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Dialogue will be unprecedented move for church

Published: Monday, April 7 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Freeman: There are a myriad of Christian religions and organizations who openly accept homosexuals and allow them to live their life. There are also some that are still behind the times. God created homosexuals just as He did heterosexuals and all other life forms. Times are changing and will continue to change... and for the better as Christians behave more Christ-like and loving. Things are not always the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.


I personally support gay marriage and the rights of gays to adopt. Being a active Latter-day Saint makes this difficult.
Does this mean I agree with their lifestyle? No. Does this mean I abuse and hate them? Absolutetly not. In fact, I just love people. It is their decision to live their lifestyle. I frankly don't care who people like, it is how they live their lives that matter.

Dave Crutchfield

To Kit | 8:19 a.m.,

Once again, your Mormon simple-mindedness and black/white thinking is astounding.

By your arguments, because sex outside of marriage is wrong, "then any demonstrative acts of that lifestyle are also wrong". That means kissing someone to whom you are not married is wrong. and dancing with someone to whom you are not married is wrong.

Or how about this one, because religious fanaticism is wrong, "then any demonstrative acts of that lifestyle are also wrong". Hence, going to church is wrong. reading scriptures is wrong. paying tithing is wrong.

Give me a break. When are they going to start teaching you how to think clearly in Sunday "School" classes? Perhaps the use of the word "school" is a misnomer?


Moessers, your argument is changing (like your doctrine). Again, that's really great that OTHER religions and society accept homosexuals openly and tell them there is no sin. With so many options, why do you care what the LDS church teaches? If someone feels the church's view is oppressive, he/she can look somewhere else, not try to force change within the church. Demanding the LDS church change its view is nothing more than an incredibly ironic display of intolerance--the very thing you are reviling.

Your are right--THINGS are not always the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. But GOD is, and so are His teachings.


I am a gay man. I am also LDS. I've held callings, served a mission, attended the Temple. I am not a political issue. I am a Child of God who suffers and struggles with a burden thas is suffocating.

I have never acted on my desires.However,they are there and will always exist. Certainly in this life and perhaps in the next.

I currently do not attend Church because I am hated by many of the ward members.I've never shared my sexuality with the ward.How do I know? The topic of homosexuality came up once in Elders Quorum. I really got to find out how my brethern felt about me.I am hated.

I try to live the covenants I have mde. I am not perfect; clearly I fail in my attendance. It's too painful.

Where are those, who by covenant at baptism and weekly in Sacrament meeting, agreed to help bear my burdens? It feels like they're adding to it.

President Monson welcomes me back to the fold of God with open arms. Only, I don't attend Church with him. Do the local members do the same? Many of the comments here answer that for me. Overwhelming hate.



You said, "THINGS are not always the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow. But GOD is, and so are His teachings."

So God's teachings about adultery didn't change? (except with polygamy)

And God's teachings about blacks holding the priesthood didn't change (except with the 1978 declaration)

You sure do claim that God's "teachings" change ONLY when it is convenient for you. That seems like the epitome of bigotry!


Damon, I am humbled by your honesty and hope. If members near you strike you as more inclined to judge than love you, then that is unfortunate indeed. But there are others who, while perhaps not near you geographically, still love you nonetheless.

To Damon

You say you've never shared your sexuality with the ward, yet you take offense at those in the ward expressing their opinion of those they see engaging in the homosexual lifestyle. They were not talking about you personally, if I interpret correctly what you wrote.

It was not a personal affront to you because they don't know about you. But, you took it personally.

I'm not homphobic if you're not hetrophobic. If you see only hate, I see a condition I neither understand nor can comprehend but wish I did. In the meantime I commend you for struggles with your attraction problem. Keep going you're on the right path.

If I could wish anything for you it's that you would have a less tender heart and accept that all are imperfect, including you and I.

May God Bless. Your Brother in Texas. And, no, I don't attend church with President Monson either, just the same church he's over. May you be blind to that which you view as hate.

No More Sorrow

Damon, your comments really touched me because they were so similar to my feelings after my mission. After a period of such loneliness and heartache, I too stopped attending church. I met a wonderful gay returned missionary and for the past five years we have been building our lives together. I have never been so happy in my life. In the next life I may have a heart-to-heart with God. I believe he knows and loves me. In the mean time, I will continue to serve and love my fellow brothers and sisters. There is so much pain and sadness in the world--we should all strive to help ameliorate it. My heart breaks when I read about your loneliness as I know the depth and sorrow of your love for God.


Anonymous 12:30,

If you review the history of both polygamy and the right to hold the priesthood as recorded in the Bible, you will find that in different times and different places these practices have different applications. That does not mean that the doctrine has changed. In fact, the patterns show consistency. There is no such precedent for homosexuality in the Bible. It has never been practiced with the consent of God. Big difference.

I find your "convenient" jab completely inappropriate. How is this convenient for me? Is having a gay father convenient for me? Is having my family ripped apart convenient? Is it convenient for my mom, who had a nervous breakdown?

No, the convenience would have been to give in to societal pressures and "change with the times." Then, conveniently, my father could continue to "be himself" without the burden church-sponsored guilt. The only burden would have been on the rest of the family.



