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Published: Tuesday, April 1 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Brandon Burt

For all you people who are scared of the so-called "homosexual agenda," I suggest you stay well away from its purveyors.

You can start with me. I suggest you keep a distance of at least 3 miles. Then we'll all be happy.

Anybody who wants to bring back the days of anti-gay brutality is crazy and evil, and should be shunned.

If you don't feel you need to tolerate our existence on this planet, we won't feel any need to tolerate yours, either.

Just wondering

Can anyone suggest a valid argument against homosexuality that isn't based in religion?


One of the not-so-talked about facts about Salt Lake City is its large gay population. Second to San Francisco in fact.

The gays I know are respectable, law-abiding people and are absolutely no threat to me or my children.
In discussing the matter with my children, I could never in a million years play God with them by suggesting I know how God must view gays. I leave that for the conservative-types. I simply teach my children to accept and love everyone, though different from you. But I am fortunate in that is how I was raised. Others are not so lucky and now have biases, prejudices, fears and even hatred towards these people even though they are not bothering them in any way but being themselves.

I follow my own heart

Sorry MP, although I am very glad bible stories are important for you, if I would focus on bible stories instead of following my own heart and trust in myself regarding this matter, I would still believe in talking snakes in The Garden.

It appears

That these two Groups that Align themselves with each other are trying to promote an Agenda of killing and rioting against people.

I will let you know that BYU has more Gay's than that of any other University in Utah.

So, maybe the Church should step in here, and defend it's own children.

Homosexual kids? Kids make there own choices, they either have that sort of attraction or they do not.

Other peoples lifes styles do not convert people to (that corner) or any other.

If anything, people (children) despise one life style over another.

The same gender attraction thing is just what it is.

Until all of you "holier than thou" people quit all your sins that are not publisized, you really have no room to complain much.


to I follow y own heart: It is too bad you don't... Those Bible stories are pretty crucial to understanding God, His Son, Jesus Christ and our place among them... all good things to know.

RE: Ray

You have no civilized society.

I've seen it. I see it every day on the news and in Your home.

Ray, we will Make a Closet for you.. Because, that's exactly where you belong.

Disgusted by people i love

I AM GAY and i dont even know of this Gay agenda?? how can straight people?
What happend to the SEPERATION of CHURCH and STATE? I want to get married YES i said married to the same sex no way do i want to have an lds ceremony i just want to be able to visit the one i love on his death bed if he is there or be able to just own the same house and say we are happily married.


There is no 'homosexual agenda'. It is more like 'homophobia agenda', fear and hate towards those who perhaps have those feelings and it is so frightening to them, they create some imaginary conspiracy theory to wipe it off the face of the earth, rather than look inwards and accept what is there. What is scary to me, is that this low level conciousness still exists in 2008!

Adam Streeter

I am gay, and I graduated from American Fork High School. I know the principal there, and I am glad that she decided to cancel this meeting, not because I have some personal agenda, but because it just isn't the appropriate venue for such a thing. Unfortunately, Belinda Jensen still chose to spread awareness of this event using her PTSA contacts and her PTSA e-mail account, even after it was canceled at the school. This is unethical no matter which side of the issue she falls on.

I can only imagine how the gay students at AF High feel right now. They are represented by a person who is not working in their best interest and feels that their identity is the result of some grand scheme to corrupt society.

This is the kind of thing that causes suicide and drug use. Not the fact that the students are gay, but the fact that they are pushed into ghettos and closets and made to feel that their schools, their religions, even their own families want nothing to do with them.

It sounds like this man's presentation was nothing but generalizations and stereotypes that have no grounding in reality.


Straight people who comment like they know what it is like to be gay amaze me. I am a gay man. Do you think for one second I wouldn't change that. Do you think I enjoyed being different from everyone I know. Having different feelings than everyone else. If you think I made this choice you are nuts. I live a normal life, i do not have nor transmit STDs and being intimate with a child is the farthest thing from my mind. I would never wish this on anyone, let alone try to influence a child.

