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Dialogue will be unprecedented move for church

Published: Monday, April 7 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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SGL: You are asked if you keep the Law of Chastity. If you have attraction isssues and do not act on it, you are keeping the LOC. This holds true for opposite or same gender attraction.


Well, I am glad that the church never changes its mind or updates its understanding of God's will, otherwise we would have blacks holding the priesthood today.


To Don't Blame Genetics:

You call homosexuality a growing problem? Not a shrinking one?

You have no idea how many people over the last millions of years since man walked out the primordial soup have been gay. But given religious zealots, they hid their true human characteristics. Now, a large portion of society has gained understanding and realize that gays and lesbians are people too, so more homosexuals are able to be open and free about it.

Fortunately the shrinking problem is society's intolerance of gays and lesbians.


Can someone please list for me the top three things Affirmation wishes to accomplish in this meeting with the Church?

one more

In Sunday's General Conference session, President Monson said to inactive memebers: "Come back. Come back and feast." He did NOT say, "Come back, unless you are gay or lesbian." This invitation makes the LDS Church liable for opening a path for ALL alienated memebers to return to the flock, including those who have stopped participating due to their sexual orientation and not their lack of faith.

Anonymous and Trying

I have struggled with same gender attraction all my life. The intensity of these is strongly connected to where I am spiritually. I have learned over the years where the danger zones are and I keep as far away from them as possible.

We are told that the struggles we are called to endure were agreed upon in our pre-mortal life no matter what they may be. I have faith that one day these feelings will be taken away if I endure well in this life. Isn't this what the Atonement is all about? Maybe I was given this thorn in the flesh to understand the atonement more fully!

It all comes down to perspective. This life is short compared to the possibilities promised to us in the eternities. I equate it with struggling through a 3 hour exam knowing that you have a lifetime of opportunity ahead with a diploma. You don't walk out of the exam hall half way through because it is difficult!

To those who are confused and are struggling, know that it is possible to enjoy the full blessings of the gospel no matter how you or anyone else may wish to justify their actions.

LDS SSA Resources

For anyone who has faith and hope in the GOspel of Jesus Christ and wants to find helpful resources for finding solutions to the challenges of same-sex attraction in harmony with Gospel principles, know that there are many great organizations with some wonderful people who are willing and able to help. This would include groups like Evergreen International, North Star, the Matis firesides, LDS-SSA.Org, Disciples2, Clean-LDS, etc. They are are found listed on the LDS SSA Resources website on GeoCities and can be found with Web searches. (And most of the links found on Affirmation's websites are to other apostate organizations that won't help much with a person's desire to live the Gospel.)

Despite a lot of remaining misunderstandings among good people, there is plenty of help and there is plenty of hope for the thousands of people who are devoted to the Saviour and His Gospel.

My condolances to you

"Happiness". But it was the world that ruined your father by not letting him accept who he was....and it was very sad about about his "partner" and that he wasn't a good person. How many heterosexual persons do you hear about on the news that are involved with drugs? The world has made you combined the "sins" of the world with people that are gay. That is sad indeed.

Not so different...

@ Reed-

"When your brother suffered, what gavest thou him?" Sounds like a scripture I've heard before. The thing is, I'll bet that what you believe about God is deeply rooted in scripture and religious teachings. You may not admit it right away, but if you look deep down to the source, you'll find it and yes, it is important to have a grasp for doctrine. God gave us this so we can come closer to him by learning his will for us. This is how you came to believe this about God only it seems you stopped learning.

Yes, we do need to love all and welcome them to church. But loving is different from accepting actions. My brother has had a drug problem for years. Does he know I love him? Yes. Does he know I disagree with his actions? Yes. Does he know I'll do anything to help him? Yes. Just as I would help anyone overcome their struggles in life.

Church is here as a support group for overcoming sin and struggles and if a homosexual wants help overcoming, I welcome them with open arms. I won't however, lower standards so others won't feel insecure.


The church position will never change. We can reach out to our brothers and sisters, just like we would any person that has been lead astray by Satan. We will go after the 1 and leave the 99. We will love everyone, but loving them does not mean accepting thier sin.


@ One more 4:12 p.m.

He said come back, not come back and will bend doctrine to make you feel comfortable. Come back, repent, and rejoin the fold.

@ Anonymous and Trying 4:16 p.m.

