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Published: Tuesday, April 1 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I am just blown away that people such as Mr. Gunter are even given a forum in the first place. I feel bad that he believes that there is a "gay agenda". All that ANY of us wants is to be accepted as decent people, regardless of race, creed or sexual orientation. I have many "gay" friends and not ONCE have any of them tried to be inappropriate in any way. Most live in fear that they will be "outed"....now is THAT any way to live one's life, in fear???? That's what people of Mr. Gunter's crowd want.....is to put the fear into all those who are "different". Welcome once again to the politics of fear. Sad.

Accept the sinner not the sin

To Divorce rate, etc.:

Two wrongs don't make a right. Listing off wrongs does not somehow justify a different form of wrongdoing. Having sex with the same sex is unnatural & wrong. Saying otherwise is misinformation & harmful to everyone including self-proclaimed gays.

To anyone else it concerns:

How can you say being gay is inborn? That is an opinion far from being proven as fact. By my definition, gay pertains to those who engage in sexual acts with the same sex, & until then you aren't gay. Therefore it's impossible to be gay at birth, speaking in my terms.

We were born male or female with natural desires that develop as our bodies develop the sexual ability to procreate (In case you failed sex-ed, this requires a male and a female). Desires outside the purpose of the bodies natural sexual development may sometimes develop, but they are perversions of thought and lead to unnatural behaviors. In fact, all wrongdoing was first preceded by an inappropriate thought.

Some say we are born with evil inclinations, but any baby is evidence that this is false. How is accepting bad thoughts (Unproven inclinations) appropriate? It perpetuates into sorrowful actions. Some favor!

nurture vs nature, and hate

If being gay is genetic, why aren't both identical twins gay? I am familiar with several sets where one is and one isn't. How can that be?

And, when can we get past being labeled as haters just for disagreeing. This is the classic lib argument and, frankly, it is old and tired. Calling me names because I disagree with you is a poor rebuttal and the tool of the ignorant.

P in Mexifornia

Homosexuals and liberals always try to demonize and label those who speak out against homosexuality as "hateful, close-minded, descriminatory" because they're unable to debate the issue- so they resort to name calling. It's their only defense as they know that conservative values are right and their lifestyle is wrong and harmful to society. This issue needs to be addressed. The history of any culture which embraces homosexuality is a history of social decay and self-destruction. FACT. Any society which perverts itself in this manner and does not protect and uphold the basic relationship for procreation/buidling block for the continuing of society and the species will eventually self-destruct. Very dangerous times we live in. The homosexuals in California are endoctrinating the children because they can't have their own children. We need more politicians with character and moral courage to stand up against homosexuality.

Utah County Parent

To all of you who say homosexuals don't recruit, I say you are wrong. My teenage son was groomed by an older boy, who had come out of the closet to his peers as a homosexual. This same young man also groomed other young boys, all two to three years younger than himself. When they told us the things this older boy did and said to get them interested, it was clear to me that it was a textbook example of a sexual predator grooming his victims. Don't ever try to tell me that homosexuals don't recruit! Perhaps many don't, but many do. As far as whether homosexuality is wrong or right, you need not look any further than the Proclomation on the Family. These are truly inspired words. This doesn't mean we are to hate anybody. In fact, just the opposite. Hate the sin, not the sinner.

Public Schools?

As a Utah public school teacher with over 15 years of experience, I must have my head buried in the sand. I have NEVER seen or heard of the "homosexual agenda" being promoted in my school. That subject has always been considered taboo. If a student ever brings the subject up in my class (it happens occasionally) I have such a panic attack that I worry all night about having "handled" it in the "right" way. Just for the record--my response is always the same--"please talk with your parents about it" and then we immediately go on with the required state curriculum.


This month my reading has involved "The Book of Mormon," "Early Mormonism and the Magic World View," some conference talks I have enjoyed in prepartion for General Conference, and "Guns, Germs and Steal."

My point? Open your mind and gather as much diverse information and opinions and possible. It feels good to make decisions based on a whole spectrum of ideas, opinions and information. It can be debilitating to feel like all that you think and do must be confined within a pre-determined, developed- since-birth, religious/cultural frame.


After reading though this litany of snide, pro-homosexual comments, I can see the concern of the moral community: the homosexual agenda is succeeding.

One more evidence of the decline of a once great nation as it follows the downward spiral of former great nations. America needs to wake and shape up.


My Great Great Grandfather a good Mormon Practiced Plural Marriage in this State,
at a time when Mormons were being raided and killed since Nauvoo Illinois. Whats wrong with this picture Mormons about gay men and women? Why cannot you accept them why subject your children to Electric Shock Therapy Like I went through at BYU at 19 in the early 80s, their little known SECRET LDS Cure homosexual Program!

Its a very SAD day here in Utah, even among Mormons where people equate homosexuality with Pedophiles, when most Pedophiles are Heterosexual!

