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Published: Tuesday, April 1 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Not a Moral Issue

Homosexuality is not a moral issue. The speakers are spreading ignorance and lies.

My brother is 44 years and gay. He finally told me about it, after years of deep depression, denial and refusal to recognize his sexuality as nothing he can change. His homosexuality has absolutely nothing to do with his ability to be morally sound person.


Yep, all those "gays" are just experimenting and choose to live a lifestyle where they are harrassed, persecuted, beaten, hated and vilified. Yep, it's just a choice and they can go back to being "normal" but they would rather be hated then conform. Right..... How silly are all of you who think it is a choice? Yes, I will admit there are a very few that "swing both ways", those who do experiment just to push their parent buttons or to rebel against the social norm, but the MAJORITY of gays and lesbians are BORN THIS WAY. They do not learn it.. if they do learn it, then let me ask this, who did they learn it from? They were born into hetrosexual families so maybe the parents did soemthing wrong?? HMMM. This is not a choice. Just like all you straights can not "choose" to be gay, those who are gay can not "choose" to be straight. It just goes against their make up. There is nothing wrong or predatory about them. There is no recruiting agenda. They just want to live a normal life, like everyone else!!!


I am in support of activities and speeches that appropriately condemn sexual relations outside of marriage and that seek to prevent homosexual unions and marriages from being and/or becoming lawful.


How embarrassing that my hometown was the location for this hate mongering. A library is supposed to be a place for increasing knowledge not ignorance and spite.


I'm from Indiana but as a friend of Steve's, I'm hard pressed to see how this is classified as hate. How can opposing a lifestyle harmful to many of its practitioners and leading many to early graves be hateful? It's not loving to tell such folks they have to be homosexual the same way it's not loving to shoot drugs.

The Centers for Disease Control just came out with a new report how HIV cases rose 48% from 2005 to 2006 and the CDC website (yeah, that bastion of conservatism) maintains, despite its personal wishes to the contrary, that it is MSM (men having sex with men) as the number one factor for the rise in AIDS and HIV. I didn't make it up. It's on their website. Google it for yourself.

I reject going into people's bedrooms to see what they do and believe in live and let live but destructive behaviors like these (facts do not lie) should not be promoted in schools or as matters of public policy.

Many people have left this unnatural and risky lifestyle so it can be done. There's help for those trapped. Do not reject those who want help to do so.

Sad for Utah

Whether homosexuality is a choice is irrelevant to me.

What saddens me is the choice that certain Utahns have made to be intolerant bigots.

you're right Patsy

As a parent I would have huge concerns about my daughter marrying a man who had dabbled with homosexuality.

Which is why it is so devastating when young teenagers get duped into "outing" themselves. That is a sticky trap to get out of, and can have lifelong consequences.

Which is why society needs to protect youth from aggressive homosexual advocacy groups, especially in public school.


Why is it that everyone calls us closed-minded? Aren't the so-called open-minded people being closed-minded for not letting someone think differently from what you think? Just because I believe homosexuality is a sin doesn't mean I'm closed-minded, it just means we think differently. If you ask me, you're closed-minded for not letting me believe what I want.


First, why do Gays insist on defining themselves by who they sleep with? I define myself by what I do and don't do.
Second, feel free to deny the "agenda" but it is real. That is why schoolbooks in California are no longer allowed to contain the words "family", "mother" or "father". Look it up and learn. It's the tip of the iceburg.
Third, gay people have the same rights that I have. When they speak of equal rights they actually mean "additional or special rights".
fourth, people are not born gay. To say they were born that way discounts nature and God. Explain the OH guy arrested for having sex with his picnic table? Or the guy caught doing it to a swimming pool in FLa? Or the guy killed in WA by the horse he was "with"? They were born with the desire to "make it" with tables, pools, and animals? If you want to be gay go ahead but don't ask us to say that it is acceptable behavior. And don't call us "haters" because we refuse to do so.

Screen Age

Forget about homosexuality for a moment and look at this for what it is.

An outside special interest group intimidated a parent organization and/or a school principal to the point of dictating what they can and cannot do in a meeting.

That doesnt alarm you?!

This was not a school event, this is a private organization. Did this group attend because they have kids at that school? Or did they attend in a deliberate effort to control thinking?

I dont care what their agenda is -- they could be out to place homeless kittens with loving families for all I care -- the truth is they are frequently guilty of intimidating, shaming and bullying those who believe differently than they do. And then have the audacity of accusing organized religions of this behavior!

Their practices are at best manipulative, and at worst insidious social engineering.

And notice how you never hear about this group donating huge amounts of money, supplies or volunteers to help disaster victims.

Thats because all their resources go towards one thing: influencing us.


Do they want to make the world a better place, or control how it thinks? Its all about power.

Say What

The opinions of a fringe speaker, who wasn't allowed to speak at the PTSA meeting and ended up with barely any audience are evidence of the small mindedness of Utah County?

There are anti-gay groups in San Francisco who attract much larger gatherings. Does that make San Franciscans small minded?

Being small minded is not allowing someone else their opinion, and is usually what you become whenever you attempt to label another person or group as small minded.


First, I have to say, GO this guy for standing up for what is wrong, when the whole world is being whitewashed into thinking it's totally good and right!

I moved from Utah two years ago, and just like to come here to read about college sports, but reading things like this happening in Utah is astounding. It's not nearly this bad where I live, and I live in a liberal hub. There are definitely forces at work there trying to reverse what most of society there believes. You rarely see things like this in the part of the US where I live. It's a scary world there where bad is now considered good.


I forgot was it Adam and Eve or Adam and Steve?

Screen Age

"If you disagree with me then you must hate me, and if I am the victim of hate, then I must be in the right. Isn't that how it works?"

The problem with that statement is that it is so brilliant, it went over the heads of most the people involved in THIS discussion!

WELL SAID, who ever you are!


if god is going to judge all these "horrible sinners" then why do we have to do it to? i have a lot on my plate right now and i dont think i can fit in hating another group of people on top of everything else


So In my life I ve learned a few things. You can't control others. You can't change minds. You can't change hearts. Only Heavenly Father can. Even If we don t agree with homosexuals, doesn t mean we need to hate them. Our job is to Love and accept them. Not their actions, cause in the end God is the judge and each person has their own free will. God knows our hearts. We can teach our children what we want, and give our testimony of what is true. It is still others choice to listen and except it. If our families or friends choose that road we can talk till we are blue in the face. In order to stop a problem we need to communitcate in a way that isn t unkind but in a way that doesn t point fingers. The truth is no one knows everything, and in the end Heavenly father will make the judgement.


I for one am sick of the Mormon Agenda.
Isn't it a bit ironic that the LDS church is guilty of the same thing it accuses gays of? i.e. Trying to recruit people to conform to their way of thinking and their life styles to fit their beliefs and doing so in schools? What about forcing people to live by a set of beliefs that many can find opposition to from the bible? Maybe if the Homosexual community had tax exempt status people would be more accepting. Hypocrisy at it's finest.

Now, who's going to be the first to say either "But that's different..." or the dead horse phrase of "If you don't like it then move.."


Ever notice how those decrying hate and bigotry do so in the most hateful and bigoted language?


This story illustrates that hate and intolerance are Utah family values.

Re: Phantom Panther

Well said!

I have friends and relatives who live a homosexual lifestyle. I have no problem being tolerant of those who choose to live a homosexual lifestyle.

But, I do object to homosexuals and their apologists pushing an agenda to force everyone to accept their lifestyle as being normal and moral.

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