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Dialogue will be unprecedented move for church

Published: Monday, April 7 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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John Jones

I applaud President Monson and the Mormon Church for being open to listening to the concerns of gay Mormons. A meeting like this can only do good. It is a positive thing to maintain open lines of communication. I am not gay myself, but I know some gay Mormons and they have a tremendously difficult cross to bear. To be Mormon and gay is a tremendous challenge. Anything the Church could do to show these good people love and acceptance is a positive step. I think the Church has always cared for these people, but it has not always listened to them. So this is just a fantastic step in the right direction. Glad to see it!


I agree strongly. You can't have it both ways. I understand the dialog... but it really won't go far because the Church isn't changing ANYTHING. The only thing that might change is a little further instruction on how families can deal with this in a more productive way and less family-destructive way.

But why I agree with you so much...

You can NOT have it both ways about BYU. The Church is against unlawful(Gods law) sexual activities. The Law of Chastity is binding and to state that you can be a good LDS member who is faithful and spotless AND gay is not possible.

If you allow gays sexual activity at BYU then you must to all couples who are not married. You might as well destroy BYU as it would defy the WHOLE MEANING of the school.

Also assuming that the Church is true, the revelation is true. The School is under direction of the church and therefor is how it ought to be. If the Church is true then it's teachings are and God the father would change no doctrine but try to help others be clean and righteous.

I'm not anti-gay but this just doesn't work.

TO:WBC-Texas continued...

I wanted to add more to a couple points. I really am not trying to sound anti-gay. I have friend who are gay. I don't welcome their behavior around me but I don't refuse them.

You just can't be Gay and LDS.. ESPECIALLY to try to petition the Church to change anything. I understand that more may be needed to help families stay stronger with homosexual issues confronting them.

You can't claim to believe in God and his teachings, especially on being gay and choose to be homosexual; while believing you are following God's plan.

The other problem I worry about is that if more people feel it is okay to be homosexual and LDS.. how many people have already lied and gone to temple's during that time? A good number. I believe this number would drastically get worse and this is SO unfair to the LDS families that hold the temple sacred and as a holy and clean place.

People fight for homosexual-freedom all the time and usually criticize those who disagree as intolerant when many just peacefully disagree. It's intolerant to criticize someone for only disagreeing with gay-rights-groups.

I'm not anti-gay but I am pro-family and true Marriage.

weightless skittles

Most members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints remember John C. Bennett, former Nauvoo mayor, and assistant to Joseph Smith. He was found to have committed adultry and this included ( as historical research has shown) homosexual activity. Joseph tried to help him repent but, Bennett was unable to let go of his own wants. Bennett became an enemy to Joseph Smith and the Saints and caused much of the persecution towards them in Nauvoo. He later joined the Strangites ( Rigdon's group) and left them as well because of his Sexual problems. His problems with sexual misconduct and power brought down a man who had the potential to be another Brigham Young. The Gay lifestyle is a road to nowhere that keeps going on and on but has no safe and restful destination. "So much potential" and so much to lose because one cannot be obedient to that which is most sacred by our Lord; a Godly ordained marriage between and man and woman.


Um, it was Adam and Eve, NOT Adam and Steve.


If Christ were walking on earth today I know that he'd be hanging out with the GLBT community, the poor, those most hated by society - that example is all throughout the Bible, BOM, etc. God loves everyone, humans do not. God accepts everyone, people do not. I am incredibly blessed by my GLBT friends and I hope that one day everyone, the Church included, comes around and simply sees that it's about love, and love should be honored and revered. If everyone can understand that then there would be that much less hate in the world. We certainly have enough hate and anger in the world without this issue being a part of it.


A large portion of the world view the concept of homosexuality through one lens: the lens of what God and the Bible says. In reality, life is and works very differently then just within the defined confines of traditional Christianity. Humanity goes on, society continues to exist, grows, flourishes, evolves, but traditional Christians are stuck within an ancient mind set. They can not get their head around the concept that gays and lesbians are regular, normal function humans too.

