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Dialogue will be unprecedented move for church

Published: Monday, April 7 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Disapponted by many

There is a reason for this meeting. It is evident in the first 10 or so posts on this thread. I hardly doubt Affirmation is hoping to change the minds of leaders in the church. I am confident the dialogue between the groups will inspire our leaders to speak directly to those who fail to Christlike love. My anger at some of you right now is beyond words. Do you know the anguish of a mother and father (and sister) dealing with a homosexual brother wanting to end his life? Do you sit up at night praying he will be alive another day and hope he realizes God loves him as much as all of those pointing fingers and calling him a sinner? Shame on many of you for callling yourselves representatives of Christ. He would never deal with his brothers and sisters with words like yours.

A smart man will humble himself before God does it for him. I suggest you get to praying and ask for understanding in how to exemplify Christlike love. Many of you are unaware.


Hey guys, why not read the article before commenting? No one is asking the church for gay marriage or the right to have gay sex in the common areas at BYU. They're asking for equal coverage under the honor code (reasonable!) not special exceptions. They're also asking for a review of the church's procedures in treating homosexuality - that is using the most up-to-date and effect means (also reasonable). Lastly, they want to make sure there are certain procedures in place so that a child coming out of the closet doesn't break up a family. (very reasonable). but go ahead and wave your 'GAY THREAT!' flags.

Good thing...but

This meeting is good. I think both sides will gain a perspective, even though "affirmation" may discover that the church is also opposed to any sexual realtion outside of the covenants of marriage whether its a homo-sexual or heterosexual. "Affirmation" will be grossly deliusional if they think the church will relax its standards for the gay and lesbian community but continue to condemn the adultery and fornication community.

In addition the church has already taken a strong and clear stance about same sex marriages. The church will reach out to help, but will not be persuaded to excuse behavior condemned by scripture.


I could have sworn I heard Pres. Monson warn about the "halloween mask of tolerance" and that behind it was only deceit and unhappiness. (Priesthood session Saturday Night) Condemning immoral behavior while caring about the sinner is not bigotry. They are simply leading a life that will ultimately lead them to unhappiness for eternity. Take a look at Isaiah 3:9 and then look at Isaiah 5:20. Isaiah nailed our day right on the head. We should love the sinner, pray for them, help them, but we should never tolerate wickedness.


Seems to me that "simply talking" is way overdue. My brother hung himself many, many years ago, and I truly wish anyone in the Church had been willing to talk or listen.


The church began addressing these issues some time ago. Nearly a year ago the church issued the pamphlet, "God Loveth his Children" which addresses the issue of same gender attraction. Also, the letter sent to Affirmation stated they are interested in ways to "help" not change Church view or policy. The best way to love an individual is to help them. That does not mean you have to change your own stance in order to do so. They church has always been interested in ways to help those in need, wether it be with this issue or with the numerous others we all suffer from. There are those that take offense, or state that the Church is trying to "change" them. Well, to be honest, that is the case with all of us. We all have temptation and shortfalls that the Church is there to help us change and improve upon. That is the point of the Gospel and organization of the Church. To provide support and fellowship for all of us, regardless of who we are.

Society is changing

How is this any different than the way the Church used to look at mixed marriages? Society changed and the Church changed. Society is once again changing, better get used to the idea that the Church could also change, too.

Of course, not for at least another 20 years, so we should have time to adjust.

"Talking" is simply the first step.


Some interesting comments, some good, some hurtful on both sides. Dialoque with the Church will be good, doctrine will not change, I don't think that's the intent of the dialoque. A quote to think about.....Pres. Monson said in the priesthood session this past weekend (not exact, what I wrote in my notes), "Sin many times wears the face of tolerance" Something to think about in this forum. "Disappointed by many", no one should be casting shame on anyone, that just doesn't help at all. It only causes contentious feelings.

Love the hypocrisy

In general, i find accusing someone of being self righteous is pretty self righteous.

Condemning the hypocrite for not being tolerant is hypocritical.

Let the meeting happen

then you can all play arm-chair prophets..i am sure wisdom will lead the way on this one. the struggle goes on in this journey, if your perfect then you had better get ready to enter the next world. let it be as i have faith that your leaders are men of wisdom. they at least are listening to others who's struggle made need the touch of the master's hand!

Talk is cheap.....

The Church is sympathetic as a group to the Gay condition....now can we "ISOLATE" the gay gene and give mother's the choice of a gay child vrs a hetero? That day will end the gay debate!


If heterosexuals can't be sexually active at BYU, why should homosexuals better?


I think understanding another group is always a good thing. This is a complex issue and I think dialogue is helpful for both sides of the equation.

Re Anonymous

Neither group is "allowed" to be sexual active at BYU, the difference is that the heterosexuals can show affection (hand holding, a kiss) the homosexuals cannot.


What would Jesus Do? If Jesus cared one way or the other about BYU, he'd probably say, "Love one another as I have loved thee." I don't recall Jesus excluding anybody.

It is good to know I live in a State where everybody knows what God thinks. How does the rest of the world survive?


OK DN, I am toning my 4th attempt down so I can hopefully get my comment in past your iron curtain. But you know I love ya -

The reality is that a change in policy is light years away from even being considered. Even if rock solid science showed that homosexual attractions derive soley from genetics, change or acceptance would still be years away. For years, members were encouraged to show love and acceptance toward their black brothers and sisters but change only came when outside influences boiled to a certain tipping point. And that change was way behind most of societie's tipping points on that issue.

This country is way to conservative in it's stance toward homosexuals for the Church to even begin to feel outside pressure regarding it's stance toward gays. I believe there is genuine desire by leaders that gay members be treated better but policy change is way way in the future if at all.

RE: Talk is cheap

Are you kidding me? If you honestly think that isolating a gene would end homosexuality, that means that you believe it is naturally occuring which validates the argument that they are "born that way..." Also, when and where has the church been sympathetic to homosexuals? I must have blinked and missed it.


You wrote, "Sometimes we become so open minded that our brains fall out."

I have been open minded my whole life and I my brain has never fallen out, nor have I known anyone who have lost their brains as they've pondered and sometimes struggled with life's great questions.

I guess I just don't get your point?

Try this one on instead:

God. . ."is more liberal in His views, and boundless in His mercies and blessings, than we are ready to believe or receive."

And who do you suppose said that? I'll give you a clue, it wasn't someone on Talk Radio or Cable News. The answer is in the transcript of the October 2003 General Conference.

Now thats something worth losing your mind over!


isn't that special


This is a nice gesture..and a waste of time. These people seem to think that the church is going to change its doctrine for THEIR benefit. What kind of people ask a religion to change for THEM? They seem to quite literally want to pervert the ways of the lord.

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