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Published: Thursday, April 3 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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A SCO user, long ago

I think Mr McBribe should be put in jail for destroying a good compamy.

John Bohr

SCO (formerly Caldera) has burned through $259 millions (more than a quarter Billion dollars) of investors money since its IPO. This is their accumulated deficit according to their own SEC filings. SCO has never made money except in two quarters in 2003 where it got a windfall of about $25M from Microsoft and Sun to fund its Linux related litigation.

Not only they were not able to show any code in Linux that was allegedly "copied", but this $25M was not theirs either. It is probably owed to Novell since Caldera/SCO never had the copyrights to sell Unix source licences to Microsoft and Novell in the 1st place.

It is time for this litigious company to be gone and buried and for the architects of the fraudulent extortion scheme (Yarro, Christensen, Mott, Bench, Tibbitt, McBride, and their incompetent lawyers, Boies Schiler & Flexner) to go to jail or at the very least give back all other people's money they have converted into their own pockets. Amen.

Former Caldera employee

Good riddance!

Yvan T.

Good thing...
It will teach people a lesson as to not to be too gready.

They wanted to own everything *unix* and charge a license fee on free software.

I mean free not only as free of charge but free for everyone to look at the internal guts of a software.

They wanted to control anything *unix* on the planet...
The planet said... NO

Peter J. Merkin

Good riddance to bad trash. SCO represents everything that is wrong with business and the courts today.

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