However, society presses on for the better, archaic thinking is falling away, and thank goodness, homosexuals are living fuller, richer, happier lives as the world embraces them and allows them to live openly in society. We're all better off as the oppressive concepts of older generations fade away.

It will take probably at least one more generation, but being an open homosexual will be nothing out of the ordinary that society will mock, stifle, or oppress. And no, it won't be the end of the world or the apocalypse. Just a fuller society for us all.

to weightless skittles

It's a little sick and obsessive to hold a grudge for 200 years for something that didn't even happen to you!

Guess what? Joseph Smith also married a 14yo girl and the wives of some of his associates who were still married to their living husbands and the church has moved away from those particular doctrines even though they were supposedly delivered to JS directly from God via an angel with a flaming sword.

You're showing the hard and cruel heart of the LDS. Personally, I find that more repulsive than people loving one another.

A Plea for Tolerance

I truly wish that we could all cool down and approach this matter with a bit more maturity.

To those who feel the need to express their views against homosexuality so vehemently, please take a moment to realize how hurtful words like "abomination, unclean, sinful, dirty, unnatural, disgusting" etc. can be. Imagine having those words flung around in reference to you, no less by your friends, family and fellow churchgoers on a regular basis. I assure you, it hurts deeply. And to be a bit closer to reality, there are a lot of slurs used frequently that cannot be posted here. Stop using them.

Imagine hearing the word 'gay' hundreds of times every day as a synonym for stupid or unwanted. Imagine struggling with homosexuality and constantly being remind that you are different. That if you stumble, you will be cast out. Imagine being afraid you will be found out, even if you haven't committed a sin technically.

This is the norm in our culture. After a decade of dealing with this, one does not adjust to this attitude. It hurts every time. You don't have to change your religion, but at least be thoughtful in how you express it.

Stop Demonizing Gays

The time has long since passed to stop demonizing gay people. Whether they act on it or not, homosexual men and women should not have to live in fear. We all need to emphasize the "loving the sinner" part. Heaven knows we have spent enough time "hating the sin."

To those who think their rights are being stifled for opposing homosexuality, remember that here in Utah, you are the supermajority. Your beliefs are not in danger, but the way you speak causes great damage to those around you who may be struggling with how to cope with their homosexual feelings. Why would anybody want to affiliate with the church after hearing the way most of us talk about homosexuality? Emphasize the love people. God will handle the rest.


I think it is a great thing for Affirmation to meet with Church Leaders to vent some of their frustrations. However, I do not think they will be very pleased with the results inasmuch as the Church is not going to change any of its current beliefs, doctrines, policies or procedures. I don't know what is so difficult to understand about the Church's position about homosexuality.

If there are any complaints about the Church being homophobic, such complaints are certainly about individual Church members and not the Church as an institution.

Is it homophobic to condemn homosexuality as a sin? you could argue that, but then any Christian who belief the Bible to be a standard to live by will be found on that same homophobic group.

I personally believe homosexuality is not a good thing, the same way I think pornography is not a good thing. I don't hate the people who practice it or watch it, I do think that engaging in such practices is destructive in many levels, including emotional and spiritual.


Moessers, the argument here is that homosexuals are seeking acceptance WITHIN Christianity, not outside of it. If an accepting society is all they are looking for, there are plenty of countries in the world that could accomodate their lifestyle far better than ours. But they are looking for more--they want to be accepted within the "confines" of the church, and in this case, the LDS church specifically. They want the (LDS) church to say it's okay to practice homosexuality. Fortunately, those of us who are "archaic" thinkers can rest assured that our ideals, standards, and values will not bend to society's ever-changing (mis)conception of what is right and what is wrong. You are right in that our mind-set is ancient. In fact, our mind-set existed as part of an eternal plan long before this world was created. One or two more generations of society will not change that.

Sagacious Inquisitor

RE:Sagacious PT2 | 2:36 p.m.

