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Dialogue will be unprecedented move for church

Published: Monday, April 7 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Francisco X. Silva dos Santos

My dear brethern, Please forgive my English. I decided not to read in advance the 300 comments above. But Ill read after my own comments. The reason is to avoid being influenced by the mind of people that has already expressed their thoughts in so delicate matters.
First of all; What is the purpose of the Gospel, the Calling to repentance, the baptism of water and of the Holly Ghost?
What is the purpose of confering the Melquisedeque Priestwood; the Temple sealings of the overall families alive or dead?
There is only an answer to all these question: - To guide men through Crist to live with God the Father in the Celestial Kingdom.
How can the gays intend to reach the goal except they repent to follow Jesus Christ?
What other words can the Church leaderes use to the gay representant?
In my judjment the subject is simple as that: The Church was not put on earth to lead their gays to the high heavens.
In fact The Church is on earth to take people to the Kingdom of Heaven.
There are many marvelous mansions for them out of the Celestial Kingdom.


Homosexulity is one of the major issues confronting our society. These people have been very unified in their efforts to get their life stule accepted as normal and have made great progress in the business world and most church. The L.D.S. Church as God's authorized church has no choice but to stand on the principles established by God himself. Many writers here are looking forward to greater acceptance of the homosexual and to love them as the Lord would want us to do. But we have to clearly let them know that their lifestyle is unacceptable at all costs.Our schools are teaching it as a alternate lifestyle and our children are being exposed to this and fortunately the A.D.F. has been successfully fighting this, and winning. These people will not stop until they hasve complete acceptance and all the rights of men and women who marry. No society in history has ever survived that accepted the homosexual lifestyle as being a normal alternative and neither will ours.


The church is in a pickle on this one, somewhat of its own making. In 1990 the church leadership (via revelation from God) changed the wording of the law of chastity. No longer was the law addressed to men and women separately using the gender specific words "husband" and "wife." Now the law of chastity is defined as no sex with anyone other than your legally and lawfully married "spouse."

The divinely inspired change to the gender neutral "spouse" creates a situation where a legally married, monogamous same sex couple in Canada is living the law of chastity as defined by God and his prophets.

As more and more governments legalize marriage for same sex couples, more gay and lesbian members of the church will be able to live the law of chastity while remaining in their committed relationships. Perhaps (without changing doctrine, because God already did that for them in 1990) the church leaders want advice on how to best assimilate these chaste individuals in wards and stakes.

Different question: What about true hermaphrodites? People born with the genitalia of both sexes in one body. Can they be ordained to the priesthood? Can they marry? Whom can they marry?


To Ed,

Excuse me? "No society in history has ever survived that accepted the homosexual lifestyle as being a normal alternative and neither will ours."

?? That is one of the most absurd and unsupported statements I have ever read. Where do you get that from? How do you prove that? The evidence to the contrary is all around you. You cannot name ONE society that has "fallen" or been "destroyed" because of homosexuality. Not one! "Sodom and Gomorra" was NOT a society, nor is there even any reason to believe it was REAL.

Quit spewing your hate and telling lies to support it!


To Ed-

Do you think that any person within the Church is unclear on the Churches stance in homosexuality. If someone is unaware, he hasn't been listening.

Schools and society teach a great many things that are contrary to the ideals and values of the Church. It is a part living in the world.

How do you teach your children that smoking is wrong, but that people who smoke are not bad? The same for people who might drink? Or those who might live together unmarried?

And more importantly, if your son or daughter happens to be gay how will they know you love them anyway?

Keeping homosexuality as "abnormal" will not stop homosexuals from existing. Clearly that isn't the case because that has been historically what society has taught.

You have a duty, a commandment to love your fellow man, all your fellow man as well as abhor sin. I'm sure you and the Church does an excellent job in abhoring the sin of homosexuality.

Do you do an equally good job of loving the sinner? How have you shown it?

re-read your bible

The "lord" didn't comment on gays. He did comment on stone throwers, however.

The "lord" did comment on bringing a new law and ditching "an eye for an eye". Must be nice to pick and choose where the "lord" is unchanging.

"Had it not been for a Mother and Father you would not be here." I suppose you think people with fertility issues shouldn't adopt because they're "not normal", probably not meant to be parents. Or are you more selective based on what *you* deem normal?

Get off your high horses, hypocrites. Every church is full of sinners and yours are no better or worse. If the bishops stood up on Sundays and pointed out the excessive lifestyles most members in the US lead that blatantly contradict everything scripture says, many of you would have to slink under the pews in shame.

Shame on you for your conditional compassion. Shame on you for not distinguing between the word of the "lord" and the word of man.


So many of you keep focusing on the fact that the church will never change it's policy. As a gay mormon, I have accepted this fact but am irritated by the fact that most of you who are preaching are probably married and heterosexual. It bothers me that some of you are so quick to speak out against the "evils" of homosexuality, without ever having experienced the abuse, disrespect, and hatred that gays experience in the church. I personally support the church's stance on moral cleanliness and eternal marriage but there is no doubt that many people in the church get away with injust treatment and judgment toward people simply for being gay or affeminate. I don't expect the church to change it's policies, but I think that more needs to be done to stop abuse and discrimination, and also provide better resources for people like me.

Follow Up?

Will we get a follow up on the content of the meeting? Has it occurred yet? Please give more details!


It's scientific fact that the fetus, which always starts off with the default female form, while in the womb, is affected by the hormone levels of the mother which can influence brain gendering, (what gender you identify yourself as) in the secondary hormone blast to the fetus, as well as the formation of the genitalia, (first hormone blast to the fetus), which gives each human unique combinations of both masculine and feminine traits.

Gays, Lesbians and Transgendered are born who they are. We are created in the womb.
There have also been scientific studies with pheromones and the sexual response centers of brain which resulted in proving that Lesbians' brains respond almost identically to woman as a straight Male's brain does and Gay men's brains responded the same as a straight Female's brain does. Thus, proof of the biological response in sexual attractions.
When the church practiced polygamy - it was a Man and multiple Women, which changed because the goverment made it illegal and so Utah could become a state. Many states are legalizing same-sex unions, so why can't the Church adapt to the light of new science and accept their Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered Brothers and Sisters?

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