Thank you! I know that there are members of the Church who do love me and don't judge me. I wish that they weren't the exception.

That's where I think the Church can make a difference. Removing the stigma and prejudice surrounding this issue would make a huge difference. I believe in the last several years the Church has made huge strides toward this, but change is slow.


No More Sorrow:

Thank you, I appreciate the empathy, it helps to know others understand the sacrifice and at what cost.

So many will disagree with me, but I am happy for you and I wish you and your partner the best! Thank you for posting back to me.

I know what you mean about that heart-to-heart with God. There is so little that makes sense regarding this. I'm glad you've found someone to be happy with.

Maybe one day for me there will be "no more sorrow". I'd just prefer not to wait until the next life for it, lol!


Re:StopDemonizingGays, I agree, we should not demonize a gay person, we should "Love Them". The act of Sex with anyone other than your husband or wife is A SIN! A Severe Sin! So we should realize we may be throwing stones and live in a glass house! I also will say, People who say they are gay or lesbian and act on the Sexual urges are committing SIN! Even thinking about it is Committing Sin, but then again seeing an attractive person of the opposite sex and thinking about sex with them is a SEVERE SIN in itself, right? I get so sick of people who think they are high and mighty and yet they themselves have many faults themselves, that really bothers me, but I am not saying I don't, because I do. We are to forgive ALL MEN and let the Lord decide their final fate, for if we don't forgive, the worse sin is found in us!

To Damon

Thank you for posting your comments. My experiences have been so similar to yours. I have tried so hard for years to not take offense at comments made by church members. I don't think many realize how hurtful their comments are to those of us who a trying to live the gospel in spite of our sexual orientation. The constant comments, although not made directly to me, do hurt. People are saying these judgmental comments are directed only to those "living in the lifestyle." Well, deep down it still hurts because I know that I am just like "them" even though I have chosen to live a celebate life. Can people please understand how feelings like ours could be this way?

I don't think many know how lonely it is for us in a congregation that tells us to get married and have kids. If we don't do that, something must be wrong with us. In fact, we are sinning because we aren't married and having kids as well.

weightless skittles

To the party that responded to my comments. My ancestors faced the persecutions. They were members of the early saints in the church. You truly do not know church history and how plural marriage was practiced. Please go to the church archives and B.H.Roberts-"History of the Church" The National Archives have given their seal of historical accuracy to the church's records. It is so clever and yet so hypocritical of those who think that their lifestyle MUST BE ACCEPTED. So much for freedom of religion. Those who hide behind accusations and intimidation to others deeply held beliefs, are themselves the true mean and hateful sort. Read Alma chapter 2. The followers of Nehor did that which you attempt to do today, subtly persecute while claiming kindness and victimhood. If you want to know where the Lord stands on homosexuality, ask him- sincerely after having studied ALL his words and counsel.


RE: Dave Crutchfield

You took my words WAY out of context. Be realistic. All I am saying is that when two people of the same gender engage in public displays of affection, that is part of homosexuality, just as public displays of affection between members of the opposite sex are part of heterosexuality. But because the lifestyle of heterosexuals is condoned and permitted and that of homosexuality is not on BYU's campus and in the Church, gays and lesbians cannot do engage in the same demonstrative acts as straights! Simple as that. Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Let's learn from each other

As a heterosexual I recognize that gay people are sometimes mistreated. As a result of this discussion I will try to do better about treating them better and helping them to know that I accept them as people even if I don't like what they are doing.

In return I would hope that homosexuals can try harder to understand our point of view. Many of us heterosexuals feel very threatened by gay people because you are constantly throwing the issue in our face and trying to make us accept homosexuality as being all right. I live in California where it is practically illegal to say anything negative about homosexuality.

If you want to be accepted it would be better to back off and stop trying to force your agenda on everyone. Stop trying to make us change our beliefs. Stop calling us names because we don't agree with you. We need to do the same.

Recognize that while you may feel pain because you have been ostracized many of us also feel pain because our hearts and families have been broken because of homosexuality.

We do not want to live in Sodom. Please don't try to force us to.


Please settle down all the liberals. God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. We must take a stand against tolerating this liberal mentality. Respect peoples choices, but lets not let these ideas infiltrate our already demoralized society.


I just amazes me how members of the LDS Church feel that the world revolves around The Church also on how they are so afraid to allow themselves to think outside of what the Church says it right and wrong. If any Church should be excepting of others beliefs or points of view it should be the LDS Church. They preach about how their ancestors survived the persecution from non-believers and how all they wanted is to be accepted and left alone to believe how and when they wish. Why cant they do the same? If you dont agree with ones point of view that is fine, but dont let those views take away others rights to live how they wish.

To Let's learn from each other

Take a look at your comments again. Not everyone who is homosexual is trying to force an agenda in your face. Part of the problem is the blanket statements that are made when you (I mean you singular) lump us all together and blame us for what you don't like.

Many, so many, of us are living the gospel the best we can. Who knows, we may even be doing better than you. We don't know. All we are asking for is to put a stop to the public judgments that we experience.

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