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Published: Tuesday, April 1 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Straight people like you have children like me....GAY! I like to think it's God's way of proving to you that you really don't have a clue how things work.


Bugged Eyed

I read these comments and it truly sickens me. I for one choose not to judge and feel that will be God and God job alone. I do however find it humorous that all the Bible thumpers constantly bring up the fact that being Gay is a sin. They also form these groups with the soul purpose of going out and spreading their inaccurate opinions. But I also believe the Bible says that Gluttony is a sin.... And how many fatty's do you see in the Chapel each Sunday.. Judge not lest ye be judged yourself. I for one choose to love those around me. I will teach my children the same, and will save the judgments for God.


who do homosexuals have to prove themselves to anyone.. why do they have to prove they were born that way.. how people wish to live their lives is their own business.. if you dont' like it start your own country that is not free.. and you can pick and choose who is accepted and who isn't.
ridiculous every one of you.. and what a waste of time to sit and get all worked up about what two adults are doing behind closed doors. You can't shelter your kids from the world their whole lives, and as far as I know gay's aren't out recruiting.
Educate yourselves, perhaps utah needs to spend more money in their schools seeing as how they're dead last in the nation, its any wonder why everyone calls you utards!


Just so you know, when the AIDS epidemic first started, then President Regan ask for a study to see if it were possible to round up all the homosexuals and lock them away. Something along the same lines as the way Japanese citizens were treated. The problem was the cost and the way to actually make sure you had all the homosexuals rounded up. Is this what you had in mind??

sexual security

As a straight male with a live-and-let-live life philosophy, although I am just as puzzled at a same-sex attraction as anyone else (not my choice) I really couldn't care less what other people choose to do with each other.

I was raised with the notion that those who are secure with their sexual preference also couldn't care less about others.

I have always thought it strange how some people freak out at homosexuals (or at least, pretend to) and start obsessing about the behavior.

Methinks thou protest too much. Why?

Living in Utah County

I live in Utah County, in fact I went to American Fork High School. I do not hate gay people. I have gay friends. I do not agree with what gay people do, but I don't hate them. Please stop all the hating of people who are LDS in Utah County.


RE:Screen Age,

Loved the comments, you're absolutely right about the methods of gay activists, but they are not unique in their methods or motives, the "Christian Right" is every bit the power monger that the Gay Lobby is.


Who ever said this was about the "Mormon Agenda"? The Mormon church was not mentioned in this article, nor was the meeting well attended. I can assure you that if this was part of a so called "Mormon Agenda", at a minnimum, the meeting would have been well attended and the refreshments would have been excellent.

I agree with many posters here that it seems to be a sad reality that dissagreeing with someones way of life is often equated to hatred. Unfortunately the way we dissagree often sounds hateful.

Having sexual relations with anyone but a consenting member of the opposite sex is wrong, it is wrong by nature, and for me it is wrong by belief. I'm a public advocate of this and I teach my it to my children, however, I also believe that every person on this earth is one of Gods children and they all should be treated with respect and dignity.

Thank Goodness

I moved out of Utah County.

I respect everyone's right to have their own point of view on the matter.

However, I have to say that the venom, judgment, and hostility toward homosexuals on this message board is astounding. One can disagree amicably without resorting to attacks.

I would have expected better from such a supposedly religious part of the country. Frankly, it makes you Utahans look simple, ignorant, and intolerant. Again, this is not for simply disagreeing; rather, the way you disagree and extremely ignorant views that inform that disagreement.

But go ahead and pile on...

Gay Agenda Definition

The way I understand it (as a straight person) is the "Gay Agenda" consists of wanting equal rights for gay people and to not be descriminated against. Equal rights and anti-bigotry is a pretty evil agenda. I can see why these people are warning parents against this agenda.

To claim the "Gay Agenda" is anything more than gay people wanting equal rights is just a lie. A lie to justify bigotry towards a group of people who are different than the majority. That is quite disgusting to decent people.

This group meeting with parents to warn them about gay people pushing for equal rights and to not be descriminated against sounds quite similar to KKK meetings discussing the same issues regarding blacks in the sixties. How is the first OK in Utah County, when the second would be evil to most decent people? Same issue, different group of people.

The homosexuals are winning

If you believe that people are "gay" the homosexual activists have successfully indoctrinated you.

