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Published: Wednesday, March 19 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I was excited when Native American George P. Lee was made a General Authority. I always looked forward to hearing him speak, but I don't remember having the chance very many times. I was dismayed when everything fell about and hoped other Native Americans would step up. Many have all over the Americas, including one that I had a chance to listen to the other day, Larry Echohawk. He has held to the Iron Rod and is an example to us all. He's a leader, a lawyer, a family man and a great example for his people and all members of the church. I first met him when he was on the BYU football team and have watched him in his career and service ever since!
Maybe, like Sidney Rigdon, George Lee will still find his way out of the filthy waters.

Was Lee arrogant or mentally ill

Hmmmm (4:42 p.m.), "Question authority and you get ousted, no questions asked. Apostasy sometimes means thinking for yourself."

It's interesting how people claim that those who have been excommunicated from a Church or fired from a job were "thinking for themselves" and were only "questioning authority."

Churches and other private organizations have the right to freedom of association which means that they have the right to excommunicate their members just like a company has the right to fire one of its employees.

Allow me to use an analogy. You belong to a chess club and one of your members is bad-mouthing chess (saying this or that rule is lame and chess should conform to checker rules) at every tournamet or meeting and urging members to play checkers instead of chess since checkers is better than chess.

What do you do as the President of the Chess Club. Do you think he is a "thinking for himself" and only "questioning authority" or do you see him as a "wolve in sheep's clothing" who can pretend to be interested in chess when his real motive is to advance his own thinking.

Mental disorder or arrogance? I don't know and don't care.

My former mission president

I was so excited when I received my mission call to serve under George Lee. He was a spiritual giant in the beginning. George's problems start way before his excommunication. At a conference in Crystal NM, George wanted to share something with us. He told us that he had received his calling and election made sure. He said he wanted to share that with us so we would know that it was obtainable. But here is the clincher, he said if we ever told any one what he said he would deny it.
I thought wow! If a missionary would have ever questioned it, he or she would have been sent home with a one way ticket. George later sealed my wife and I in the SLC temple. I loved George very much.
At the Lamanite Generation 20th year Reunion George spoke. He ranted and raved like an evangelist. I said to my wife what was that all about. Then a week before he was excommunicated he spoke at my stake conference in Pleasant Grove. He ranted and raved about his calling in life like an evangelist. There was no spirit to the man, his spiritual countanance was gone. Sad!

Scripture fulfillment

George fulfills two scriptures. Scriptures say in the latter days a lamanite will rise up in church leadership, but also in the latter days some of the elect will be deceived and fall away. The world is large and there are many lamanites that have risen in church leadership. George would preach about not being proud. George didn't live by what he preached. George promoted navajo elders into leadership positions in the Arizona Holbrook Navajo Mission. I would estimate that over 90% of the navajo missionaries in that mission went inactive after their missions. Repentance is a beautiful thing. It is to bad that George wouldn't humble himself and repent and return to the church.


I think we should all adhere to Judge not ye be not judged. Whatever your religion or choices in life when you are critical of others look in the mirror are you perfect? Be the best you can be and strive to lift others up not put them down. When you see others faults it most likely you are hiding bigger ones yourself. Whatever happened to Brother Lee only he has to account for it before the lord. I would say we should just pray for his welfare.

Phillip C. Smith

I believe we should feel sorry and be forgiving for what happened to George P. Lee. He is a child of God like the rest of us. He is loved.

I hope that sometime he can do as we must all do, and that is humble ourselves before God, repent of our sins and seek forgiveness.

I love this Church that encourages me to learn all I can. I have never received any criticism, in fact have been encouraged to explore and seek answers. The late Elder Neal A. Maxwell, one of my heroes, told me years ago that I could bring up any issue I wanted to discuss with him. Of course, it is important to discuss issues and raise questions in a respectful way, and be willing to admit that we may be wrong in our views. What is important is not who is right but what is right.

Phillip C. Smith, Ph.D.


Re: Scripture fulfillment

A Lamanite will rise up in church leadership? Where does it say that? What scriptures are you reading?