Wow! God bless you brother, may we keep those in your situation in our prayers and reach to give a helping hand.


I don't hear murmuring either.

What I don't understand is why do they want the church to change anything? If they believe God is running the show, are they petitioning Him for a change? And if they believe this church isn't run by God, but merely men, why do they care what these men think?

BYU has standards - why not go somewhere else if you don't like the standards? If you like to drink alcohol, it's clear you should also choose another school. I, for one, love the idea of a place that still has traditional values.

I do agree that there is room for improvement in how a gay person is treated by leaders. I'm quite certain that a more sensitive approach that doesn't induce guilt and condemnation would better serve people - on all issues. But they aren't likely to get that, since the rest of us can't even get it.


Comparing homosexuality to drug addiction is ludicrous. There is nothing wrong with homosexuality.

Marriage Laws

do not discriminate against homosexuals; they apply equally to everyone. Anyone may marry a person of the opposite gender, no one may marry a person of their own gender. Equal treatment for all.


The Affirmation people are crazy. Changing BYU's honor code?? Going to BYU is not about you expressing individuality, it is about becoming a plastic person. An automaton that acts with the collective, not a thinking autonomous being.
They should all seek psychiatric help, not for being gay, but for their inability to recognize the truth and find a new culture to identify with.
Notice the "folks" you want to "hang" with have to be told to love you because they are not capable of recognizing it on their own; the love of Christ does not really reside in their hearts.
Seriously, I hope they all find the peace they are seeking, they are just looking for gold nuggets in the sky instead of the stream of true living water.


I love "Gays", and I love Straight too. I do however hate their Sin. Being GAY is not a "SIN", acting on an attraction to someone of the same sex and having "Sex" with them IS A SIN! They need Counseling and help learning what is "Natural" and "Normal". I am sorry to those who think it is a "Normal" behavior, but Satan has really pulled the wool over your eyes. To go meet with this "Gay Group" is perfectly acceptable, but for them to Admit Gay Members who act on their attractions in a sexual manner which IS A PERVERSION, is WRONG, and they never will indulge homosexuals in that capacity, nor allow "Same Sex" Partnerships as Acceptable. Frankly, God would not either, it would be Contrary to the Scriptures, and it would be like God Changing His mind. If that were to happen, wouldn't God cease to be God? For Homophobes, relax, you have nothing to worry about, although I feel sorry for you. Hate the SIN never the Sinner! Repentance Is The Greatest Gift Of All!!!


I've had several gay friends that died young because of their lifestyle choice, due to AIDS. They left no posterity behind, no legacy to leave their grief stricken parents, just heartache. I loved these people, but still wonder why their "compulsion" was more important than having a family. After this life ends and each of us is judged, there won't be any "homosexual activity" allowed, no matter what Affirmation or any other gay group has to say. The principle of Chastity is still in force and always will be. The dialogue between Affirmation and the LDS Church won't ever change the Church's position, but will emphasize that everyone is a child of God, the Family is Forever and that the Church is there to help those who have gone astray to realize their true identity and purpose in the eternities.

Lesbian in a Man's body

All I know is that if BYU changes the Honor Code to permit sexual intercourse for gays/lesbians -- I will apply to be a graduate student and check the box "Lesbian trapped in a man's body".

(this is a joke, but it does show the folly of redifing what is male and what is female, and their proper roles in relationships).


To My condolances to you,

"But it was the world that ruined your father by not letting him accept who he was...."

The world did nothing to my father. He chose his own path for his own reasons. He was responsible for himself. I love my father very much, but to say that the world, or his family, injured him is incorrect. Should we have been happy that he was unfaithful to my mother, or that he contracted a disease while doing so? Should we have been happy when he chose to divorce my mother and leave our family?

My dad was only thinking of himself and his own desires when he did those things.

I'm tired of people who are unwilling to take responsibility for themselves. They want everyone to believe that they have no choice, that they can't help what they do. Anyone who does not accept this is an intolerant bigot, a backwards person who needs to come into the enlightened twenty first century.

Homosexuals have as much choice as anybody else. When they take responsibility for their own actions they can repent and be saved like anyone else as well. We are willing to help.

Re: I may be wrong...

Yes, you may be. Read what the church has said recently about having homosexual desires to find out. But then again, you have already admitted that you will never understand homosexual desires, so perhaps you shouldn't even try.

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