You Can't Fool Me

Gays do recruit! As a high high school student many years ago I was very actively recruited by a group of gays in my school. It WAS there agenda to try to get as many involved as they could. The first time is the trick. If you can get a guy to participate once he loses all self-esteem and reduces himself to that level. When self-respect is gone it is easy to convince someone that they are different or "queer." The best explanation to save face because of a bad choice is to blame the problem on something that is uncontrollable saying that they were born that way and that is their lot in life. But, this group made no qualms about the fact that gay was their choice. They even questioned other gays when they made that claim. I have never known a gay man (I have known plenty) who had any significant level of self-confidence. And no, the lack of esteem was not the result of being gay, it was the cause. By the way: every single member of the group that tried to get me to conform to their lifestyle died of AIDS. All of them.

The world needs more love

Well sadly people who think that a gay person chooses to be gay is obsured. Do strait people choose to be strait...??? I have found that there is no such thing as choosing one way or the other.

When my family rejucted me as there child and started hating me i tried to kill myself because i lost those who i was brought up thinking that they loved me. Suicide is a reprecution of people and churches showing hate for those who are different.

Also if you check the # of new STD's with all the states and cross check with the persons sexual orientation you will find more heterosexuals are getting STD's than Homosexuals.

If we as a people were to actualy live the teachings of Jesus then we would show unconditional love to those around us.

Untill that happens i will fight for Human rights to live life and love who ever you love as long as it is not harmful to that person.

Pedofilia is mentaly harful to children and majority of pedofiles are heterosexual men that want to have power over children. The sad thing is that my family accept the pedofile brother for heterosexual reasons.

hiding something

I am convinced that those conservative types who whine, scream and carry on about people they don't even know or are nowhere around them, (in this case I'm talking about gay people) have got to be hiding something, but aren't doing a very good job of it.
100% straight people don't give a (bleep) what others do in the privacy of their homes or the lifestyle they choose.


Even if enough people declare wrong to be right, it doesn't make it so.

Declaring anyone who disagrees with you to be a hate-monger is equally wrong.

If you believe it is wrong and have the guts to say so, that doesn't make you a hater.

Some are more skillful at making their arguments... That doesn't make them more right or more wrong, but it does make them more persuasive... unless of course, you disagree with them, then I guess it makes them a hater

Teaching our Children Well

God has given commandments for our happiness and well-being. We should trust Him. As for the commandment to multiply and replenish the earth, further understanding has been provided by modern prophets. We are not to have sexual relations with anyone who is not our husband or wife. Unfortunately, both gays and straights violate that commandment and indulge the desires of the "natural man". This leads to estrangement from God, spiritual death and unhappiness. God loves all people, and He wants us to be "one" with Him; to have true happiness and joy. This requires that we "put off the natural man" - regardless of sexual orientation. Unfortunately, most popular entertainment and the politically correct, tell us we will only be happy if allowed the freedom to indulge the drives of the natural man (or woman). But this doesn't lead to lasting happiness. Children should be taught that the true path to happiness is to trust God, and do our best to follow him and to deny ourselves of all ungodliness. In the current environment, this is not taught in the public schools, so we must ensure it is taught in our homes and churches and synagogues etc.

Re: Sickness..

Just because someone considers an act -- adultery, prostitution, homosexuality, lying, stealing -- as immoral, doesn't necessarily make that someone anti-whoever is committing the act.

There are many gay people who are wonderful people and do much good. Being gay and doing good are not mutually exclusive. Just as being straight and doing evil are not mutually exclusive.

It is possible to hate the act without hating the person who is committing the act.


Put Homosexuality on your resume, see how far it gets you.

It's a choice and not a good one. It's not the norm even if those practicing it want it to be.

Next time you're out in public, announce loudly, I'm a homosexual and see what it gets you.


I am a gay man. Believe me when I tell you that I have a very healthy and significant self esteem. Any issues I may have had in the past had NOTHING to do with my sexual identity, it stemmed from the constant string of bigotry and animosity I have received from those who proclaim their virtues as a Christian.


another fine example of;

Family Values
Mormon Values
Conservative Values
Republican Values
Utah Values

Please stay away from me, I don't want to catch the sort of "social" diseases you are trying to spread.


Not really knowing much about the topic, most of the instances I read on this board of gay recruiting, are involving teenagers. This doesnt really say much, since sexual promiscuity for heterosexual teenagers is just as prevalent. I would think that if you dont want teenagers to be sexually active (both heterosexually and homosexually) then you should probably begin with an informative and open discussion at home. To ignore this as a parental responsibility, no doubt will lead to problems that you will eventually have to face one way or another.

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