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Published: Tuesday, April 1 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Bible beaters.....

Falling back on religious arguments, eh?

Only God determines sin, prosecutes, and sits in judgement. I do not, and neither do any of you. Makes me wonder what the hidden agenda is of the religious right.


homosexuality doesn't undermine anything, because it has always existed, and will continue to exist. Awful parenting, drug addiction, poverty, are all serious issues that undermine the family and other important societal structures. Two men or women looking to marry each other is not even on the RADAR as far as I'm concerned when it comes to "problems" facing our society. It goes back to blindedness that is rampant in american society. I had roomates from norway who always laughed about americans. We gasp at the thought of movies where two people are having sex, and make a big fuss about it and its morality, yet we turn around and support movies where people's head's are being blown off or people are turning into monsters and eating each other. Where's the logic??? Sex and love are where people turn for acceptance and closeness and it is what creates cohesiveness in our society.. to deny that to any human being in our society is simply ridiculous and goes against what you're trying to promote. What do you wish for gay people? should they continue to be unwanted and rejected.. only to turn to drug abuse and harmful destructive behavior? we deserve better!


(by which is meant a married man and woman, who most likely will have and care for a family as a natural product of their married relationship) is the basic essential building block of a healthy society. It does not occur spontaneously and requires nurturing and support from society.

There are a great many forces that by their nature tear down the family; adultery, prostitution, premarital sex, drug and alcohol addiction, pornography, homosexuality; to name a few. Society has a vested interest (tho it may not recognize it) to foster and promote the family, and by extension, to not promote those destructive competing influences.

There is a huge financial cost to a family to raise children (and ideally a family that dedicates one parent to be a caregiver and not outside breadwinner) Society has recognized that by giving "family" benefits to breadwinners. When you extend those benefits to everyone they are no longer benefits. Not every family will be the ideal, but society must work to see that as many have that opportunity as possible.

WE ARE LOSING THAT BATTLE as a society, as the posts here make clear.


I don't agree with same gender attraction, and no one can force anyone to agree with it.

dear: Re: annonymous 11:30

you said:

"the REAL gay "agenda" which is about not wanting people butting their heads into the private lives of others"


Homosexuals thrust their "bedroom" behavior into society's face by defining themselves and every aspect of their existence in terms of that behavior.

Homosexuals evidently have no idea how much society DOES"T CARE and is SICK of being being BOMBARDED with every aspect of your tortured personal agonies.

Quit demanding that society (govt or employers) $ubsidize YOUR PRIVATE CHOICES

Quit demanding that society embrace and affirm and legitimize YOUR PRIVATE CHOICES

Quit sending people into the public schools to indoctrinate our children with YOUR PRIVATE CHOICES

Quit blaming society if you feel depressed or suicidal about YOUR PRIVATE CHOICES

Quit expecting the world to ignore biological and psychological realities to accommodate YOUR PRIVATE CHOICES

please reacquaint your self with the concept of PRIVATE

you are like the obnoxious fan at the ball game with bare belly painted, huge wig, screaming drunk for three hours his love for the home team. unfortunately this game has been going on for decades.


Homosexuality is associated with depression and suicide? Well, that may be true because meetings like this happen. But then again, look in your own back yard, Utah. I have no doubt that homosexuality is part of who a person is, it is a choice how you then live your life. I am for being informed and then translating that into proper reasons for tolerance. Hopefully, we don't find Graham one day in a bathroom stall in Minnesota or looking for crystal meth in Colorado Springs, LOL. Oh yeah, and GO COUGARS! The season is right around the corner!


On Oprah the other day one of the guests was a wife of a polygamist marriage. She made an interesting statement that with all the alternative lifestyles that are accepted why not polygamy?

Everyone wants there special interest to be widely embraced regardless of how good, bad or ugly it may be.

you do so wish

that you could tap into the moral high ground of the Civil Rights Movement to legitimize your lifestyle choices.

It is obscene to equate the struggles of a race to overcome slavery and discrimination with the desire to justify aberrant personal behavior.

I don't think many people will buy it.


To "dear: Re: annonymous 11:30" at 6:12 a.m. Apr. 2, 2008

It's our shared PUBLIC policy that makes gay people's lives difficult. It is the reason gay people are making so much noise. You can yell all you want, but I for one will not stop seeking equal rights on matters that pertain to having a family. I doubt other gay people will stop either. You can object to the existence of families headed by same-sex couples, as you have.

But this is America. I am pursuing happiness... and equality. I want to be able to adopt with someone, or have a surrogacy contract that holds up in court. Legal marriage would be nice. You may disapprove, just as I probably disapprove about some aspects of how you are raising your own family.

My life is as PRIVATE as yours, but in the context of your presumed sexual orientation, you have no legal limitations. I do. You're smoking crack if you think a full 1 out of 20 or so people are going to just roll over and enjoy these limitations.


