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Published: Wednesday, March 19 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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John - to DLA

It really bugs me when people try to do away with the sex offender registry because "I knew someone who slapped a girl's but and was placed on it and it ruined his life". Of course this is bunk. Those who get on the registry were CONVICTED of serious sex crimes. By the way, most of the crimes that appear on the registry were plea-bargained down - their actual crimes were worse than those listed.


Nobody is perfect -- not George Lee, not Paul H. Dunn, not President Benson, not President Hinckley, not President Monson and especially not a single commentator in deseretnews.com. Yet you cannot publicly disclaim church doctrine and expect to remain a member in good standing. Regardless of Lee's potential and callings, he obviously made some serious mistakes. I hope to see him on the other side as a repentant and forgiven soul, ready for the challenges of the next life. For that matter, I hope to find myself there.

In the interest of Clarity

I don't know what George Lee did/did not do or why he left/was excommunicated from the LDS Church. My comment is for "Frederick of Logan". I think you may have confused "Inactive Member" with someone else. He or She was AGREEING with the decisions/actions of the LDS Church leaders. He or She said nothing of "know[ing] more about the Church than the leaders." You may want to read over the comments again and re-issue yours to the correct recipient. I think it's important to distinguish between 'inactive' and 'apostate'. I know a little about this as I am one (inactive) but certainly not the other. I do not "know the Church is wrong." On the contrary, I have a deep and enduring testimony of many doctrines and principles, a hope that I may gain a testimony of others and a knowledge that I, alone, am responsible to account for my beliefs and behaviors before the Father and Son. Inactivity, at least in my case, is not an indication that one hates or condemns the Church, believes it untrue or disagrees with the leaders at any level. It's complicated, but it's not 'apostacy'. Please understand the difference.


I think it is very sad that Mr. Lee was not able to overcome his problems. It is especially sad because he was native american and as such was really breaking ground for all non-white people in the leadership ranks of the LDS church.
I am sad for the girl that was permanently scared for life by his alleged abuse or attempted abuse.
I'm sad for all native americans who had placed so much trust and faith in Mr. Lee. We don't live in a perfect world and people are free to make mistakes. I hope that Mr. Lee has found some peace in his life and that he has been able to get the help he needs to overcome his issues.


To Anonymous at 11:09AM: You should pick another forum. Try finding someone who did not sin, who left the church and you have your point. You have chosen the wrong forum when you say "self righteous Mormons" are just trying to attack someone for leaving the church by justifying that they were a sinner, if in fact he is a sinner, loses your argument.

To In the interest of Clarity: I understand your message and feel for your "complicated" dilemna. However, Joseph Smith and many many leaders since made it clear that by not going forward one is in some state of apostacy. By not going forward one is going backward. There is no resting in limbo. No treading water. No running in place. Hopefully you can find a way to be actively engaged in the church and the gospel instead of sliding away. You are probably not lost. Get involved,there are people who need you!


So many here seem to have completely missed what the article is actually about, and it is nothing to do with being forgiven for apostasy from the church. The crux of the matter is: George P. Lee is a sex offender who was charged with, and admitted to, touching the breast of a 12 year old girl in 1994. Naturally, she was traumatised as there was more to the case than what was reported in this article. He can now be found on the Utah Sex Offenders Registry. The background to this case can be found in the archives of several Utah newspapers.


I have a son who has OCD. He manifests it in saying the same thing over and over. As a teen he used to come to church week after week and talk about how fat all the girls in the ward were. Some people couldn't see he was obviously troubled. Many were angry at me, and asked me, "Can't you control him?"

For my son's sake I didn't want to announce to the world that he'd been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder.

It always amazed me that some intelligent and educated people could only see his behaviour in terms of morality, and had no clue that he had a dysfunctional brain. Ironic thing is that his troubles were clear as day to some blue collar high school dropouts. I finally realized that the kind and compassionate were the ones most likely to see the true picture.

I don't know Elder Lee, never met him, but I'll reserve judgement on both his issues with the church and with the law. I prefer to give Lee, LDS leadership and law enforcement the benefit of the doubt.


