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Published: Tuesday, March 18 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Cougar Alum in Chicago

I can't believe how excited I am about college football, and it's only March!

Is it too early for predictions?

1. BYU will win the MWC, run the table, head to a BCS game, and lose by 10-20 points. Everyone in Cougar Nation will blame the loss on officiating and bias. LOL.

2. Utah's stench will only be surpassed by Utah State's.

3. Ohio State beats Georgia in the NC. As much as I hate to say it, the Buckeyes could have the team of the decade this year, especially if Pryor signs with them this week. It will be like a Tebow/Leak combination, but better. Virtually their entire team is returning this year, including three juniors who would have been sure-thing 1st rounders in this year's NFL draft.

4. The Heisman goes to... Beanie Wells. He could rack up 2,000 yards. That kid had a nagging ankle injury last year and still ended up with 1,700 yards.


Ohio State win the NT!! Wow. This is a team that has been embarrased when they actually play a team of caliber! Say hello to USC. Just watch USC play Ohio State in September and your prediction will change for sure!

To Cougar Alum

OSU beating an SEC team in a bowl game? Not gonna happen, mainly cause they won't be there. Southern Cal gets OSU at home, and as usual has a weak conference to deal with. They will most likely go undefeated. Both VT and Clemson have absolute cupcake schedules this year. They will both go into the ACC title game undefeated, making it the most hyped game of the year, although neither team will have played a Top 25 opponent during the season. By virtue of being an undefeated BCS conference champ, even though their conference is weak and neither one scheduled anybody good OOC, one of them will get the second NT game slot. So, while the SEC will have the three best teams in college football this season, none will go to the national title game as they will have knocked each other off during the regular season. Such is life when your national champ is determined by a Beauty Pageant.

Cougar Alum in Chicago

I actually don't think USC has a prayer against this OSU team, but I could be wrong. Perhaps I'm not thinking straight because I live in the middle of Big Ten country and watch the Buckeyes play all the time. They were basically a team of rookies last year, so I, like everyone else, was shocked when they ended up in the NC by default last year. But this coming season was supposed to be their year, and more talent skipped the draft than they possibly could have hoped for. You're looking at 20 returning starters, including several All-Americans. Trust me, I'm not alone in saying they're the team to beat this year.

Choke when they play a team of caliber? Couldn't we say the same thing about our beloved Cougars? And by national standards, Arizona, UCLA, and Tulsa are by no means teams of caliber. The two last NC games aside, the Buckeyes have been dominant (or highly competitive) against teams of caliber this decade (think 6 of 7 against Michigan, wins against Miami, Texas, Notre Dame, etc.).

Ernest T. Bass

Best ever.
in their own minds.

Cougar Alum in Chicago

But then again... I could be wrong. Georgia is going to be amazing this year. I think the Buckeyes will get past USC, but Georgia or any other SEC team? Hardly likely.

I mean you're right, OSU has a penchant for choking lately. But on talent alone, I'm in awe going into year.

But I stick with my predictions. I feel like I need to justify them, because they sound completely crazy after the last two Januarys.

Am I alone thinking the Cougars are heading to a BCS game? The question now: which one? And against whom? How crazy would it be if OSU heads to the NC and the rest of the Big Ten stinks, could BYU be playing USC in the Rose Bowl? Am I dreaming too big here? Now that would be fun...

The Utah Stench

Maybe Coach Whit has learned how to be beat the teams you should. Maybe he learned how to score against that dominant Rebel defense. Maybe he figured out that if you prepare for all games like you do for BYU games the Utes could be 11-0 going into that matchup. Maybe, maybe, maybe.

With that said, maybe THESE Cougars fan figure out how to beat a mid-level Pac 10 team, OR TWO. We can't lose to UW AND UCLA. Maybe we can show up for all of our nonconference games this time around.

I think NEXT year (the 2009 season) will be the one for the Cougars. I also think maybe some time next decade the Utes might find some consistency against the rest of the conference.

If BYU makes the BCS this year

it would be in the Orange Bowl. They choose last and the last pick has traditionally been the party crasher. The Fiesta Bowl could snatch BYU given the proximity, but plan on Orange or Las Vegas--most likely Las Vegas.

Not convinced

I am a huge Cougar fan and season ticket holder. I don't think for one minute BYU can run the table. All of the tough games this year in the MWC are on the road. They will lose to someone, hard as it is for me to say that.

