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Dialogue will be unprecedented move for church

Published: Monday, April 7 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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slow learners?

What "decades of silence"?

Where is a need to "forge understanding between the faith's leaders and its gay members"?

The Church's position is crystal clear and has be stated explicitly and repeatedly.

What part of "no" is hard to understand?


Last time I checked, God hasn't popped in on Oprah or made a grand appearance to let everyone know what s/he/it thinks about homosexuality, suicide bombers, or what their food of choice is. I figure that there's a lot more to God than what people on this board or people in general give her/him/it credit for being. As for the Bible being the word of God...sorry, but I think a lot has gotten lost in translation through the millennia. The path to divinity isn't straight or narrow. It's as broad and as winding as it could possibly be...just like so many other things in life. Open your minds and learn to live and love with kindness and passion and quit worrying about who your neighbor loves. Love comes in so many shapes and sizes and love is beautiful.


To Sparkes22
Elder Jeffrey R Holland, one of my favorite talks ever.

Will people please read the article! They are not asking the church to change their doctrines, nor their standards. The LDS Church has not even given a hint of doing so. Just like the Savior would do, they are reaching out to help those that need it. I am sure if AA or SA were to ask to have a meeting with the church, the church would do the same as well.

Everyone has problems, some are just more socially acceptable (I doubt very many people are put on probation in the church for Overeating). Socially acceptable or not does not mean they need help, or less deserving of it.

Notice that the person Church is sending is someone from Families.

The Family Proclomation is not about to be re-written/revised after this.

Last try

OK great Deseret News comment monitor - I am going to do my best on my fifth try to write something that won't be too offensive or off-topic to post:

I read this article and loved it. The editing, grammar and overall flow was just sensational. Of all the online newspapers in THE WORLD, Deseret News is the BEST!

Now, please take my name off of your bad-list so I can participate in this discussion - pretty please.

Dave Brerrigton

I feel like the Church is in a no win situatuion here. Affirmation claims the want to start a dialogue, but the first question Melson asks Riley is about the possibility for change.

If there is change members will question the validity of church doctrin. If the church is not willing to change, there will be cries of intolerance on the part of the gay mormon community.

I hope we will all remember that tolerance is not acceptance. We can tolerate people without accepting their opinions, and we can even disagree and argue against them and still tolerate.

Ken Baguley

We are directed to marry one wife and to cleave unto HER and NONE ELSE...That's pretty clear as to which direction our love must go.

RE: BoyScouts

I guess your not as prepared as you should be. Asking for understanding and open communication doesn't equate demands for a change in theology or doctrine. I must have missed the part in the story that said that the LDS church or any church was being was being asked to change it's doctrine or beliefs. But isn't the church asking the gays to change THEIR beliefs to be more acceptible to THEM?? The only ones who seem to want "to pervert the ways of the Lord" are those who think they are qualified to speak for Him.

Why the hate?

The word hate seems to have replaced "disagree" in many of these forums. If someone disagrees, they are somehow "hateful" and "Unchristian". When I picture the word hate...I see the KKK, terrorists flying planes into buildings and the Holocaust. Hate is an extreme that is unfortunately thrown out too casually when discussing differences.

As to the article, the church is taking a good step in meeting with Affirmation. Although it is extremely doubtful doctrines will be changed, understanding the needs of members asking for help can only be positive.

To: Slow

The church's position on a lot of issues is crystal clear, not just the one's you happen to agree with. Too bad you can't see that.

I may be wrong...

but isn't BYU's stance on homosexuality that you do not act on your impulses? If so then kissing and holding hands would be acting on impulses. Heterosexual males don't this with each other. In asking the Church to allow that then you are asking the Church to basically condone homosexuality. If you think that holding hands and kissing are not acting on homosexual desires you are kidding yourself. Also, why don't we hear from pro adultry groups? Aren't they segregated from the church? That behavior will get you exed as quick as homosexual behavior. I will admit that I will never understand homosexuality. You basically have a desire that has been condemnded from the beginning of time and yet you push and push to have it accepted not only by society but by the Lords Church.


