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Published: Wednesday, March 19 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Question authority and you get ousted, no questions asked. Apostasy sometimes means thinking for yourself.


Hmmm! At least he now registered, no matter who he is, and how sick he is. Protect our children any way we legally can.


Is it necessary to publish this? Surely the editorial staff at Deseret News can find better news to report. If this man has severe health problems, he is not a danger to society. Wondering ... Would you pulish this article if the person were a member of your family?


So, "thinking for yourself" entitles one to sexually abuse children?

Re: Hmmmm

I don't think we know that he was ousted for questioning authority, but apparently there was a falling out over serious matters. No one should be a member of an organization with which one disagrees with its basic principles (and isn't going to change them), whether one is ousted or chooses to leave.


His excommunication was not so much about questioning authority as it was about his being a seriously sick and wrong he was, and his position of leadership. After his "secret" came out, the main way for him to rationalize his actions was to attempt to discredit his former beliefs. But it was his actions that did him in, not questions.


What? is right. I remember this. I even read his book. What a sad ending for someone with so much potential. The church did everything for him, took him off the rez, gave him an education until he got his PhD, everything.. You should read his book about his life. Remarkable! It's too bad how it's ended so far.

to bad so sad,

he knew better, he knoew what he was doing was very wrong. he was only thinking of himself
but,the advissory is all around us..
we hope that he is working on commin back into the
fold...may love and blessings be all around his loved ones...

For Hmmmm

What a totally stupid comment! Obviously, there were a number of issues when he was excommunicated that weren't made public. Criticizing the Church over this article just shows you have an ax to grind. And, by the way, there is absolutely nothing wrong with agreeing with those who have religious authority over us. It's called CHOICE. So unless you have some direct link to divine knowledge, what makes you so much smarter than the rest of us?


What was the secret that came out? I thought he thought Pres Kimball was not treating Native Americans appropriately. Was there more?


I have a copy of the letter that he wrote to the President of the Church. Lee thought that a native American should be head of the Church. He accused the 12 Apostles of great pride, blah, blah, blah. The man was once a pilar of integrity...I really hope that he's reformed his personal life. I'm very sorry to hear he's been sick. He must also be very lonely, having lost everything he had.

Naha Yazzie

@ Secret
When George was excommunicated in 1989 President Kimball had been dead for some time (1984 I think)

@ et al
It seems there was more than criminal sexual behavior. Far more; the apostasy label is correct.

Such speculations my friends.


Secret: George P. Lee was upset because he felt that Pres. Benson was not paying enough deferrence toward the Lamanites, not Pres. Kimball, who died in 1985. Unfortunately, most of the comments here show a lack of knowledge concerning the excommunication of Lee. Near the end of his tenure he had to be supervised by another GA because of the things he was saying in Stake Conferences. He did write letters accusing the GAs of putting their standing and wealth above the interests of the members. After reading the letters, and hearing his comments (and once hearing him speak in person) I felt he had lost the spirit of his calling. They were right to excommunicate him for apostasy for the things he was teaching. I don't think the First Pres. and Twelve knew he was groping children when Lee was exed. That came out about two years later. To put this guy in the free thinker category is very generous, but people should get all of the facts before making a statement like that.


It was after Pres. Kimball passed. He loved Pres. Kimball for his devotion to Native Americans.

Res Ipsa Loquitur

For the uncritically acclaimed...

It is completely disingenuous to claim that free thinking leads to excommunication. On the contrary, they are the preached conclusions which are contrary to the position of the church that are condemned...an outright, 'I know better' arrogance that is obviously, yet curiously hypocritical. Free thinking is no more synonymous with sectarianisms then it is with hardened obstinacy. But, to each his own.


Let it go guys he's sick...now as for a few more of you ..I would worry about your souls in how you deal with Native people both in spirit and in deed. Some places have huge amounts of natives but it appears there never will be a leader such as Lee rise to the top because they don't fit the local criterion of what is deemed spiritually necessary. This man gave his all...it broke him but then there is always the blame it on the adversary. I saw him speak also with Paul H. Dunn who could thrill people with his lies from the pulpit and I noticed the gathering of people was much, much larger for brother Dunn than Lee so it pointed out to me , somewhat of a division. But I worry about me and mine , we're fortunate we are doing fine. I feel the love of many brothers in the ward as some have survived by the good grace of god , and it is these special ones who I really have to hand it to as they are just totally changed in their approach to not just members but their fellow man.Bless everyone!


I think the church was kind by not disclosing the terms of his disciplinary council. They respect his privacy. Happy Boy's criticisms of the church were only his seeking to cover up his own weaknesses. They pulled the string, he was out and then the abuse issues were known. He is invited to repent--as we all are, but to our knowledge, has made no attempt to restore his membership. If he is a molester of kids, he may want to keep saying that he was excommunicated for apostacy. That seems a lot better than child-abuse. And he fits in with the liberal democrats a lot better too!

As an inactive member

I have been inactive for a long time and believe little of the early claims made by the Church. But I completely support the Church or any organization in their right to release someone in a position of top leadership who cannot publically support the organization's direction. Behind closed doors disagreement/debate is healthy and I understand it regularly occurs among top LDS leadership. But to publically criticize as a top leader is not ok. Unless it is your role in the organization to be a public voice of criticism it is not ok to do so and still remain a leader of that organization. I am on the board of an international organization and fully understand that once the discussion has taken place and consensus has been reached - part of my role is to fully support that position or direction - particularly in public.


It is incredibly interesting to read such thoughts from folks who don't have a clue (myself included).

President or Elder George P. Lee was an amazing man, extremely well educated and accomplished in every sense of the word.

What he did or did not do really doesn't matter, he gave his all to the Church and is now a broken man, and very sick trying to live the remainder of his life the best he can.

We live in a world or an LDS culture where we are very quick to judge and point fingers and say unkind things about another, I think its a NOT a wonder that members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are questioned about being true followers of Christ or Christians.

I am saddened.


I thank you carl very much because with out people like you I might have succumbed and joined the church then ended up like George.The only true solution I will miss out on is playing against and taking you to school in church ball , that's all as you know everything but display none of it.

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