Quoting the bible is also ridiculous. The Christian Bible is not some universal rule book. and even if it were Jesus' greatest commandment given to man (after love the lord your god with all your heart, soul & mind, is "Love thy neighbor as they self." There were no qualifiers attached to this such as "unless they are gay, or black or poor or democrat"

Ashamed AFHS Student

As a student of AFHS I am ashamed to have Belinda Johnson as my PTA President, and am also upset with community leaders. As a representitive of AFHS she should be trying to make all the students feel accepted-not going around and fixing the "gay problem."
I am glad that Mrs. Merril canceled the meeting. There has been over the past few years instances of violence against homosexuals at AFHS. Things from graffiti on lockers, to broken noses to being robbed.
There are bigger "problems" in AFHS than homosexuality. Things like teen pregnancy, drug abuse and suicide. AFHS has already experienced a string of suicides this year, adding more hate and blind prejudice into the mix will not be fixing any problem, (gay or otherwise) just creating more. Heavens forbid we focus on the real problems.
And don't even bring God into this argument. Who is anyone to say that someone is right and someone is wrong. Just because someone is a homosexual doesn't make them a bad person. You may not agree with what they do, but teaching your children to hate and judge blindly will not create a more "christ like world." It'll be just the opposite.


Homosexuality undermines the Family which is the central unit of society. Reproduction is innate and purposeful. Homosexuals, not unlike many heterosexuals cannot procreate; homosexuals, however, could never procreate, even if desired. Does not this alone tell us something? Homosexuality is wrong and goes against fundamental natural standards. Decisions need to consciously and carefully be made that will further values that perpetuate the family staying in tact. Homosexuality undermines the very foundations of a family unit, and turn that which is right and appropriate into something and not used properly.


What do people mean by saying there is no homosexual agenda? I am a male over 65 and grew up in New York City and its suburbs. From the time I was 5 years old I was being approached by perverts with only one object in mind. They were older teens who were sons of my parent's friends, they were boys in the schools, and as I grew up they were older males who were in positions of authority over me. In all that time of growing up, I was never propositioned for a heterosexual relationship, only homosexual ones. It was disgusting. Homosexuals indeed have a very nasty agenda and always have had.


"Homosexuality undermines the very foundations of a family unit, and turn that which is right and appropriate into something and not used properly."

How exactly does homosexuality undermine the family unit?

Do you honestly feel like your family is going to fall apart if they come in contact with a gay person?

re: Dave

Care to justify your accusations?

HOW does being gay "undermine" the family?

HOW does a small portion of the population not reproducing constitute being wrong?

All these homophobic "people" are just so used to mindlessly repeating these talking points. They have never ONCE justified them.

Re: annonymous 11:30

Since you are obviously completely unaware, being gay is NOT the same thing as being a pedophile. And many pedophiles are HETEROSEXUAL.

However, the horror of pedophilia has nothing to do with the REAL gay "agenda" which is about not wanting people butting their heads into the private lives of others. People need to stop worrying so much over what other consenting adults do in the privacy of their own bedroom. Its not like they make you watch or anything.

Want to know a secret?

50 years ago, hate-mongers were saying the exact same things about blacks and other minorities that people are now throwing at the gay community. It was the hate-mongers who were wrong then and they're wrong now.

"Protect our children from homosexuals"

"Don't let a black man date your daughter"

Same stuff, different target.

Utah County Resident

I love how people say we should not judge others and in the same sentence rip on all of Utah County because of a meeting of 20 people.

Ironic isn't it?


It's really hard to get past the fear of the unknown. It's really easy to fall into trap of anecdotal evidence. And it would be really nice if we could find new ground for this topic. Good arguments and strong sentiments have been laid out now.

I think we can all agree that people are generally afraid if not repulsed by promiscuity, not so much orientation. And that it would be easier if 100% of the population, like a tulip garden, lined up perfectly. But around 5% of us are like the covalent bonds I remember learning in HS Chemistry class - O2 (rather than NaCl) - we connect to one like our own.

I know for Mormons, the Proclamation (1995) was supposed to be the final answer. But, it isn't - my hunch is that it will be amended one day (I didn't say thrown out - just tweaked). Just like blacks and the priesthood.

If Dick Cheney and Dick Gephardt can handle all this, we can too. It's coming time for all of us to move on. And live well. And learn Chinese. And have a production of Rent staged regionally - so that we can learn.

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