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Published: Monday, March 10 2008 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Oops - I meant UPS did NOT provide the service as expected - see how easily mistakes are made?


OCR will likely not investigate this.
1) The hospital was providing the charts as part of routine operations - a Medicare audit.
2) Sending records via UPS/FedEx/US Mail etc. is legal and addressed specifically under HIPAA.
3) The privacy policy posted on the website complies with the federal law for the HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices.

How do I know? I am a HIPAA privacy and security officer for a hospital system. I am a regular speaker on HIPAA privacy and security.


If you were in a hospital between 2000-2005 (maybe longer) and received drugs from a Pyxis machine your records are out there. Your records were "encrypted" but the file with the passwords was on the same disk and it was not encrypted. So by the letter of the law, according to Dan Walsh the Chief Compliance Officer, Cardinal (the maker of the Pyxis machines) did nothing wrong.

Dan Walsh

This is Dan Walsh. I am deeply disturbed by this invasion of my privacy. I find your comments to be abusive, offensive, off-topic and misrepresentative of me and my company. Sir, my lawyers will be in touch.


These comments are pretty amazing - such a wide range of emotions and thoughts. Personally, my first consern was simply that UPS did not return to sender (as several mentioned) as USPS usually does. I mailed a package to my son in Germany by USPS once, with an old address and it was returned to me...granted it took several weeks, but it came back! Why not with UPS? Was the return label missing or not added? I will hesitate to send through UPS now that I am not sure mis marked items will not be returned to me. I do not think litigation is in order here but an investigation to see what went wrong to ensure it is not happening more than we know and perhaps a fine under HIPAA but we are just too quick to sue these days!

And Dan W.,after going over all this again, I guess I totally missed whatever you were upset about so...must not have been that bad...


It isn't that Dan W is that mad... nor is it that Cardinal lost all of these records...it is that the information was concealed from US government regulators.

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