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Published: Tuesday, March 4 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Hmmm . . . I wonder why? Could it be that our state government is really run by a certain church? And the sheep say "baaaaaaaa."

If this is the good one...

I'd hate to live in one of the badly run states. Wow! They must be REALLY baaaaaaaa d!


You wonder why we are the best run gov't and then try to make it sound negative?

If the church is at the head of the gov't then we should be thanking them for putting us on top of the nation!

Count me as a sheep if I am following the best.


Yes, and the Church is run by...

God. So no wonder it's doing so well!

If the people were a little more perfect, the grade would be an A.

(Yes, this is a tongue-in-cheek response to the first comment.)


It's not because of Huntsman, that is for sure. It's the house majority leader Dave Clark that has really taken on all the tough challenges the last few years if any of you haven't noticed. I hope he runs for Congress!!!

Yeah that's it...

So the state is ranked at the top of an independent, un-biased study and that is your response? That the state government is taking care of the people of Utah (both sheep and non-sheep) and planning for the future is somehow bad? That money is being spent with accountability and acumen is a result of some link with the majority of the states population and that is unacceptable? I am a legal resident of Utah, speak a foreign language, have a degree in fine arts and live in Africa. Yeah, we are a bunch of sheep.


folks, I was making a point about how the 1st Amendment and a little phrase known as "separation between church and state" don't seem to exist in Utah. Thank you for pointing out that most of the constituents are fine with that un-American viewpoint. That, my fellow Utahns, is why you are sheep. Baaaaaaaa!!


one more comment please, its too good. Please look at Separation of Church and State on wikipedia and then look for the LDS section underneath. Ohhhh the irony. Obviously I didn't post that (and i know that wikipedia is not to be taken as a serious source) for all you questioning that.


It is a report on how effective the government is run. It is not a report on how well the people are served. Do the Native Americans in Utah have adequate housing? What is the unemployment rate for the Indians? How many illegal immigrants are working in Utah and how come the number is that high?

Effective cost-spending accountability is one thing. Solving social problems that are so apparent is another.

Be careful what you make of the report.


Congratulations Utah! From a sheep not living in Utah. Baaaaaaa!

I don't care whether the best

state is related to a certain church or not. As long as it is the best state. That is why all my three children are living in this best state.

Sam Hampton

If there were a violation of the separation between church and state, which is unconstitutional, then I would suggest taking it up with the court system. If you are complaining that Utah is embued by Mormon culture, and that is a bad thing, then try living in states (which I currently do) imbued by a secular left ideology, or some other ideology. Not necessarily bad things, but Utah has it good compared to other places in the country that are struggling a great deal with budgets, unfunded mandates, and so-far unkept promises for retiree health care.

Noel Cayton

Why do so many people think that "separation of church and state" involved the independent states? The phraze does not exist in the U.S. Constitution.
The first amendment simply states that the federal government (all branches) is not to interfere with religion while while it gives individual states (10th amendment) unlimited freedoms to govern. And, of course,laws differ from state to state as does the management of state governments.


I love to live in a state rated #1. Those who are not happy to live here and say we are sheep, just go to another state, because we will be better off without them. This is a free country, people should love where they like to.

get real

obviously SLC'er has no concept of the idea of separation of church and state beyond the ability to spew the phrase in an effort to mask personal intolerance


How well a state is run as little influence on quality of life. See this, I will remain in California were the government is dysfunctional and the climate is better. It's so nice not knowing the religion of your neighbors.

From currently overseas

Perhaps it has something to do with a state income tax rate of over 7%. Other states I have had to pay taxes in. or lived next door to, have had income tax rates from 0 to 3.5%. It is a lot easier to manage when you have everything you need, and certainly gives you a lot less to argue about.


"And the sheep say 'baaaaa'," almost made me spray coffee on my computer!

Er, wait until the big quake hits, though, then Utah will rank 50th.

I likes this

now i can use it in my business class, now if some of those hick counties with the high child ratios would just do the tighten up too! Let's all do the TIGTHEN UP and completly cut off the raises of our most important resources THE TEACHERS...YOU KNOW MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK!!!


One of the best parts about the Utah government not mentioned by the article is that it is against the constitution of the state to have a state debt. Therefore the budget is always balanced. I wish our nation would adopt a similar measure.

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