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Published: Friday, March 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Williams and Sloan have come a long way over the last few years. We have a good team, but Deron makes us a great team. He's our MVP this year.

Deron knows where his teammates like ball. Look at how Deron has made his teammates better. Memo and Ronnie Brewer have flourished playing with Deron. When Deron is not in the game, Memo doesn't get the same looks. Hopefully Deron will take Ronnie under his wing, so Ronnie will continue to develop.

Double Double

That is Bolerjack's favorite word. He should only get to say it 17 times a game. He says it way more than that.

Clarky Boy

Williams is the next Chris Paul. Don't get strung out man.


Common Captain Deron, drive the car as best as you can. I heard that highway of Boston is full with sharp curves. GO JAZZZZZ


Hey Sloan Hater! What do you have to say about this!I quess Williams calling plays is not an adjustment for Sloan.

Racket Club

Tonights the big one. This is the game that all the ball boys in the country would like to be at, out there shooting baskets before the players come out to warm up! Oh man it doesn't get much better than that. I think Boozer has heard enough of this Charmin talk, I'm looking to see him play some actual defense tonight. D will will impose his will and its Brewer to the hoop!!!! Go Jazz!!!

Buckeye Fan

Is it just me or can anyone else sense it that Jerry is bending over backwards when it comes to DWill. He has turned into a DWill groupie...can anyone say 'contract extention'?

Boise Fan

Common Clarky Boy Deron is already better than Paul, just look at their head to head matchups, Paul is having a good year but watch them get defeated in the first round of the play-offs. I would take Deron over Paul any day, don't buy into the ESPN hype on Paul. Oh and by the way where did the All-Star Brandon Roy go, Deron should have been in the All-Star game the last two years.


Ya I love how DWill is playing. But sometimes his shot selection over a bigger man annoys me.
Is it just me or DWill is not passing to AK? Does he wants AK to go away so that he can get a bigger money? !!! I HOPE I AM WRONG !!!

Sloan Hater

This is unbearable! I'm going to go drink another Tab.


I saw DeShawn Stevenson guarding James. He is a really good defender. I saw Pavlovic playing great for Cavs, Bell and GG playing good for Pheonix. Brewer is great. I wish Jazz had DeShawn/Pavlovic [underpaid starter with great size/skills]. Sloan threw out too many players without getting back any values for them.




Now I am really beginning to question your judgment.

D-Will Dominates Paul

I wasn't sure we made the right call when we drafted D-Will ahead of Chris Paul, but this year I have become convinced the Jazz brass made the right decision. D-Will IS the best point guard in the league since the All Star break and dominates Paul when they play head to head. I think they are similiar players but D-Will's size, strength, and shooting ability separate him from CP3. Paul is undersized and struggles against bigger more physical PG's like D-Will. I love having D-Will on our team and just hope the Jazz find a way to sign him to a max deal and he stays here until he retires.


SOUPE, I've noticed the lack of passes to AK from D-Will as well. It's been happening for most of this season, and it annoys me to no end. Another thing I've noticed in the teammate shunning department: Memo refusing to pass to Korver. Anyone else notice that one?


You could not be more correct about Sloan ridding HIMSELF of players with potential who simply needed coaching of which jerry could not provide so jerry quit on these guys along with Kris Humpreys and Kirk Snider and Mo Williams.

Kris Humpreys was the leading rebounder AND scorer in the Big Ten as a freshman. The guy had a ton of potential and great raw talent. But Sloan didn't have the ability to coach him or help him, so we give him away for Haffa who we had for one year and did not resign.

If sloan gets so much out of the talent he has,what happened with all of the above??? Jerry has no ability to really coach, he can only coach players who do exactly what he says, if they cannot, they are GIVEN away. A coaches job is to bring along your players.

By the way, in the '04 draft, the jazz took humpreys and 14 and Snyder at 16, guess who was taken 15th?? Al Jefferson. I heard that jerry didn't want Jefferson because high school players take too much work, and jerry didn't want to put in the work necessary.

Maximum Maximus

Deron good.

re: Jazz Players

Yes, many previous Jazz players have gotten better through the years, but almost all of those (besides Raja Bell, in my opinion) are too free-spirited players that can't handle playing in a system that Sloan has...

Giri is not playing well either...nobody is playing that great for the Suns...

I think the only mistake out of those 4 was Bell...he has turned out to be a very good player...but you have to realize how many players we have picked up from other teams that have been great...boozer, memo, korver...


Didn't Raja leave via free-agency? The Jazz wanted him but couldn't keep him.


the difference between the players we dumped and the players we got is we traded or gave away our young talented players, we signed Boozer(who lied) and Okur because the Pistons were over the cap. If you love sloan, you will argue every point in his favor, but the truth is sloan doesn't have the ability or willingness to COACH players. There is really no point in arguing this because it is what is.


Kris Humphries is slow and a chucker. Kirk Snyder will never be consistent. Mo Williams is good and Sloan never wanted to let him go, the team had salary issues. Raja Bell wanted to leave. What do you do?

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