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Dialogue will be unprecedented move for church

Published: Monday, April 7 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Will an alternate lifestyle other than what the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints believes in hope to be a part of the celestial kingdom? I feel for these members, but we all are required to live a certain standard that the bible teaches in order to hope for eternal life. The church will not conform to the gay lifestyle and accept their way of life, or recognize it as being normal. Think of your own parents. Had it not been for a Mother and Father you would not be here.

I think this is great

but I just can't understand the desire to change the honor code at BYU. It seems so clear to me that if you don't approve of it, you shouldn't apply there! It really is that easy. Gay, straight, whatever - the honor code is what it is and individuals who seek a personal exception to the rules are arrogant in my opinion.

Other than that, I hope this will be the beginning of productive dialogue.


From the article:

"Part of the reason Affirmation does their work is to build bridges," Larabee said. "This is definitely the building of a bridge .."

Might this turn out to be a bridge to the "great and Spacious building"?


I hope that Affirmation is not expecting the church to change its position on same sex unions. The Lord has not changed his view on the matter and neither can His church. The fact that church authorities have reached out to Affirmation is a sign that each of God's children is loved but to return to full fellowship will require adherence to the same moral standards already in place. Those standards were set in eternity and will not change!
I encourage any who are involved in same-sex relationships to end those relationships and set his/her life in order. I wish you well in your efforts to do so.

liberal larry

I'm always amazed at the high number of gays in Salt Lake City. Many of them seem to be from small towns in the rural west. I think they come to SLC to get a way from the small town attitudes toward gays.

Just A Guy

Any thoughts that this might change the LORDS stand on homosexuality are completely wrong. He stated his position on it several thousand years ago through his prophets in the bible and continues to do so today.

This will be an invitation to get help...and nothing more.


Enter commentI hope that the LDS does not go down the same path as some Protestant churches. Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever! Our Lord calls this SIN.Please do not recognize homosexuals as "another lifestyle".Reach out to gay people on an individual basis.I was once a member of a church organization that recognized this garbage! I left it! I am not LDS, but I have always counted on my LDS brothers & sisters to do the right thing on matters of morality.


And what exactly is there to discuss?

Make your choice, take the consequences that come with the choice.


Changing the Honor Code? I wouldn't hold my breath. I think it's helpful to reach out, but I think Affirmation is over-reaching here. I'm just glad I'm not the one having to make these decisions.

Big Al

The Church's central doctrinal teachings regarding homosexuality seem clear. Marriage is the legal union of one man to one woman. The Church will never recognize or condone gay or lesbian marriage, regardless of eventual rulings by courts or legislatures. In terms of gay sexual activity, the Church will never change its doctrine on sexual activity outside of marriage--whether gay or straight. So where does this leave gay or lesbian people in terms of their relationship to the Church? If I, as a straight male, commit fornication with a woman, and the Church takes disciplinary action, does that mean I am being persecuted? I have no idea what the LDS gay community, or Affirmation, is trying to achieve . . .


I am not sure this group understands the position the church must endorse in relation to doctrine--to excuse inappropriate conduct is not the answer--though kindness, unconditional support is a must for everyone; principles cannot be changed when political views temper when moral issues are present, you cannot have a religious belief developed by political vote.


Does anyone know what "change" to the BYU Honor Code they want to make?
This article should clarify that sex between unmarried people (regardless of sexual orientation) is a sin in the Church. Since it's not legal for gays to be married, they must remain celibate.


It's about time this happened. The church should put into practice what it preaches in its general conference, to reach out, to give respect, and to welcome diversity. The two groups may never come to an agreement about fellowship or activity in the church and its temple ceremonies but at least they can establish a relationship that could benefit both groups.

It doesn't matter if being gay is a choice or people are born that way, the fact is they are here, they are human, they have positive things to contribute to our society and sweeping them under the rug has been done long enough. It's time to change things and I'm glad to see it happening.

BTW, I'm a straight white male Mormon member and I think it's great to be opening dialog instead of closing it.

Considering who Christ associated with when he was here at the meridian of time, who's to say he won't meet with Affirmation first when he comes again. He is the God of all people and He seems to advocate for the oppressed and against the well established.

just me

Talking and listening is good for both groups. I would be shocked if it lead to any approval of gay sexual relationships or activities by the Church. Hopefully it will lead to more kindness and respectful understanding between those that are have different ideas. One thing I am sure of is that calling an evil action 'good' does not change the true nature of the act no matter how many say it or how loud or earnest the voice.


I am a little surprised by all this murmuring. This is definitely big news and a testament to President Monson's gift of revelation and foresight. If the prophet feels that now is the time to meet with this group, then members need not question it. Bigotry disguised as 'righteousness' is the very thing that our Savior challenged. Love One Another.

Judge Not

I don't believe there will be any changes in policy as a result of this meeting. I do hope WE as a people and culture learn how to better LOVE everyone regardless of personal choices. The fact is that we all sin and need the redeeming power of the Lord.

It is sad when a child is disowned by their family because of choosing a homosexual lifestyle. Yes, I said choice. Many of us seem to be predispositioned to ideas and behavior that are against the will of the Lord. Some struggle with drugs or alcohol, others with selfishness and pride (from the top or bottom), others desire to committ adultery (in thought or deed) and others are lazy. My point is that we all have our own challenges.

It is our job to invite ALL and love ALL and it's the Lord's job to judge. It is not our job to tell someone they need to change - that only puts a wedge in a relationship. However, if someone has the desire to change we can offer support. There is a phrase for what we should be striving for - it's called unconditional love.

Utah Resident

I think what Affirmation is referring to re: The BYU Honor Code, is when a few years ago, the Church said it treated Gay members no differently than their heterosexual counterparts, that they are to remain celibate until marriage (of course, never mind the Church went to great lengths to make sure gays never had that option). What happened was that some gay students were kicked out merely for showing affection towards one other (walking hand-in-hand, a kiss)--something that would never happen to the heterosexual students there.


Welcoming diversity is not and never should be accepting or condoning sin.


I'm glad to hear that there will be some dialogue between the two groups. It may not resolve a whole lot but respectful disscusion never hurt anyone.

However I'm surprised to hear theyre going to start it off with asking for allowing open unmarried sexual relations into BYU! I think everyone knows the answer to that already.


It doesn't sound like murmuring to me. In fact, I'm pleasantly surprised at how intelligent these comments have been. Consensus seems to be that the Church will not and cannot change its policy, it would cease to be the Church by altering its doctrine on eternal families, but that we all can be more understanding and sympathetic.

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