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Published: Thursday, March 6 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Way to Go Coogs, it's been a fabulous seaosn! Best of luck in the playoffs!


"Tell Plaisted I'm coming," said by Taylor...RIGHT!! ANYWAYS, Great game by BYU and to Murdock & Burgess...GOOD JOB!!


Way to go, Cougars! Back-to-back, baby!


This team has dominated the conference and tied for the most wins in regular season--and I have only been able to see but a few games on TV. Clearly, the conference deal with the MTN is the worst. So we have the best of teams and the worst TV deal ever. If we'd been on TV as often as other ranked teams we would have a higher ranking too. Don't expect the NCAA tournament selection committee to give BYU a good seeding. It will be the same as usual with a 7 or 6 at best. BYU will need to play and not worry about they can't control.

WYO Cougar Fan

Oh what a happy day! I wonder if I dare wear my BYU apparel today here in Wyoming? I think I'll wear it with pride! Way to go Cougs what a season! What a year period for BYU Football and Basketball!


We are proud of our Cougars! What makes this so sweet is you were picked to win the conference, so all year you've been playing with a huge target on your back, in addition to defending the home court. This is a sweet sweet championship. Your are ready to ADVANCE!

Keith Suds

That was awesome, being there for the Champs. Tavs was great. We will be good next year too. We have so many good players, send some more of em in. NCAA's are waiting and so is Vegas Baby. Remember, what happens in Vegas, shoots us to the next level. They say you can't beat Vegas. BYU WILL BEAT VEGAS IN VEGAS. Hey Lonnie Kruges, ever heard of The B. Y. Cougs. Big LEE, Thats pretty good odds. Five seed baby. Oh Baby, It feels good to be in the Coagar Club! Tell Wayne Newton The Suds is coming to town.


go cougars, and the best of luck!!!!!!!!


Let's go D-News reporters, you made a big deal about 'Tell Plaisted I'm coming" before the game, let's hear it for Plaisted after the game. If you don't play off that story now, you've failed jouralism 101!


Way to go Joseph Taylor of Wyoming. You really showed Trent who the better player is. Please don't call out any of our players again. When you told Trent you were comming, you weren't kidding. 2 points, 3 rebounds, 3 fouls. Trent's 23 points and 11 rebounds don't even come close to your numbers.

Joe Taylor.

Now I know why you told Plaisted you were coming.

Otherwise, he would not have even known you were there.

Way to show it on the court.

What about Vuc?

He didn't play last night because of an injury, but you'd think that Ivanovic could have at least been mentioned in an article about the seniors.


"Hey, Plaisted I'm coming from Wyoming. Watch Out. Boy those chairs are sure comfortable for most of the game. Guess I better keep my mouth shut."


This is getting boring watching BYU wrap up conference championships in football and basketball before the regular season is even over. The rest of the Mountain West needs to step it up and have some pride.

Plaisted I'm Coming

That comment was so overrated. J Taylor had a big grin on his face and was just showing some gamesmanship. Watching it on the MTN last night I had to laugh that the media blew that one up. BYU fan, but props to J Taylor. No harm intended and no harm done.

I was there

I am not a BYU fan but scored some tickets at work. I just wanted to comment on how lame the crowd was. Most places will stand up and waive their arms behind the opponents basket when they go to shoot freethrows. Cougar fans just sat there with their arms folded. Start serving some Red Bull or something.


I think Vuk deserves more credit than he's received. He has been a solid part of this team for several years, don't discard him becasue of an injury. An article about him and his opportunities in Europe would be great. Des News give him some press!

Idaho fan

I am really proud of the Cougars in all sports. I love the coaches too. They really have integerety and class. I hope they are there for a long time to come.


Yeah ya dumb Cougar fans! Start waving your arms and maybe your team will start winning some championhsips . . . oh, wait.


New game for PBS, Where in the world is Taylor? Attaboy Trent!

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