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Published: Wednesday, March 12 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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I would hold my nose and vote for McCain if Romney were the VP. I think that McCain could give Romney some big assignments as the VP. For example,to get the economy back on track, solve the healthcare crisis, and get off of foreign oil...and Romney would find a way to make it happen. Romney is the only politician I know that when he says he'll get something done...he'll do it. He has the track record of success to prove it.


Finally, a reason to vote for McCain. Now if Sen. Chris Buttars could just get Gov. Huntsman to be his running mate.


I think it would balance the ticket. I'm otherwise not a big McCain fan, but this would re-interest me in the race and certainly get me to vote republican. I hope McCain will see the logic of the M&M ticket. VP is the first thing I thought of when Mitt dropped out.


If it means keeping the left-wing Democrats out of power then YES any U.S. citizen with foresight and common sense should vote for a possible McCain/Romney alliance. They have valued experience and vast success behind them compared to Obama and Clinton.


I've been saying it all along . . draft Mit as VP. I've already e-mailed McCain's web site begging he do it so let's start a movement. With Mit, McCain can be supported by 2/3's of the political spectrum. Without Mit, McCain struggles with conservatives.

Draft Mit VP in 2008!!

Ronald A. Young

I like Mitt and all that but I think you would not only have to hold your nose but take a long hot shower with soap as well. The problem is the Re-lig-e-oso, Fund-a mental-ist. Will not vote for him regardless. McCain is 71 years old and people would consider it to much of a risk. Being 1 heart beat away from being President. However then again Nancy Polosi is only 2 heart beats away no matter who wins. That would be a sad and sorry day for America. I think that they would make a good ticket just not a winning one. Hawaii is going to go to Obama Regardless and of course it really does not matter because by then it is all over anyhow. I will Vote because there is so much to do at the Polls aside from Voteing for President. The greatest voter power lies at the lowest leval of public office.Voting for President, Several Million to 1. Voting small twon mayor maybe just a few hundard to 1, School Board perhaps less then that. At large City COuncil Men, perhaps even less. Power is diluted by Number.

Regan & Bush 1....

were very much the same way. The two of them fought bitterly prior to Bush accepting the VP job.

Hopeful Conservative Republican

The McCain-Romney ticket would heal the "hole" that Romney left when he opted out of the race and help McCain pull all of the parts of the republican party together. McCain has GI muscle to tackle the war issues, where Romney has Economic muscle to tackle the economy and other issues. I think it's a good fit. Here's hoping.


Although I am not the biggest McCain fan, I would feel much more secure voting for him with Romney as VP, especially with Romney's ideas about health care reform. So let me heartily say, "Go for the M&M, McCain!"


Hope dies hard in Utah, doesn't it.


I am voting for McCain and when I do I will be holding my nose. The smell will not be near as bad if Romney is the VP. In four years Mcain will not run again and Mitt will be in position to become the President.

That is my hope at any rate.

Go Mitt.




I've never voted Democrat in a presidential election. After McCain's treatment of Romney, I had made up my mind to vote against him, however if Mitt ended up on the ticket I would reconsider.


I would vote republican if Mitt were the VP nominee. He really didn't have much time to campaign on the issues as he spent so much of it attacking and defending attacks. When he finally spoke with conviction [at his suspended campaign speech and at the C-PAC speech] he won me over.

Nose Holder

I would use a clothes pin to hold my nose, but would vote for them as well.

I think Romney has what it takes to put our country back in the black.. (although it would take time to do so)

I think McCain needs a young strong VP one that can push his wheelchair around.


Not enough to make me vote for McCain. McCain's arrogance would relegate Romney to token status and he'd probably be used to host luncheons for the wives of visiting dignitaries. No. I am a man of principle. And my principles dictate that I leave mt presidential ballot blank.

Bob G

This is a big mistake for McCain and it would cost him any chances of an election. Romney is a liar and a cheat with no morals and has only his personal financial gain in mind. If this joining occurs it will give Hillary and Obama the upperhand and Hillary Clinton is definetly a no choice to be the head CEO of this country. The only real choice america is faced with is the leadership of Ron Paul, a leader who is not a CEO. This country is in dire need of leadership and not corporate management dictatorshiip that Hillary, Obama, McCain and Romney reek of. The U.S. has been at the mercy of CEO government for the last 20 years with the Bush's and Clinton and we can't survive any more of it. A major turnaround is needed with government for the people, not corporations. That only leaves us with Ron Paul who is not at the mercy or control of CEO america, that has managed to undermine and corrupt his campaign by controlling the news media.


McCain should immediately announce Romney as his running mate. That move would appease the talk show hosts and get McCain and the Republican Party the excitement and the rally it desperately needs.

Conservatives who are now luke warm at best on McCain would awaken and participate again if they knew that a conservative economic giant like Dr. Romney was advising McCain and waiting in the wings should McCain falter.

LDS in Texas

This would make it a lot easier for me to vote for McCain, if I knew he had good enough judgement to pick Romney. If it weren't Romney--nobody else as VP could persuade me to vote McCain.

I am Concerned

McCain being backed by George Bush and more of the same crap
Romney has been told we do not want him
I assume he wants to slip in the back door.
Why do you not understand the Republicans always leaves us in a pile of debt???
We just have to many stupid people voting

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