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Published: Monday, March 17 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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What about defensive backs?

They did a great job considering their ability but did we do anything to improve there? As I recall, that was the weak spot on defense.

Anyone know anything about that?


Kelly Poppinga. Brady's been gone a while.

Ernest T. Bass

they should make a BCS run.


I agree it is possible to make a BCS run. But only if they win the non conference play at the beginning of the season and continue to dominate conference play. Had they not lost to UCLA last year they would have definitely been BCS bound.


It was a good thing that they didn't go to the BCS last year. I think it hurts more to go to the BCS unprepared than to not go at all. Just look at Hawaii for an example of that. Hopefully they will be ready to go this year. It's going to be on the defense to make sure that the team is good enough to make it.


The loss to Tulsa hurt worse than the loss to UCLA. Non-BCS teams must be undefeated, period.


Please, no more talk about the BCS until after game 12!

The D-Backs

Though most do not have much game experience, there is a ton of potential for the d-backs this year. After the 2005 debacle of a season for the d-backs, there has been a most concerted effort in recruiting to get talented guys back there.

The d-backs did pretty well last year, especially when you consider the two starting safeties were third string entering the pre-season. There was only one game where our d-backs let us down last year. Not bad for four walk-ons.


I agree with wii! Let's try and win the non-conference games and proceed throught the league. Trite as it sounds one game at a time is the recipe. Go Cougs!

Martin Smith

No BCS or how great we're going to be talk. Keep humble and let your play do the talking for you! GO COUGARS!!!!!


I agree that they need to keep their feet on the ground with respect to a BCS run. They're getting into a habit of losing early games, which is going to kill their BCS chances.

Also, they need to get a secondary that's dominant. Most of the time Mendenhall's technique of rushing the QB works, but it won't work for every game in the season.


No early season losses, no mid season losses, wait, no late season losses. Hey no losses would be great!! This season will be a tougher schedule than last year. If we win the non conference games and take the conference, we can be BCS busters. That is nice, but we will never see another National Championship again. Not until we get out of this lousy conference. The BCS made sure there would never be another 1984.


This cruddy conference is the only one that wants you. Other than the last two years BYU has been very mediocre in the Football and Basketball. (The only two sports that major conferences will look at). Additionaly BYU has two many stipulations due to the fact they are a private LDS school that follows a whole set of rules no one in the country understands or will bother to understand. They could go independent, however I would not make that reccomendation, Just look at Notre Dame and their success as an independent especialy in football. The only reason people schedule them is history and tradition. BYU would have a difficult time filling a schedule with any respectable opponents. This conference is a Decent conference with at least three teams who get looked at in the pre season as possible top 25 in BYU, Utah and TCU with the potential to have a few more. Besides it has nothing to do with the conference. BYU traditionaly cannot win games against non conference opponents especialy those in BCS conferences. If they can get that strait they will bust the BCS.

Quarterback Stephen Covey?

Does anyone know if this kid is related to the Stephen Covey from Franklin Covey?


Yes, he is the "old man's" grandson. He is the son of Stephen M.S. Covey. When you get two middle initials, you know you've got it made.


Don't give up on the MWC so easily. Sure, the deck is stacked against the conference teams winning a national championship, but the BCS will eventually crumble from within and a playoff is inevitable.

It's nice to dream of the increased exposure and opportunities that would be afforded by playing in the Big 12 or Pac 10 conferences, but nothing is likely to happen on that front for a long time, if ever.

In the meantime, MWC teams should concentrate on busting the BCS every year. They need to raise the bar and start winning those close non-conference games that usually slip away. No more moral victories.


I believe this new Covey is the grandson of the big name Covey. If his father is who I think it is, he started at QB for BYU just prior to Ty Detmer taking over. Meaning he was a pretty decent QB, just not Ty Detmer.

As for BYU having a hard time filling a schedule as an independent, there may be some truth to that. Don't forget that they have a 70,000 seat stadium and fill it most of the time. In fact, their attendance average was the highest in the nation for non-BCS schools. So pretty decent, and ticket buying spectators will always draw games.

I am glad to hear that we have some good Dbacks in the waiting. I agree the backfield did a great job for what they had last year. I have just wondered how our overall defense would have played if we had another Morgan/Bacon combination at corners.

In any case, Go BYU!

Roy from Boise Id.

It's Steven Covey the 3rd, grandson of The Franklin Covey Steven Covey.
He graduated from Timpview Highschool in Prove area in 2005 where he was an outstanding quarterback.
Hope he lives up to the hype surrounding him.


One game at a time is a silly mantra for anyone but the coaches and players. We're fans. Let us dream.

Zoobie 55

RE: BB King (defensive backs)

Two names come to mind that I believe the Cougars are hoping to count on for next season. G Pittman redshirted this year and will be in the mix. Brandon Bradley will be another promising newcomer.(recovering from knee surgery) Brandon Howard is also back I believe. IF Bradley's knee holds up they are supposed to be faster and more athletic than their predecessors. Tafuna and Fowler will bring needed experience to the safeties. The whole season's success may depend on how fast the DB's come around.

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