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Published: Monday, March 31 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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slc aggie

in november 08 say it fast and it won't hurt as much:
"goodbye guy!"


The reason for the better attendance against Utah and BYU is because the stadium fills up with all the Utah and BYU fans. I've sat in Romney Stadium in these games and it's not home advantage at all.

Note to Guy: Fans will only come when you start WINNING.

Cap Aggie

Ah give him a chance, he will just run it up the middle till it hurts. Yeah the fans will be from other schools but with the raise in ticket prices I don't think he will have any home fans available.


To the fans; when Guy leaves you will really know what a great coach he was and that you let him get away. I would not be surprised if the don't end up naming the stadium after him. He is the greatest Guy you will ever see at usu.

Glass half full

Well, hey, if the Ags get a 3-10 record this year, then they're headed in the right direction, right?


Coach Guy is a very nice guy. He is very personable with the media and it is virtually impossible to dislike him once you get to know him.

Too bad personality alone doesn't win football games.

2 game?

..winning streak? I can't believe he's still on that kick. They were two of the worst teams in the nation and the worst in the conference, besides themselves. It would be a miracle if the team can get even 3 wins this year with their schedule. This is a team that needs to schedule I-AA just to give themselves a W (if that would even do it).


Nobody is doubting that Coach Guy is a great person. I think he makes a great coach, just not a great head coach.

For example you let Gary Crowton coach your offense and you'll likely have one of the best offenses in the country. On the other hand, if you give him the head coaching job the team suffers.

The best thing the Aggies could do is move coach Guy to a defensive coach and hire a new head coach.


"2 game", I guess USU could just schedule I-AA schools every year like BYU. He came in to a tough situation and I think USU will win at least 5 games this year and be on the right track. The 2 years as an independent really hurt. After a couple of more years recruiting in the WAC USU will be very competitive.


Just another Aggie fan with little brother syndrome to BYU. utah schedules those little schools as much as BYU. The thing is, BYU schedules much tougher schools than Utah. Look what people are saying about Utah's schedule. They basically say they have two I-AA teams this year in you and Weber.

Since you want to compare to BYU, look what BYU did with its winning with its head coach. It had the program winning 11 games in a season twice in 3 years. Guy has had plenty of time to show he can change his program. A good coach (like at BYU) can change it instantly. It does not take 5 years to turn a program around. Getting fewer losses a year is not getting the job done. Give up on him guys, he can't do it.


Pretty silly for Cougar football fans to be talking smack with Aggie football fans.

Winning 5 games would be a monstrous improvement for Utah St. Three wins is more realistic.

Anyway, I'll be doing my part to help the Aggies improve their home attendance, at least for one game next fall.


I don't think Guy came into a good situation at USU. Everyone is so quick to judge without giving someone a chance. It takes more than a year to build a program people! I will be there to support the Aggies rain or shine.

re Guy

You're right, it does take more than one year to build a program....this is his 4th, and I'll be shocked if he wins more than 3 games. We've given Brent Guy 36 games to prove himself and he's won 6 of them. I'd say we have a pretty good idea of what Brent Guy is capable.

Maybe if he decided to base his offense on something other than bubble screens and hitch passes, the Aggies would win more than 2 games a year.

Sports Fan

I got a chuckle out of the BYU fan that compared Utah States Brent Guy to BYU's Bronco Mendenhall.
Please let me take another look at that one BYU had good D1 players and a bad coach Utah State had no league or a bad league to play in and then hired a new coach in Guy the problem was that Guy only had one D1 player Kevin Robinson, I would say if Utah State would have hired Bronco things would not have been much different than what Guy has seen. I hate to say it but it just takes time.

Re: RE: 1-AA

To poster from 2:38 p.m.:
I guess its the same for us in football. Just like it is for you in basketball. Oh, how the Y wishes to be as good as the Ags. I guess, we'll lose in football but we'll hand you a nice little loss at ESA this year.

SJ Bobkins

Call BYU the Aggies angel to give up a home game which could have brought in the $!.7 mil average for a paltry $40,000 standard guarantee, sick!
If I ever hear an Aggie whine about playing BYU at the former Delta Center, now ToxBox, I'll drag 'em into the alley for a royal beating.
USU has the #117 football attendance in the NCAA of #119 teams, this is a HUGE FAVOR so the Ags can stay off probation for not being able to reach the required 15,000 attendance average for 3 straight years.
If USU hasn't the support, let 'em dry up and blow away, or do the right thing and go BIg Sky. Christianity doesn't extend to the football field. While the Aggies may be the poor, when the biblical account advised Christ's followers to give alms to the poor, I doubt he had football in mind, and certainly not $1.7 mil alms, if he did.

Re: Sports Fan

Thank you. I guess people always expect miracles out of first year head coaches that come in and quick fix. I actually like the way coach Guy has built the program. Get rid of the junk, recruit young players, fill some holes with a few JC transfers and start to be competitive. Last year with a little luck the Ags could have won 5 or 6 games (they were in most of them until the end). Unfortunately, they didnt but it gave them some confidence because they didnt get slaughtered. This next year is the year we need to see more W's. If that is not the case, I agree, get a new coach but I think the Aggies are on the right track. Go Aggies!!!

to re Guy

If Guy has proven himself to be a loser why hasn't the University axed him? I think the Aggies will have a decent year. Do I think they will win 10 games and a WAC title, no. If you have such a big problem with the program maybe you should donate some funds or help the cause instead of fight it. I get sick of all you so called fans who think they know everything about football just because you coached your little boys mighty might team.

USU fans where are you

I have been going to the spring practices M,T,Th,F from 4-6 and they have been pretty good. Haven't seen many other fans there. So many of you writing on this blog have not seen how they look so far this spring. I think there are areas of improvement and team seems to be working hard, and it is football, one of the funnest games to watch. To build a program that was as poor as ours was, needs at least 5 yrs, most of you are willing to give Guy and his staff another year, but when he came here he said it will take 5 yrs to build, and you all want to can him before he has even completed 4. When he came here we agreed to give him his time to build the program so lets quit complaining and give him his time. If he fails after 5 yrs then you have a gripe, but till he has completed his contract, then those asking for his firing now, are doing it prematurely, stick to what was agreed to when he took the contract. 5 yrs, then gripe or applaud.

Possible record

USU has a decent chance to beat:

Moderate to low chance:
La Tech
Fresno St

Little to no chance against:
BS University

While I won't be as cruel as some others saying USU should go back to I-AA, they probably should schedule Weber more often. THAT would actually be a good rivalry.

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