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Published: Wednesday, March 19 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I love this comment from HMMMM.

"I'm just curious, I've been questioning things in the church for sometime and I may be losing my testimony. I'm still in good standing and I hold callings and keep my views to myself. I still know there is a lot of good in the church and it's not my job to tell others if I no longer believe it's true. I don't want to leave at this point, should I be excommunicated in your opinion?"

PLEASE REMEMBER, it is likely not the church you are questioning, but rather men/women within the church trying to explain & teach things of God, things which most men/women do not fully understand themselves!
There is trueth found within the teachings every religion, as well as falsehoods, some mis-guided teachings.
Those that truely understand the ways of God are few. Even fewer are those that can articulate and teach and explain those things in a way that others will understand.

Make it a felony

Failure to register as a sex offender, is only a class A misdemeanor?

It should be a felony with mandatory jail time.

Then maybe we would have a better sex offender registry in this state and nation.


It's been 15+ years --- why can't we just leave him alone ????


Th HMMMM, it is a plastic society more than half the people are in the same boat as you are, if you like the jello and testimony travel logs, hang around there really isn't much there that will hurt you, on the other hand if you make changes that may be an opportunity for a growth experience, there are a lot of good people, churchs and other associations out there.


LDS people are so easily duped into believing in the greatness and righteousness of one of their leaders.

But then they as easily and as quickly abandon one of their own who falls from grace - because they don't believe in Jesus' grace!

This case of Brother Lee reveals the true spirit of the LDS people: harsh, unforgiving, judgmental, and elitist. Compare that with the Pharisees of Jesus' day!


Whether George P. Lee was involved in this type of sexual crime, or that, (and in this case, the especially horrible case of child molestation), it involved a very unrighteous type of power over another person.
Instead of a scripture quote, maybe we can throw out a quote from the former Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, "power is the ultimate aphrodesiac." Members of the Church are not exempt, whether American Indian, Scandanavian, Welsh, Hispanic, or whatever.
I believe very strongly that the demons got the best of George P. Lee, and then he rationalized his way into apostasy, like several others in Church history.
I am positive that the Lamanite people will have more great leaders to replace him and to lift the banner of light to a great and noble lineage. I will also continue to pray for George P. Lee.


To in the interest of clarity: You have a good spirit about you and I hope you seriously reconsider your situation and come back to full activity in the Church. You'll be glad you did.

As for George P. Lee, his General Conference talks were some of the best talks I've ever heard. How sad, how very sad, that he ended up doing what he did. He's definitely a different man than what he used to be.

Come on folks!

Look here people! Quit feeling sorry for the perpetrator. Y'all sound like perhaps you are perpetrators as well. Just because a guy is a GA in the L D S church doesn't mean you go around feeling sorry for his heinous crime. Feel sorry for the victims you idiots!


As it is a matter of public record, I will attempt to write what I remember reading about in the Deseret News several years ago, concerning George Lee's crime. Hopefully this will clear up confusion about it.
Lee was in a trusted position over a young girl, approximately 12 years old. This girl was his daughter's best friend, and a daughter of friends who had moved from the state. She was staying with the Lee family for a time, visiting her best friend, and her trusted general authority father (Lee). Lee began to have "feelings" for the girl. During a camping trip, Lee took a hike. When he came back, he told the young, and very impressionable girl that he had prayed to God, and received revelation that the girl was to be given to him somehow. He subsequently sexually assaulted the girl. The "attempted" part of his conviction was more than likely the result of a plea. "Elder" Lee thought he knew more than the Brethren, and look where he ultimately ended up.


You would think that God would tell his "Prophet" that one of the leaders was abusing children. Maybe even a "whispering of the spirit?" Maybe God was playing golf on Kolob that day?

Sex Offender Registry?

*Cough, cough!* But I have a cold! *Cough* Don't you know that sick people never abuse children while they're feeling under the weather, officer? I'm harmless as a lamb. A sick lamb. Okay, I'll register.

Homey don't play that

To Rich, your so right , now you can pass go! As a native who is not a member , I can only say let the brother be, please! He was definitly touched by the spirits that be both from the church, his heritage, culture and troubled mind. We natives all pray for him from our ceremonies in the sweat and know that one day he will find enlightenment. We hate belittle or hate him not. He stood as a representative against Russel Means and Dennis Banks during the American Indian Movement at the time of Spencer Kimballs reign. He was recieved and respected then just as he is now. So many are quick to judge yet there are reasons beyond us as human beings that challenge each of us to heed what scriptures, beliefs, emotions call upon us to do toward other human beings. And that seems to be the challenge issued to us along our own journeys because we don't know exactly what will befall us , so we best pray for help!


the dude use to take the pillow and put it in front of his daughter while he attempted to molest her underage friend!All this according to what came out in the media! Duh...I would say there were some shenanigans going through his portals...it isn't about race ..it is the ACT!! I had a daughter that age and i would have acted on him with out prejudice!


I have NO pity for these kind of men. I DON'T CARE WHO THEY ARE!!! I do however, feel extremely sorry for the children robbed of their childhood innocents.

Some of you people on this post have some very sick minds. I hope the authority's catch you BOW-WOWS too!


Mr Lee was incapacitated by a massive stroke several years ago. His health problems are are both real and serious.

Even so, he should have complied with his legal obligation to be listed on the sex offender registry. Having done that he is in full compliance with the law.

Evidently the courts have determined he is minimal risk to reoffend and is "safe" enough to be in the community.


Well perhaps the Lord had something to do with his massive stroke to keep in line after defying children's bodies. He has been lamed for a reason.


I am an ex-Mormon who was excommunicated at my request. It was not a result of any perceived sin. I simply did not believe the doctrine and requested that my name be removed. In those days (1985) the Mormon church would not just remove ones name. Instead, at my request, I was kicked out. I understand that it is a much easier process now, since someone sued the church over the name removing process. So "Don't call me sister! Surgery removed me from your pew."

Harold K.

I agree with cjp. Let the man alone. He was once a great man and leader. Look at positive things he had done prior to the problem. It always seem to amaze me that when a man is down we quickly move away. We focused only on the negatives. What Christ-like behavior we have displayed. For those who have lost our Christ-like principles we will all answer to Him at the last day and no one else just as Mr. Lee. There is no escaping it no matter how many time you attend Sunday services you still have to answer to Him. Enjoy your own personal and private apostasy on earth.

Hostiin Biligahna

I served with George Lee as a missionary in the then Southwest Indian Mission. We were even companions for a short time. I always admired him for his enthusiasm, his very bright mind and his commitment. I was thrilled when he became a general authority and wrote to him to congratulate him. I sympathize with him for his difficulties and hope that he is well. I know how it is to make mistakes. I hope that someday all whom he might have offended will forgive him for it is a wonderful feeling for all involved. George- If you see this, know that I still regard you as a friend.
Sincerely, Omer W. Whitman, Ph.D. (Retired psychologist)


I always felt a kinship to
Brother Lee, I still do. It is my prayer that he
repents & comes back into the Lord's church. His
talk on "
Beauty all around" at
BYU Lamanite week was truly beautiful.

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