Comments about ‘Gay 'agenda' targeted — Speakers in American Fork warn of dangers’

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Published: Tuesday, April 1 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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With the Romney campaign, I was shocked at the level of religous intolerance toward LDS people. After reading these blogs I can see that we are as intolerant of others as others are to us. Christ said, "I the Lord will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men." I don't see an appendage to that saying (except homosexuals.) LDS people are getting back exactly what they are putting out. Love God and your fellow men (gay or straight again, not mentioned.) I have known plenty of LDS guys when in the singles ward that I know were gay. I felt so sorry for them because they seemed so self critical, please have some compassion and stop beating them up. They do a better job of that themselves.


A quick perusal of these posts might indicate that there are some Mormons that love God and hate everybody else.


I wish people would start remembering that it is not our job to judge others. You don't have to accept sin but it's God's job to judge, not ours.

re Anonymous | 4:22 p.m.

Point out who is judging please....


"Gay 'agenda' targeted" should be enough to indicate there is some serious judgement going on.

Dear Anonymous

I sure wish we all could be as righteous and virtuous as you. You are the beacon of knowledge and compassion. Your example each day on these pages lets us all know that you have never, ever judged anyone for doing anything.

I only wish that I could live up to your wonderful example of uplifting words and comments each day.

Let us all follow Anonymous and his fantastic lead in all we do each day. Thanks for showing us how to live our lives each day and do things for those with whom we don't agree on behavior.

If you have children, I bet they are perfect and you have never corrected them in their behavior. I'd sure love to interview them to see how they were able to go through your home without being taught the virtue of living a moral and obedient life.

Again, thanks for your example each day in uplifting comments and without judging those with whom you disagree.

Re: Dear Anonymous

Ha ha, that's so funny. You don't even know that Anonymous 4:22 is a different person than Anonymous 7:25. I have children and am bringing them up in the teachings of the Dominant Utah church. I remember studying the scriptures and reading something about how God can judge us but we can't judge others. And oh my gosh! How dare you judge my children! What are they doing right this second? They are spending a Saturday afternoon in the art room coloring with magic markers together and planning a birthday party for their stuffed animals. Immoral stuff indeed. I don't even let them watch pg movies unless I know they are clean. But I'm not going to teach them to judge others. I wasn't raised in the Church and I have gay relatives so I need to approach people who don't believe the same as I with kindness and compassion.


Judging people is purely a neocon thing.
It makes people feel oh, so much better to pass judgement on others.
Makes them forget about the war. Makes them forget about the economy. Makes them forget about their ideology that got us into the divisive mess we are in today to begin with.
But, (as they like to brag) Right is right! So don't disagree with them and everything will be just hunky-dory. :>


Conservatives are judgemental and adore punishment.
Progressives believe in live-and-let-live.

Which ideology do you think will overcome the other?

To "Already Spoken"

You sound like you are someone that believes everything the Bible says. Do you have slaves? Do you have sacrifices? Do you consider women as second class citizens? I doubt it.
Bible believing people need to learn the difference between lifesyles thousands of years ago and ours. Of course their books are going to sound different! But religions pick and choose what is appropriate for them. Unfortunately, many people choose discrimination of gay people because what they don't understand threatens them.

Dear Anon and mom

To the mom who is raising her children in the LDS faith... good for you. I didn't judge your children, you are. You are supposedly teaching them that there is right and wrong. So you are teaching them to judge. If you aren't teaching them that, then you aren't teaching them the LDS gospel.

To Anon....what can anyone say. Your comments are always just silly and ridiculous. The venom that comes from your words is incredible. What you say? Have you ever read your judging of those conservatives who post here? Yep, you are judging...nice work my friend.

As for which ideology will overcome, it will be the one that most closely resembles the teachings of Christ and that is one where right and wrong is taught and wrong is to be avoided. So you make the decision.

If you actually knew your own liberal platform you'd know that liberals are the most judgmental people around. They love to put everyone in a class so 'they' in their infinite wisdom can come to the rescue.

Hillary thinks you are an idiot. That's why she want's your money to do with it what she wants. Your ignorance is astounding...

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