I think some leaders need to be more aware and sensitive to this problem. I know of one member who was discouraged when he took his SGA problems to his Bishop and the response he got. Thankfully, another Bishop in the area took him under his wing and now he is married with three kids. SGA is a behavioral condition that can be changed with desire and a reliance on the redeeming love of the Savior. To try and quote President Kimball, to free oneself from this type of sin one must try and open the door even when the knuckles are bleeding from the effort. It can be done!

Who cares?

Let them meet all they want.


What makes you fools think that BYU would change to Honor Code to allow Homosexuals to date? They won't even let men grow a beard.

Cougar Freshman

I don't know what changing the Honor Code would do. I personally agree with the Honor Code and follow it as best I can (and even fit into the BYU culture), but wouldn't have a problem with it changing. My only concern is for those people who would engage in such behavior in public at BYU--they would publicly humiliate themselves and become socially ostracized.

I just hope that if the Honor Code does change, officials will do all in their power to ensure that individuals who do not conform to what is culturally accepted are treated with Christlike love and tolerance.

Re: Why the Hate?

Calling people "hateful", "unchristian", and "intolerant" are what we do when our arguments are weak.

Thoughts from NC

It's interesting how suddenly the issue is framed as the Church vs. Affirmation, when I know very few gay members or former members who have any connection to Affirmation. As a gay inactive member, I've never been to an Affirmation meeting or a conference and can't imagine that they represent the views of the majority of active or inactive gay members. Certainly, Affirmation is doing the best it can to speak for an unrepresented group, but I hope that the Church doesn't think that it's reaching out to all gay members just by meeting with Affirmation. The reality is that the vast majority of gay members eventually recognize that there is not a place for them in the Church and simply walk away unnoticed and unmissed with no expectations otherwise. If the Church truly wants to reach out with love to those struggling with this issue, it's efforts are best directed at the gay young men and young women in their teens and twenties who haven't left yet and are still trying to reconcile their attractions with their faith.

Open Discussion Needed

I'm an active 'straight' member of the Church. I've served in two different bishoprics, the stake high council, stake ym president, and several other leadership callings. I've also had the great opportunity to associate with dozens of active, less active, and non-member homosexuals over the years. I feel like I have a good understanding of both the Church's viewpoint and also understand the plight of our gay brothers and sisters within the Church.

The burden these people bare is immense and different from many of the sins referenced in the above comments (alcoholism / drug use, etc.). Unless you have a close relative who has lived this, I believe it's difficult--if not impossible--for the average Church member to grasp and fully understand.

Part of the despair these people feel is that they have no hope of emotional intimacy in this life. I'm not talking about sexual intimacy---but the emotional connection each of us yearns to have with someone. How can the Church address this need while still requiring sexual purity?

I applaud the Church's move and am encouraged by the frank and open discussion throughout the Church.


OK, let me see if I understand this:
Some men like sex with other men ... Check
Some women like sex with other women ... Check
God says marriage is between man & woman ... Check
Sex outside of marriage is a sin ... Check
I think I understand.

Just because your gay does not make me love/not love you any more/less.

But stop trying to make me accept what you do, to help you feel better.


Am I the only one?

I don't understand why so many seem to think the Church's position can not possibly change. Plural marriage was changed. Blacks and the Priesthood changed. Why do people think it is impossible for any new revelation to be received? Didn't blacks receive the Priesthood because President Kimball cared enough to ask?

I don't think there are any principles "set in stone" except the principle of continuing revelation.

Bayou Vol

President Monson's best statement of the conference:
"In these days sin manifests itself in the hollowing mask of tolerance. We know what is right and what is wrong."

Homosexuality is a maladaptive trait prevalent in affluent society. It has been this way for thousands of years. It is a detriment to the human race AND the plan of salvation. It prevents the fulfillment of our primary role on the earth, to help in the progression of our spirit brothers and sisters by providing them physical bodies so that they may become more like our Father in Heaven. It is one of Satan's many arrows in his quiver of dispair. Homosexuality is a perversion of one's righteous need and desire for love and companionship.
This meeting is a "thanks for coming, we know your around, but the eternities will prove your disposition irrelevant to the righteous designs of God which must and will come to pass regardless of Satan's attempts to thwart them."

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