I'm sick to my stomach and near tears over some of the things I'm reading here. As a former resident of Utah County, and the mother of a gay son, who definitely didn't "choose" his orientation, I'm disgusted by the hate and ignorance expressed in some of these posts. I'm LDS, but on my way out, largely due to the intolerance and hate-mongering subtly taught by the church. Christ's church? What a joke. I thank god I'm out of Utah every day. You don't even see how truly hateful you are being.

Thank you to those who support gays, their families, and gay rights. Although it's not a situation a parent would normally choose for themselves or their children, I wouldn't change who my son it, or watching him and develop into who he is for anything. Parents of gays and lesbians want the same things for their children every parent wants - happiness, success in life, and safety to be who they were born to be. That's the agenda, the same as the heterosexual one. And that's bad why?


Homosexuals and gay life styles are just wrong no matter how you look at it. It is naturally wrong, it is socially wrong, it is mentally wrong, it is religiously wrong, it is wrong for the individual and it is wrong for the community and the nation. If it is accepted into america mainstream it will destroy our normal life style, our culture and our religious life and commitment to a higher authority. We need to unite to protect our selves and our children and future generations from this sickness.


I know the Savior taught us to love everyone, but I don't think he meant people we don't agree with. It couldn't possibly mean people with a different sexual orientation than me, or opposing political views. Also, I choose to disguise this hatred as "protecting the children".


Bravo to ??...what you expressed is right. It all comes down to control of our feelings and bodies. Don't blame the Lord...he had nothing to do with it...we all have weaknesses and the end result is what we choose to do with them. It's that simple. Don't make it something it is not.


Get real! You can't turn somebody gay.

have compassion for this culture

This culture is fear-based and thrives on setting people apart. "We all like to look alike, think alike, act alike ... no exceptions welcome."

They like to circle the wagons at the drop of a hat.

It's the persecution/Last Days syndrome that has been beaten into their heads since day one.

I have the utmost compassion for these people.

It certainly is not the way I would want to live my life.

U have greater potential

Everyone is a child of God. Everyone is free to choose happiness or sadness. Everyone has the potential for success in this life, regardless of their circumstances. Everyone came into this world being born to a father and a mother, who also have free agency to be a good or bad parent. Everyone has the potential to be a mother or a father, even if adoption is necessary, but it is a poor choice for any of us to try to compromise the right a child should have to be raised by a father and a mother. Gays have all of these rights like anyone else. Don't give up your potential of noble titles (father or mother).

We must learn to have a love for all. People will make poor choices and they will be unhappy for it. We still love them. But we can't make them happy by condoning poor choices. Gays will never be happy with their lifestyle, because by their choosing they have forfeited the rights of family as God intended it. No one can be happy living in sin. So accepting others sins, doesn't make them happier. There is no alternate way to be happy.

Re: Dave

Homosexuality undermines the very foundations of a family unit..

I actually feel that traditional families would BENEFIT by having the gay population accepted and free to live their lives without fear of persecution from friends, family and Church members. I know of a couple in my ward who were married in the temple and had 4 children, before he came out to his wife. It was very devastating to this family because divorce followed. This would have never happened if this brother hadnt felt like he needed to overlook his homosexuality to conform to Church and family expectations. I cant help but wonder how many similar stories there are out there. I would much rather see gays accepted and free to live a lifestyle that suits them , then feel that they must fit the mold, pretend to be straight, and marry heterosexuals to be accepted. It is the latter that will destroy families.

True Standards = Happiness

THE FAMILY | 5:46 a.m.
Dave | 11:10 p.m.
U have greater potential | 9:09 a.m.

What more needs to be said?

Your Neighbor

My dearest Heterosexual hatemongers...
Please, could you turn down the volume? It seems to be interferring with my focus on refining my GAY AGENDA of WORLD DOMINATOIN, here in my humble abode in the insignificant city of SALT LAKE (in terms of the world at large, of course). Though, as I view the world you are developing, quite sure you could easily have it all for yourself, filled with hunger, the homeless and helpless, corruption, war, chaos, and deciet.. among other delights. BTW - The Homosexual existence is not one of sadness and hatred, it only seems to be a residual effect to your lack of acceptance and understanding. Aferall, do we 'gays and lesbians' not see RAINBOWS amongst every breathe? Now, go and replenish the earth as you are commanded by your dieties so that the future generations of this fabulous planet of ours can see the reality and vision of complete acceptance and LOVE, that you (well, the minority of you, optimistically calculated) all seem to be unable to grasp :-)


On the Standard of Liberty website there is a page by Janice Graham that gets to the point. Their son Drew is gay but they sent him to therapy and now he is `fixed'. She wrote a book "My Darling from the Lions. Compelling journal entries reveal a mothers life-changing spiritual journey paralleling her sons stuggle with and success in overcoming pornography addiction and homosexual tendencies."

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