Pride is a terrible thing. Having watched the whole George P. Lee episode transpire, I fear that pride and ego was an issue on both sides of this situation. Sometimes, when one lives in a multi million dollar penthouse or on a lake in Sandy, you can easily loose the perspective of how a spiritual leader is supposed to conduct themselves. King Benjamin and the twelve disciples understood it and the kingdom of God flourished. Having read Lee's letters, he did have some legitimate points. Did he do what he was accused of? Did his accuser get a payoff for testifying? Only God can judge.


I agree and I wish King Benjamin would have stayed around and not moved to Nepal.


While Brother Lee was general authority and mission authority I served as branch president on the Navajo Reservation. Brother Lee was guest guest speaker during out branch conference. Normally 10-15 people came, but during the conference 300 people came to hear him speak. He spoke first in Navajo and then in English. He gave a great talk. I am thankful that he came and spent time with us. I appreciate the fact that he dedicated our business while he served in the area. If he ever comes through this area again I would be proud if he would stop and have dinner with us. I would love to see him again.

Frederick of Logan

To "As an inactive member!" Please accept my sincere apology!

concerned in midvale

So carl: all of thoes illegal immigrants (child preditors) that have driven our numbers in the countrys sex crimes to the top,that the church has convinced our state to be lax in the laws for, so that it can get a few more members and some more money, are not liberal democratics. They will be republicans like the rest of you who blindly follow.

Re:Re Hmmmmm

I'm just curious, I've been questioning things in the church for sometime and I may be losing my testimony. I'm still in good standing and I hold callings and keep my views to myself. I still know there is a lot of good in the church and it's not my job to tell others if I no longer believe it's true. I don't want to leave at this point, should I be excommunicated in your opinion?


When will you people understand that there is not a one true church? It is all political and corporation like. Feel sorry for those in trouble with the law for various reasons. I do not feel sorry for the so called pharisees of Utah. I say it again, watching from your fruits, no medical insurance for the poor, no strong labor laws, etc. etc. there is not true church. Christ is the only way, true and light and life of this world. He will not call from Salt Lake City. That is a truth.


I have clear recollections of Lee before and after his legal and church problems. He was truly a great man. It was sad then and still is today. We each fall short, in our own ways, because of our rationalizations. He is not the first or last to make wrong choices and needs our prayers.
In response to an earlier post, I agree and have long hoped for Larry Echohawk to be called as a GA. I knew him personally in Pocatello and the people of Idaho made a serious error in not supporting him in higher elective office.

John b

I forgive brother lee and have have 389 more times to forgive him . to the rest of you you all want to be right but some of you are wrong and no man can say who just as no one can say when or from where or when Christ will come we just want to be ready when he does so rember forgive 70x7 also to get on the regestrey (sorry about the spelling) all you have to do is try to have sex with your wife after she tells you not tonight that is rape


I can not believe what i just read. Are you kinding anyone who has or even considering taking advantage of a young one should not be considerd a religous individual, get over the talks, thats what they do to the young is manipulate them, please he should be incacerated where he can not hurt or dream of other young people. Who cares were he was in the church quoreem of the seventy or whatever wake up. Would you trust your kids with him, not. He should be castrated and locked up forget his medical issues that's crap. I bet there is more


This really is not a church topic, it's a criminal topic. Not only was a crime committed, but a SECOND crime...that of not registering as an offender a class A misdemeanor that was dropped. The topic of the church only came up because of the status Lee once held within the church. It seems that many cannot seem to wrap their heads around the fact that one can appear religious and inspiring while also harboring vulgar thoughts and desires, sometimes acting out upon those. While many of you are quick to forgive, please google "attempted child sex abuse." Then ask yourself how quickly you would forgive if you or your child were the victim. The necessity of sites like: child-abuse-effect dot is interesting read to put perspective into the conversation.

I am happily-exLDS, but I still vaguely recall something about millstones and children.

So Sad

So sad that his life has taken this downward spiral. Hope he can pull it together.

Never heard of a general authority running around telling people his calling and election has been made sure.

Just because we who are active in the Church does not mean we are yes people. I have tried and proved the truth of the Gospel. When the Spirit tells you it is true that is something which you do not forget. You may not act on it, but you do not forget it.

Open dissension among the leaders will tear an organization apart quicker than any critcism from the outside. Elder Lee was given many chances to change his position and chose not to do it.

How silly and immature of the outsider to criticize how an organization runs its affairs.

jph1223 is correct on what was happening with him.


John B,

If you have sex with your wife when she says "not tonight," it is rape. No means no.

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