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Published: Tuesday, April 1 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Phantom Panther

According to the Bible, the practice of homosexuality is an abomination before God. In Romans, St. Paul strongly condemns the practice and those who encourage the practice. The "anything goes" when it comes to sex crowd will one day answer to God. Nihilism and rebellion against Christian principles has been going on for several hundred years now. Society will crumble as the family disintegrates. "Tolerance" and "acceptance" will not make right wrong and wrong right. In addition, those who seem to be the most intolerant and angry over this issue are those pushing the "gay agenda." They are often furious the "religious right" can't see the "truth."


What is God's opinion? Read your Bible. The cities of Sodom and Gomorrah.


I thought I smelled bigotry and hatred on family night!


Just what is the "gay agenda"? So many on this message board (not a blog) seem to know everything about the gay agenda but my gay brother doesnt know anything about it. Are those mean gays keeping my brother out of the loop?
Graham is right, as the bigoted, hateful older generation dies off, gays will become accepted. Just like those who wouldnt let blacks and whites marry have died off, as mankind moves forward, someday gay marriage will become no big thing. I for one hope that it happens sooner rather than later.

So Sad

No matter how things are presented.
No matter who presents them.
There are always those who will throw a temper-tantrum as to the supposed "Hate or Fear" that is being spread/taught.
People know what is right & what is wrong.
To "Scare" people into doing what is "Right" is just as wrong as telling them there is no consequence for their choices.


Ernest T. Bass

What exactly is 'The Gay Agenda'?
Having the same rights as everyone else?


Hate and Fear and then justifying it in the name of God. As if anyone writing in this forum knows the mind of God or what his creations are. All of this sounds like how Blacks were treated in the South (and in some places in the North) and how it was justified in God's eyes. The Genetic arguement sounds like how the Jews were portrayed by Hitler.

Just from my reading of the scriptures, I think Christ would urge love a lot more then he would the hate and fear that has been shown on this topic.

John L.

"Over 20 people attended the meeting." Wow! What is the population of the ever-conservative Utah County? Sounds like the organizers of the meeting got the attendance they deserved. They can't claim that nobody knew about the meeting. They got free advertising in yesterday's DMN. I was going to note that keynote speaker, Mr. Graham has probably never met a gay person. However, I bet he has met plenty and doesn't even know it. There is no gay agenda. Unless simply wanting to be accepted is an agenda. As to the radical gays, how about the radical skinheads or the radical Black Panthers? Radicals never represent anybody except other radicals.

Your Right

This is Rosa Parks and Dr. King all over again. The new black agenda is the Gay Agenda, it is going to destroy our children. Pretty soon, our daughters are going to be marring colored boys and society will think that it's all right because they were indoctrinated with acceptance and tolerance!!

We need to put a stop to this!

RE: One more time???

Wow, the good old science argument.

In fact scientists have recently shown that a population of NON reproducing people mixed in with the straight population is very effective in times of war, and need, when people and parents are dying in order to replace those parents and make up for lost productivity.

Think about it - you are a Mongol, your son is a warrior and your youngest son is gay. Both you and your son die - who is to protect your children and wives? Oh wait, now you're happy to have had a gay child. It's the same in dogs, cats and other animals. While being gay is probably not 100% genetic its benefits and how it strengthens a community have been shown by science.

Life isn't as simple as you think it is.

Also, I'm straight and despite many efforts at gay seduction, have never given in - proving the "recruitment" is baloney. People who are "recruited" were homosexual all along and it's good they are out so they don't become forced to start regular families that will sooner or later fall apart. No one can live a lie, you should learn that one More time.


97% of the world's population practices heterosexuality, with total population well over 6.2 billion. I don't think any perceived homosexual agenda is going to destroy the world. Our prisons are overflowing with straight men raised in Christian homes with both a father and mother. The world would be a better place if we all just treated each other with respect and dignity. My neighbor choosing to live a gay lifestyle has nothing to do with my personal spirituality.

Dear "One more time..."

Obviously you aren't gay...have you ever asked a gay man if he "made himself gay?" I have yet to meet a single gay person who "made" himself gay. Same gender attraction isn't a choice...what you do even though you have that attraction is a choice, however.


If we find a gene that codes for pedophilia does that mean we have to tolerate and accept it? What about people who get an insane adrenaline rush from killing? They all make the same argument: that they were born that way. Put my name on the list in favor of self-control at all costs.


Matthew: If I compared your intimate relationships to unwashed hands after using a toilet, how would you feel?


The suicidal behavior is a direct function of the intolerance.

My voice

Same gender attraction and it's affects future generations is worth consideration. The impact is far reaching as it relates "A Traditional Family" or "Traditional Family Values."
Children witness behavior every day in public Schools which is contrary to what they have been taught. Concerned parents, speak with your children and let them know the real consequences that follow this behavior. It is not difficult for our children to see it if you talk to them. Talk to them.


Please, please, please don't quote the Bible as justification for persecuting gays. Jesus never said anything about gays. In fact, the only group Jesus got really mad at was hypocrites. Don't worry about my salvation...worry about yours.

Town Heathan

Homophobia is another example of Christian Hate. All wrapped up in the hyprocacy that hating in the name of God makes it right. Your church leaders preach to you that it is OK to attack anyone who doesn't believe as you do. Weither that is social, religious, gender....it's all the same...

News Flash....hate is hate.


Wow, listen to all the hate.

It kind of makes you wonder why wome of us don't accept that hate-the-sin-not-the-sinner rhetoric.

Next time some of you feel that you are the target of those anti's or feel some persecution because of your beliefs, think about the attitude found in this article and the responses to it.

When your leaders talk about the great divide that exists in this community think about how you may be contributing to it.

Horse, barn door

I love how Utah is supposedly full of parents concerned about the negative influences of Publik Skools on their children, but then the majority of these same concerned parents votes down even the most modest attempts to reform those supposedly evil Publik Skools.

If Utahns don't think the school system supports their values, why do they continue to support pouring ever-increasing amounts of money down the rat hole of public education?

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