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Published: Friday, March 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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That is HOT


Maybe there should be a picture from the back; because that is all the other teams will be seeing this season!!!!!!!!


Rise and Shout

terrible football team, but at least they will look good...

and another hidden feature

Ute players will be able to slip out of tackles, thanks to the new fabric, thus making them unstoppable. The new champs of the MWC.

Okay, just kidding.

SJ Bobkins

This is the 29th time the same news has been presented in the DMN. When does such a piece stop being news and become olds? I have it memorized. The yutz were not important to Nike and they received uni's that didn't match last year. So this year they became the second team along with East Overshoe State to sign with Underalls, the company which has been making those "cute" pajama sets for the tykes.
Isn't it about time the "news" did a Nike and lost interest in the yutz too?

Just Checking

Any truth behind the rumor that BYU is going back to the uniform with the bib on the front? It's nice to see the Utes continue to stay progressive. Go Utes!


The design look reasonably good. However, I'd like to see what the Black/Crimson design would look like. If done properly it could be a real eye popper.

Legal Beagle

Funny how Under Armour describes their fabrics: "engineered to wick moisture away from the skin, enabling players to feel drier, lighter and more comfortable." Are we talking about football uniforms or diapers?

There doesn't seem to be much difference in how these new uniforms look compared with the Nike version they've been wearing. Although I'm a cougar fan, I think Utah deserves credit, like BYU, for being a solid recognized football program that Nike and Under Armour fight over for business. At least these two schools have consistently carried the MWC banner into the national limelight, and if the Utes can continue to look flashy while doing it (as much as I hate all things red), I say way to go, brothers from another mother up North!

If Only

If only the Utes had those uniforms last year, they could've tackled someone at Oregon State and UNLV, and covered someone at BYU.

New uniforms...

Still ugly

I am Utah man sir

I like it. Go Utes!


Is progressive another word for lack of tradition?

Just like basketball

Will they have MUSS on them and UTAH on the back instead of the players name? That's what Coach Boylen did and he made it to the second round of the CBI. I think that is what the football jerseys need to beat Michigan.


haha look at the byu fans trying to make fun of the unis. hahahaha. dont you guys remember? you had the worst unis of ALL TIMEEEEE lol. remember? the bib.


Sports Fan

Is this News worthy? tell me about sports not QVC news!

Frank Drebin

Scoreboard. 4th and 18. Harline's still open.


If the school has the notion of changing uniforms, why not move to the front of the pack with something spectacular, and cutting edge. The uniforms in the drawings are "boring", unless they are aiming for the "retro" look. Do something different! Look at how good the Chargers "powder blue" jerseys look. The school can do better than what is shown.


It could be a jinx, remember what happened to BYU when they got new uniforms. . .

Change is Good

The new unis look great. Better than the "Coke can" unis of the past 3 years. When the front line turned to the side they looked like a six-pack of coca cola.


It's not the uni bozo, it's the player in it. The utes are more like models than players. Soon, they'll be like Oregon and worry more about what "outfit" they're wearing on game day instead of the game plan for the day.

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