Elder George P. Lee was a tremendous individual in the Church in the late seventies. I feel sorry for him and hope that he is able to repent and return to the fold.


I love how urban legends turn into scripture. The funny thing is people who have never read the scriptures usually claim to know the most about them. In reality they heard something from someone who listened to someone once who said it. I don't know how many times I have heard people say something is in scripture and when I ask them where they can't show it to me.


Why is it that everything comes down to race, be it Native American, African American, Hispanic or White man. Does it really matter in this day and age? Who is small minded enough in today's society that the color of one's skin is really a factor? I am so tired of every crime being classed to the color of your skin. Grow up people, we are Americans here act like it. The days of racial slurs are done, in many cities the minority is not the majority. We are no longer African American, Hispanic American, Scandanavian American blah blah blah, we are Americans period.

Ron K

I loved Elder Lee's general conference talks. They were very warm and kind hearted and I felt the spirit at that time when he spoke. I'm heart broken at what has happened to him. I wish him and his family the best! Hopefully he can recover from his health problems and the other serious problems in his life!


I'm a little confused when people talk about what "happened" to Lee. What happened is that he chose to try and have sex with a child and he is now paying the civil penalties.


I don't know anything about George P. Lee. My concern is his sexual offense is not clear. I looked him up in the registry and it said it was "Attempted" sexual abuse of a child. What did he attempt to do? Also he has one account and is not a repeat offender. I was sexually abused as a child no one attempted to commit sexual abuse I was actually made to do sexual acts. I want to know who the real abusers are. We have to be careful when looking at these files. One man had sex with his girlfriend and because he was over eighteen and she wasn't he is a registered sex offender the girl's father was angry but the father thought the law went overboard. This young man had ambitions that he can no longer attain because of this registry. There is also a story of two twelve year old boys who are registered sex offenders for slapping a girl on the buttocks. Their lives are also ruined. I know what sexual abuse is and this is not sexual abuse. Give me the facts and I want proof.

Los Angeles

Sexual abuse acusations are now what being called a communist was back in the day. I think we need to be a little more forgiving, understanding and compasionate towards one another. Lets be a lot less judgmental people.


They dropped the charges because they have no case.

Self-righteous Mormons are just trying to attack George Lee because he left the Church. The only way they can justify in their own minds that a General Authority would leave the Church is if he was a sinner. They cannot tolerate the possibility that someone left the Church because they learned that the Church is not true!

Frederick of Logan

To "As an inactive member I like to think I love all people but there are those who I find difficult to love and those are the people who believe they know more about the Church than the leaders. You are one of those. I have met a few who vehemently express that they know that the Church is wrong just because they don't believe some things about its teachings and you will never find the truth as long as you are inactive. I love you my brother. Come back to activity and feel the Spirit once again.


I will be so glad when Jesus returns!

Elder Lee

I think it's cool that his Calling and Election was made sure.

He was a trailblazer for the lord, and it seems to have mentally been too much.

Calling and Election might have been the perfect thing for his eternal salvation.

Mike R.

A good contrast is two photos. His "Official" General Authority photo, and his photo after his excommunication. The first shows light and spirit. The second shows shadow and gloom. The difference between having the Holy Ghost before, and not having it after.

I would hope that someday he gets back into the Church.

Mrs. Jones

To "Inactive Member": I completely agree with your comments. It is the right of the church to release any person of authority that has fallen out of line in representing it appropriately. I don't know exactly why the decision was made, or what discussions happened behind closed doors, but obviously Church leaders felt that George P. Lee was not behaving in a way that was fitting for his position.
If a person gets fired in thier job, they may disagree with the reasons, but it does not take away the fact that the employer has the right to make that decision. Likewise, the Church has the right to make sure thier leaders are accurately reprenting it's beliefs and doctrines.
To "Dev": Scripture does not say 'don't ever judge' it says to 'judge righteously'. If he was sexually molesting children (and I dont know if he was) it is appropriate to say "That is NOT ok" and deal with the issue. That scripture does not mean we shouldnt judge, it means that we need to make sure we are not being hypcrites when we DO judge. Read full context of scripture.

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