A few points

I wish a couple of the big name freshman had graduated early and come to spring ball - if any have I haven't heard. I would have especially liked to see our new kicker in to make it a spring through summer battle at that spot.

I can't remember a non-BCS team starting the season ranked as high as BYU likely will be - top 15. That will be the key (as long as they win) in where they play.

With some offensive line injuries allowing some young kids to play this spring, our o-line going into the fall should be as strong and deep as it has ever been.

Does anyone know what happened to the all-everything QB from St. George. He came in so highly rated. He was with the team even last year but he seemed to completely drop off the future QB radar. I know he was injured at one point and I heard talk of him going on a mission. Just wondering what we are looking like at the QB spot 2-3 years from now. Who is that stud in waiting?

RE: A few Points

Are you talking about Lark? I believe he went on a mission... Not 100% sure though.

RE: A few Points

Lark went on a mission.


I'm glad all of the seniors on defense are gone. They gave up over 50 points to an average Tulsa team. Bring in some new blood and teach them to stay in their zones.


All this BCS talk is very premature, I am a diehard
BYU fan but lets be a little more realistic. The cougars have not been a good team at the beginning of the year yet. going 1-3 the last few years. They have two Pack 10 team, one on the road and one at home. If anyone thinks that Washington is just going to role over for the Cougars they are living in happy valley la la land. UCLA will be out to prove that Vegas was a fluke. I for one will not jump on the BCS bandwagon until the cougars prove that they can win the out of conference games. That being said if they win those two game I will be a believer. Go Cougars!!!


to cougar in Chicago.. I just have to say thanks for bringing up discussion of other teams than BYU and Utah. Its nice to talk about other things than BYU/Utah!

Ya I was making the point that Ohio State Choked big time the past few years. And yes they did get in by default to the title. I guess you arent a huge homer after all! ha. just kiddin man!

That would be pretty dominant if Ohio State Could go on the road and beat USC.. I just dont think it will happen but will for sure be a great game!

Another Chicago Cougar

I cant stand Ohio State fans and therefore Ohio State. I do think they have more talent then anyone in the BCS. I do think they will be hard to beat, and the most likely team to do that will be USC early on. That could be their only loss of the regular season.

BYU needs to work on their offensive strategy. The players are talented enough. But looking back to last years Vegas Bowl teams like UCLA arent going to let us be so predictable. They will eat us up. Remember how many yards rushing we had. That wont work to win against UCLA again. I hope Im wrong about that. I think we need to change the plays we use for the running game to win a BCS game. We will have to go undefeated to get there in the 1st place

CO Cougar

Die hard Coug fan here, but please Cougs stop talking, thinking, and even mentioning anything to do with the BCS. The Cougs need to worry about their week 1 opponent, after that, their week 2 opponent, and then after that, their week 3 opponent. Get the idea, I think that a lot of BCS talk could only hurt the Cougs and cause a serious letdown game (Ala UNLV - Utah). Not trying to be a party pooper, but let's be realistic, BYU needs to come out each week and play the opponent in front of them, beat them, and then worry about the BCS when the season is over with.

Ed Drood

re: A Few Points: I am the stud in waiting, and it's killing me that I'm still waiting! I mean, why should a stud like me have to wait? Whoops, my mistake, I thought you asked who was waiting to be a stud. Never mind.

As for the premature BCS talk, such discussions should be done quietly amongst ourselves rather than on internet sites that our opponents will read and use as locker room pinup material. Let's not forget that UCLA hired Norm Chow and has a defense that mostly stifled us twice last season. I like Robert Anae, but he is no Norm Chow. Although the game is in Provo, UCLA will have a lot to prove and so will Norm. Neuheisel is a great recruiter, so Norm will have, as he did at USC, a lot of talent and a chip on his shoulder. UW will be tough in Husky Stadium too. Let's talk about the BCS AFTER we complete the regular season finale.

College football

Lets play/watch some football. I love college football. I grew up going to BYU and Utah Games. Went to BYU and UTAH football camps and Now I live in Colorado close to Air Force and CU and take classes at Colorado State. I am a UTE first but love to watch and cheer for everybody else...depending on who they are playing. I hope the Cougars do well and I hope it is a great season for the MWC.

Go Utes.


Ed.. do you really think that opposing teams are going to copy and past what we write and use it as locker room material..ha ha Most of us really dont have a clue what we are talking about anyway!

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