Comments about ‘Gay 'agenda' targeted — Speakers in American Fork warn of dangers’

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Published: Tuesday, April 1 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Dear Personally,
You accuse Mormons of pushing our religion onto other people and recuriting them to our way of thinking. We are not the only religion that does this. Most every Church has some sort of missionaries that are trying to "recurit" people to our religion. We do not force our religion on anyone, or at least we shouldn't. When we send missionaries out, we are just offering people the chance to join our church, we are not forcing them, nor would we ever.
And not all the Mormons are intolerant as you seemed to think. I have two gay friends and I accept them for who they are. It doesn't make a bit of difference to me if they are gay, straight, bisexual, whatever. They're good people and nothing else matters besides that.

Re: True Standards=Happiness

Which True Standards do you refer? Did the True and living prophets over the last 170 yrs tell you these True Standards? How do you know they are True? How do you know that these True Standards are the only path to Happiness? Hasnt history told you yet that your prophets make mistakes? Somehow in Mormondom, what is unequivocally True only becomes some general authorities Opinion in the hindsight of history.

Happy living truth

To 10:54,

I don't refer to you for true standards, that's for sure.

Studies Not Needed

I didn't need to know the result of some study or to be told by parents, friends, teachers or the media that at a certain age (as a heterosexual male) I was extremely attracted to the opposite sex. That folks was not a choice in any stretch of the imagination. And in the exact same way, the desire toward the same sex comes from the same innate, uncoerced, biological drive. Same sex attraction admittedly is not the norm so it scares some. The thought of a free black person back in 1775 was not the norm either and the thought of it created fear and had many turning to their bibles for proof that blacks were born to be owned. People, use your common God-given sense. Nothing is more of an innate biological response than sexual attraction. It is not something you turn on or off or just choose on a whim or can even be influenced into. No amount of media, pictures, personal insecurity, or peer influences could have suddenly made me desire to be with the same sex. Turn off your dogma and turn on your brain PLEASE!!!

Hate Speech defined

Quinns third law of liberalism.
Hatespeech is anything that Liberals disagree with or that is contrary to or does not support the liberal agenda.
So don't tell me how you feel. Tell me how I want you feel or else you are just hateful.
And because we abhorre sin does not mean we abhorre the sinner.
And to Kristen on her way out. I doubt you would be on your way out because of others. There is nothing that another person in this world can do if you continue to foster your testimony of the gospel. You alone are letting it die. Please take responsibility for your own actions and don't blame others. You know the other members are not perfect-just like you- so don't think you can hold them to a higher standard than you hold yourself. This even goes for your church leaders. They are just imperfect men called to postions of authority (that are tempted even greater than you).

have compassion for them

Conservatism is distrust of people tempered by fear - William Gladstone

The saddest thing about our conservative brothers and sisters is how methodically and meticulously they caste their aspersions, judge their fellow man, all the while pretending to be something they clearly are not - spiritually worthy.

Have compassion for these poor, judgemental fools.

Name Calling

It's funny to see how many homosexuals scream at the top of their voices how persecuted they are, how fear is used to discriminate against them and how they are called names....

Have you stopped to read any of your own posts? Some of them are the most hate-filled and vile postings I've ever seen. And nope, after reading them I still wouldn't think about changing my stance that homosexuality is wrong.

Your plight is nowhere near the Civil Rights Movement no matter how much you try to make it.

Have you actually watched your Gay Pride Parades? Disgusting, revolting behavior. You want to be taken seriously then start acting a little more mature.

And the comments of How does my wanting a homosexual marriage or adoption affect my marriage just make me laugh. No one ever said you affect my marriage. You affect the family that God created with man and woman. That is the ideal. That is what is expected of mankind. You don't like it, take it up with God. His word is right there for you to read and understand.

I don't buy your argument. Society is falling apart because of the natural family breakdown.

yes compassion please

The saddest thing about our liberal brothers and sisters is how methodically and they cast their aspertions, judge their fellow man, all the while pretending to be something they aren't - spiritually worthy.

please have compassion on these poor, judgmental fools.

For proof of these comments, just read this blog. Funny how it is the liberals, homosexuals who judge and name call to those who disagree with their lifestyles. Yet they think they are open-minded and inclusive...only when someone has the same mindset as them. Otherwise....watch out....

1 in 20


Where do you get your stats that 1 in 20 is homosexual? It never ceases to amaze how people will lie to make their case seem more important and correct...

As for the Proclamation being 'tweaked' in coming years....silly thought my friend...just look at how that Proclamtion has become reality. Even the elect will be deceived....Thanks to Isaiah who saw our time...evil will be called good and good called evil.

Truth is always truth, not matter the circumstances. God doesn't lower His standards because we humans aren't strong enough to live by them. We will get our just reward; nothing more, nothing less. It's all about obedience, the my will or wants or needs...but God's.

As for loving my homosexual neighbor and friend...always have, always will. doesn't mean I agree with their behavior. I've had lesbians babysit my children. I have neighbors who commit adultery...I still have BBQ's with them, but I don't agree with what they are doing. Support her MS effort each year.

