open not closed. Thanks President Monson for setting up this meeting.


Pious, disgusting hypocrites - anyone who says gays are sinful. Hypocrites is what you are. I pray for YOU.

Across the sea

From the foundation of the world nothing has changed nor it will ever be!Time and time the prophets has always speak out about this same gender attraction issues.The plan of salvation will not be frustrated by individual weaknesses and sinful behaviour however help is always available to families and individuals who are seeking help.
Individuals who wants to persue this issue will need to take it up with their creator in time to come.


If the LDS church loosens its standards to openly accept the homosexual lifestyle, then it would have to loosen its standards with pre-marital sex and adultry, too...I highly doubt that is going to happen. Chastity is chastity whether you're gay, straight or bi.

Lesbian Mormon

I love the fact that President Monson admonished the members to be more tolerant of others in General Conference. After reading some of these comments about the church meeting with Affirmation, I think there are some members that need to pick up the conference issue of the Ensign and read President Monsons talk again. To those members that wrote in I want to thank you again for strengthenin my testimony of why I no longer attend church.


Wonderful, I'm glad those of you who no longer attend church have chosen to express these views on this blog. This merely shows your selfishness and unwillingness to put God's teachings above your own and as the many examples in the scriptures show, hold on to your sin above all else. Members love and cherish you as a son our daughter of God, but will faithfully abide by and proclaim the teachings of God's servants. These teachings against homosexual acts are not those of the people of this blog. Do not confuse them with personal opinion. These are the eternal teachings through the plan of Heavenly Father. I, a n active church member, welcome you to come and learn of the perfect truth with other imperfect people. Do not dismiss those speaking the truth as ignorant or piously confused in order to mask your own selfish desires and unwillingness to accept truth. Regardless of our individual imperfections, God's truth is perfect. Homosexuality is a sin. We can and should speak out against sin. I love homosexuals and respect the good deeds they do, but will NEVER acquiesce to the legitimization of sin...even though I am not perfect.

Sorry but....

Not going to church because somebody else "offended" you is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies.

Reaping what we sow

There is just one thing to understand:

We reap what we sow.

Every "lifestyle" with regards to human relationships has its own reward:

Choosing marriage and family has its fruits.
Choosing to be single and not marry has its fruits.
Choosing to be part of a homosexual relationship has its fruits.

We each (regardless of lifestyle choice)just need to be sure and realize that when we pick up one end of the stick, we pick up the other as well. I heard today of a fellow whose wife wanted to be "single" once more in order to "play around" after being married. She became pregnant and now she is married again to another man, having traded her first husband, home, and two children for another husband, little apartment, and two more children. She is unhappy now and wishes she had stayed with her first choice. Could she have seen that coming?

Let's each think ahead and look down the road. Make your choice. It is yours and yours alone. What do you want in 10, 20, and 50 years? If you want that thing, that goal, you'll get it. You are the one that has to live with it.


I'm not a homosexual, so no, I don't understand the difficulty of same-sex attraction. However, I am a happily married man with three children and one on the way. What I do understand is opposite-sex attraction. Boy, do I understand it. Do you homosexuals who want not only the Church, but the whole of society to accept you with open arms understand that most men have raging desires from time to time to have more than one opposite-sex partner? But guess what, its against the commandments. Period. I fight with my inner lusts all the time. Thankfully, I've never given in to them. And I'm a very happy guy. I don't rage against "society" because I can't act on my desires. Do you think child molesters should "act" on what they were born with? Are they denied their "God-given" inner self? I don't confirm nor deny you were born the way you are. But I believe the scriptures and the commandments are the way. It's not that you can't live your life the way you want, but the Church and society at large doesn't have to accept your behavior as equal to heterosexuality. We all have to control desires...


Remember that from the restoration of the church until about 20 years ago, abortion was considered murder and an unforgiveable sin. Now abortion is accepted in some cases even though it is still the killing of an innocent life. If it is possible to change an unforgiveable sin, would it not be even more likely to change a forgiveable sexual sin such as homosexuality? This is what comes in the belief in a changeable god.


I think Affirmation will be unpleasantly surprised with the words from the prophet. Obviously, this is an issue, and LDS family services is a wonderful organization that helps thousands of people overcome hundreds of kinds of addictions or family problems. However, those who are not willing to help themselves cannot be coddled. Homosexuality is real, and it can be difficult for those who wish to live the Gospel standards. Living the lifestyle is a choice, however, just like living a chaste life is a choice for a strait person. I as a strait person have to abstain from sex before marriage in accordance with Church teachings and gays are no different. I can't recall any Church official telling anyone that if they are attracted to the same gender, they cannot enter the temple. They can, however, live the Gospel just like me and go anytime they want. I know several people who do, and I love them. But I think Affirmation needs to hear that from President Monson's representative. We love and respect them, but we cannot condone behavior that is not in accordance with Church teachings, and that goes for everyone.

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