Federal Farmer

Sorry, but I wouldn't call this "hate mongering," nor would I say that this would only happen in Utah. As much as I don't agree with some of the things that were said by the group, I don't oppose their RIGHT to say it. While we have yet to define what "rights" people have to marry each other, there does exist a right to the freedom of speech. This group shouldn't be silenced for pertaining to an unpopular belief that homosexuality is wrong. Again, I may disagree with much of what they say, but they should have every right to formulate and express this opinion.

Secondly, I think that you cannot lump all civil rights movements together; by doing so, you cannot adequately confront each issue entirely. Sorry, but I roll my eyes a little when I read things like "hate mongering," and likening this situation to "racism, sexism, violence, hate and bigotry." This little meeting, no matter how controversial, is far from these labels. It is alarming to me to see a society that throws such words around carelessly. "Our country was not founded on divisiveness." The Founding Era was quite divisive, actually.

Homosexuality ...

... is no more about sex than heterosexuality is about sex.

Graham's group focuses rabidly on sex, sex, sex. Sex acts. Naked bodies. Diseases. They think about sex more than the people out having sex. I see nothing on Graham's "family" site about curbing the spread of emotional bonding between men and men or women and women. Just sex. Sex, sex. SEX!

Some people bond emotionally with same-sex people in a way that's impossible for them to do with opposite-sex people. Some of these same people engage in physical intimacy. Some do not.

Mr. Graham's web site features a variety of lies about disease and homosexuality.

The site claims if two people have sex, they will catch HIV if the two people are gay but not if they are straight.

His site says LDS Church members who feel attracted to people of the opposite sex but never act on it must also be punished because they are perverse and wrong in the Lord's eyes. (Last time I checked, temptation was not a sin according to LDS doctrine.)

My beliefs have no place for people who lie, manipulate, and militantly labor to create fear and misunderstanding in the name of Christ.

To: Agenda? 10:00 a.m.

You hit it on the head with your own words. "Advocacy group."

Do you belong to an advocacy group? If you are straight, does Planned Parenthood represent your agenda since they deal primarily with issues related to procreation, pregnancy, and prophylactics? If you are gay, does the LDS Same-Gender Family Home Evening Group that meets monthly in Alpine represent your views with what they advocate?

You're right. The only agendas are those of individuals or groups, and no group or person can sweepingly define an entire class of people or represent the desires of each.

Get over it with the agenda thing.


I wonder if Graham got a standing ovation. Geez I'm glad I don't live in Utah county.

TO: P in Mexifornia

You say: "The homosexuals in California are endoctrinating the children because they can't have their own children."

I'm wondering if by this you are implying that if same-sex couples were to have children, they would all be gay. But since they can't, they're trying to influence the children of others to become gay.

In case you hadn't noticed, every single gay person I know came from straight parents. Typical, everyday, mother-and-father families in Utah just keep on creating more and more gay children. Hmmm.


Our communities and our nation as a whole needs to come together on policy and program to address the gay problem it is a sickness that will do lasting damage and harm to our society if we don't get it solved and under control. The natural laws of nature do not support homosexual social intergration. We can not fight and win over nature; we will lose and all pay the price for defiant gay agendas.

Henry Drummond

I am rapidly coming to the conclusion that groups such as the "Standard Of Liberty" do more to promote the "gay agenda" than anyone at the "Gay Pride Center" ever could. They are so unreasonable and non-factual that they are easy targets for those who promote Gay rights. Instead of "raising awareness" their heavy handed tactics and extremism only serve to create sympathy for Gays and help promote the very things they are trying to avoid.

You guys need to get rid of people like Steve Graham and Chris Buttars and get someone who can make a logical case for their point of view.

RE:Utah County Parent

That man WAS a pedophile. I hope that you and the other families involved took the proper action and had the man arrested, but there is a difference between being gay and being a pedophile. I am a gay man who has absolutely ZERO inclinations towards having ANY type of sexual contact with children of either sex. And as far as the Proclomation of the Family comment, I have no idea what your referring to.

To: P in Mexifornia

The homosexuals in California are endoctrinating the children because they can't have their own children.

Tell me you are not serious! Sorry, but I am a straight 6th generation Californian, left only to attend school here, and I have never heard of such paranoia. Most homosexuals arent pedophiles, are free to adopt children in some states; and surprisingly enough, their children usually do not become homosexual. It really isnt considered a learned behavior. Homosexuals would benefit little by indoctrinating your children. Homosexuality has been around for centuries. Consider yourself safeit has never wiped out heterosexuality or you wouldnt be here to make such bizarre statements.

to willard

So what is your FINAL SOLUTION to the "gay problem"?


There are a lot of people who keep referring to homosexuality as a sickness. Alrighty then, is it a viral infection? How do you catch it? Is it an air borne germ that you catch at a Cher concert? If is WERE a disease, why isn't there a pharaceutical company working on a vaccine? OR is it a disease that you catch by being recruited?
None of you anti gay people seem to be on the same track. You seem to have more reasons for homosexuality than the gay community does, and yours only raise more questions than answers.

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