What specifically cant you do under law? There are legal methods, excluding marriage, of achieving what you deprive yourself of by choosing to be homosexual. Historically, marriage sanctioned sexual activity and protected human reproduction. Unmarried sexual activity is outlawed. Your bedroom interests no one. The historically validated sanctity of marriage does.

If youre not a pedophile, none should label you thusly.

You didnt say anyone should remain silent, but, you railed against the all knowing who promote constitutional amendments limiting your rights. Correctly, those who feel strongly should pursue amendments. Constitutional rights are extant only when codified. Each agenda can be pursued; neither should call for silencing the other. Nor should either posture as the more righteous.

When you suffered physical violence, did you press charges under existing assault laws? Those laws protect you evenly as they protect me. Im as much minority as you. Had I suffered assault, Id surely have proceeded under the even law seeking justice. Why do you need special protection? Theres no need of any special law to protect you. To pretend such is cowardly.

No, Id settle only for even laws, with justifiable purposes. No special laws.


President Monson and the LDS church are seeking bridges. They will not change their doctrine but they can do much to integrate those who are willing to abide by the law of chastity. 1/3 of the adult membership is single. Whether someone is attracted to the opposite sex or the same sex both are bound by the law of chastity. That is if you believe in the law of chastity to start with.


Well, I wasn't going to submit another comment but after seeing all the nasty remarks, thank you for those that are at least open to gays talking with church leadership, I have determined that seeing the nastiness that has been put forth, leaving the church was the right thing. I do not see the Christlike love that so many purport in church meetings. I see very little in the way of actions and often times the words spoken show the true person underneath. It is interested to see that those that speak so nastily about gays do not want to put their name on, but rather some moniker.

I am not ashamed of who I am nor am I ashamed of the gospel, what I am ashamed of is the members of the church acting like they are and making assumptions that are not there to be made.

President Monson is the current prophet, sustained in a solemn assembly on Saturday morning. It is under his direction that the meeting was arranged after a letter was sent. Who are any of us to question the prophet after sustaining him or was there a secret meeting to subvert his calling?


Utah Resident: Here's the deal: if homosexuality is wrong, then any demonstrative acts of that lifestyle are also wrong. BYU is a private university. Just as students would not be allowed to dress immodestly on campus, any act that hints at homosexuality is not allowed either. BYU will never change that. While you are correct, heterosexual students would not be punished for holding hands, etc, homosexuality is different. Displays of affection between the same gender is part of homosexuality. Since the Church does not support this lifestyle, all aspects are not supported. Period. However, I am glad that this dialogue is taking place. I would never want anyone to feel ostracized. These people are important and have value, just like me. And these people need to be loved, just like me. And we all can help each other.


Okay, well I would like to say that none of you have a choice in what you are. No one does! My first crush on a boy was in Kindergarten! I remember his name and we still attend the same High School! I did not choose this. Who would choose to be harassed and punished by the closed-minded majority of biggoted LDS members and non members?! No one would never choose this. I have been told many heterosexuals are scared off by gay activists, but twice I have been personally ASSAULTED by heterosexuals! I was raised LDS. I have learned over time that it is not all LDS members who are bigots. Only most of them. But this religion is about GOD AND LOVING ALL OF HIS CHILDREN!! Not your bigot Idea of religion!

Something to remember

To all of those who are so worried about gays being allowed to married, or being accepted into the Church, just remember there is one place you can always go, where, according to their leader, there are NO homosexuals. That place is called Iran.

Former Member

To all those who posted so many nasty, judgemental, self righteous comments here--THANK YOU! More than ever, I know I made the right choice.

former Utahn

As a former Utahn, I just want to say that it is so nice to now live in a place where people just don't get so exercised by the gay issues. It is just another fact of life. Now many of you may believe that's because the rest of the world outside of Utah or outside of the church is just Sodom and Gomorrah. But I find people to be caring, Christian, and without the need to condemn other ways of life as immoral when it causes no harm to them.

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