It is you, the homosexuals, who can't love the neighbor who doesn't agree with your behavior. It is YOU. Go look in the mirror and see the hate you have for your neighbor!

thank the conservatives

yes compassion please 12:23 -

This is an excellent but intensely sad example of how the conservative mind works.

By holding a mirror up to themselves they see what they are, don't like it, and then like a magician's slight-of-hand move, turn the whole issue around and project their not-so-cleverly concealed personality quirks onto a different person, group, etc.

And of course, the word liberal (which has been thoroughly denigrated from the original Websters definition to a Rush Limbaugh-type political definition) is always in their someplace.

These Rush O'Hannity types are to be thanked, for they are bringing the American people back together again for a much, much better world than exists now.


NameCalling: You can refuse to change your stance all you want. Gays can get along quite well without your approval.

In fact, I prefer it when you people are outspokenly anti-gay; that makes it much easier to see the kind of person you really are.

I don't know where you got the idea that gays are seeking your approval. You can disapprove until you're blue in the face and tell us we're bad and stomp your feet all you like. No skin off our nose.

We only demand equal treatment under the law.

You people constantly claim that gays are a "threat to traditional marriage." Yet, you admit your marriages aren't threatened by gays.

How can that be? It's irrational, like all homophobia is.

Heterophobia is Irrational


You have equal treatment under the law.

What you want is special treatment, and exceptions to the law.

True, you are not a threat to traditional marriage, but only because we won't allow you to redefine what marriage is, and the morals it stands on.


The modern conservative is engaged in one of man's oldest exercises in moral philosophy; that is, the search for a superior moral justification for selfishness.
-John Kenneth Galbraith

This description is quite evident in the postings above. You can find morality police by the sackful in Utah.

What a sad bunch they are!

my 2 cents

I think it should be pointed out that the gay community in this country bears some responsibility for the lack of acceptance that they face in society. I have nothing against homosexuality as a lifestyle; but even moderates like myself tend to take a second look at supporting gay rights when I see outrageous public displays at gay parades, rallys and other events. I dont dislike gays and lesbians, but I do dislike open promiscuity and the distasteful behavior and apparel exhibited publicly at these events. If the gay community is serious about being accepted in mainstream society, they would find more support by toning down the rhetoric, and demonstrating to the rest of the country that they are no different from their heterosexual counterparts.



If, as you've admitted, marriage equity doesn't harm heterosexual marriage, then there is no compelling reason to treat us differently under the law, and it's really not up to you to say whether or not marriage law applies to gay families simply because we offend your questionable ideas of who is moral and who isn't.

It's up to the courts.


I was threatened for my life in my last year of HS by the so called Jesus Followers, I love the LDS Church, its the followers i dont understand he preached love and acceptance even among the adulturers and sinners. He also said forgive them father for they know not what they do. And D&C 64:10 says I the lord will forgive whom i will forgive but of you it is required to forgive all men. Doesnt that also mean Love?

RE:Kristen- Thank you for your words they made me want to cry to know that there are at least some decent people out there.

What if god doesnt exist all these people saying things in his name would just be proven wrong and gay people can have families its called adoption and invetro fertilization, some of the best families are from that.

And a Gay agenda just makes me laugh i am gay and i dont know anything of this sort besides wanting the same rights and not having to worry. I pay my taxes like everyone else so why cant i have the same rights?


God is not full of hate like you hatemongers are. It will all come back to you in another life.

You're logic is still irrational

Ranger, ranger, ranger:

If you define marriage equity as everyone's right to have a traditional marriage under the law, then yes I admit that marriage equity does not harm marriage.

Don't blame me or the courts that you can't have all the privileges of marriage, including children. We can't be responsible for the sadness you choose by denying yourself marriage (Between a man and a woman) which is equally available to you.


Who is it that is hateful? Take a look at the posts on these message boards.

Those who are against the gay agenda use the words: sinful, abomination, immoral, degrading, harmful, perversion, bad, weakness, unhealthy, wrong, consequences, contrary, alarming, unnatural, destructive, harmful, weird, abnormal. These clearly describe someones ACTIONS.

Those who are pushing the gay agenda use the words: intolerant, judgmental, hypocritical, homophobic, ignorant, close-minded, small-minded, hate-monger, hateful, fearful, venomous, profane, angry, bigoted, loons, clown, yahoos, lies, spiteful, discriminate, bible-thumpers, indecent, insecure, uneducated, utards, hostile, simple-minded, narrow-minded, nosy, animosity, repressed, vicious, crazy, evil, holier-than-thou, un-Christ like, irrational, zealot. These clearly attack the PERSON.

Now, please tell me - who is hateful?

It's a karma thing

to: God is not full of hate -

How right you are!

Conservatives embrace the wrathful-god notion. The God that is perpetually angry and who sends people into everlasting hellfire - because HE loves them.
Conservatives LOVE that idea and try to be the same as their punitive Old Testament God.

Today's New Testament God is the complete opposite.
Open, caring, understanding, loving, not judgemental but accepting. Quite liberal actually.

The Old Testament variety of people are in for a rude awakening when they pass on. Their conservative, punitive and judgemental ways will catch up to them sooner or later. It's the way it is.

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