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Published: Thursday, Feb. 28 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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I respect Studdert for being forthright. He is also a very engaging speaker. What he didn't say is this is the time for a man like Romney. Four years from now may be too late.


WOW!! A little truth and warning in the newspaper. This guy is on target. Of course, these are the same things that bloggers and others have been saying for more than three years, some for many years. The comptroller general just resigned after warning for years what's coming. That should scare you.

"Today the United States of America is a house of cards that could tumble at any time," he said.
"The elements of a perfect storm of destabilization and crisis are all about us."

You stick your head in the sand at your own peril.


Now is the time for a man like Ron Paul. Romney is more of the same.

Ed C. Cook

Since when are these ideas new? Every since FDR, some
Republican has predicted America's demise.


There is no more "power of the polls". In the 1970's, newspaper stories pointed out that three out of every five people in the United States were dependent upon government for their living. That would include welfare recipients, Social Security recipients, and those employed by government in the endless bureaucracies administering these programs. The two out of five in the private sector will never be able to out vote those who want to maintain their government paychecks.
I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who said that we would lose our freedom when people discovered that they could vote themselves money from the government. And the government is not a producer; it must always pass laws to take money from the producers to give to others who did not earn it.
I would like to see some in depth articles on how many people today are depending on government money versus those who are producers.


This country for the past fifty years has been sold out to the higest bidder by our elected officials in washington D.C.these same officials put their hands on the holy bible and swore to uphold the constitution of the U.S.A.about the only thing they have accomplished is lining their own pockets at the expense of the taxpayers.it amounts to outright TREASON but none are held accountable.if this countrys finances were fully investigated we as a country would be shut down like ENRON.!!!!!!

Bob G

Where has this guy been hiding? This article should be posted on every desk of every representative at every level of government. Someone with clout has finally put in writing what has been so obvious for years to the american consumers and the american people, at least to some of us. However, it will require our representatives to stop thinking about self interest. It seems many advisors to those makeing the decisions have not listened to. Why hire advisors if they don't listen to them? Our highest leader, Bush, is more concerned about being able to eaves drop on his neighbor and countrymen than the state and stability of our economy. Bush never has shown any intelligence to lead a nation, he acts more like a CEO for corportate america than the leader of a powerful nation of people. When this country does crash, and every day that goes by it gets closer, it will make the great depression look like a cake walk. Every thing that was set in place to prevent the cause and effects of the great depression has been overturned and nullified. The greatest national security threat to our country is from within, not Iraq.

Bubble going to burst

People are so worked up about terrorism and illegal immigration. All smoke screens, this is the real issue of the coming election. We are going into debt to the tune of 1 billion dollars per day to China. While national debt accumulates, personal debt is also buring the wick on the other end of the candle. Our greed and materialism are consuming more than is being produced. The laws of economics dictate the bubble will be burst and a balance of equilibrium will occur. It's just a matter of when, beause the dollar is already losing much power. Quit buying cheap Chinese manufactuered goods.


Of course the day wouldn't be complete without some Rush O'Hannity whining about his attachment to Mitt Romney. : >


Our necons would call this guy "from the drive-by media" or worse yet - a traitor to America for suggesting that anything could be possibly wrong.


Living off debt is like robbing a bank. It works great until the robber gets caught or runs out of money. Since the robbers in the USA are our politicians (law makers) and their associates, running out of money is the only real issue. The party will end in the USA when:

(1) Foreign nations will no longer lend (give) money to the USA.

(2) The money supply can no longer be expanded without causing hyper inflation which would be opposed by WE THE PEOPLE.

(3) A significant percentage of tax revenue is required to pay interest on government debt.

(4) A significant percentage of other income is required to pay interest on non government debt.

Stimulating the economy by Debt Creation is a hoax. The USA needs to focus on Wealth Creation.

Utah Resident

Thank you George W Bush and Company.


I wonder if taxes will have to be raised simply for government bonds to keep their AAA rating.

Not Scared

What if Saudi Arabia stops selling us oil. Many African nations would love to replace Saudi Arabia. What if China holds trillions of dollars. Count the number of Chinese. A one year crop failure divided by over a billion people who would have to buy rice from us would settle the score. Nearly all Americans know where we will sleep tonight and where our next meal will come from. Our questions are should we vacation at the beach or the mountains. You have to be in the dark to be afraid of this monster.


Bush did what he set out to do. There was a budget surplus. Bush's job was to extract as much money as he could and send it along to his patrons. At that, he's succeeded wildly. To the devil with the rest of us.

Bin Laden was a lucky break for him, giving him a means to frighten us while he emptied the till.


I agree "Utah Resident" and Bob G. I've been, much less articulately, saying the same thing and have been told I wasn't 'patriotic'.


What will happen when the world has grown tired of "America: World Police", and they decide that WE are a threat and part of the "Axis of Evil"? Will we be able to defend our homeland if half of our military is stationed in Europe, the Middle East, and Korea?

Bring them home, and let's focus on OUR problems!


This trend toward self destruction started out of the great depression with the administration of FDR and has continued with more and more people expecting more and more money in some form from the government. The government has become the controlling economic power in the country because of their ability to tax and the penchant to win elections by handing out entitlements (bribes) to every class of citizen. Until we reverse this attitude we will continue down the path of economic collapse. It could start with each of us becoming more dependent on ourselves by reducing or eliminating our personal debt and become self sufficient and not having to rely upon the government although programs they have passed like medicare require our older citizens to become dependent on government and now Hillary want national health care which will end up really bankrupting us. It is time to wake up and quit being complacent about what is happening around us.


Definitely paints a bleak picture. And most of what he says is correct.

Yah just can't vote for more of the same. You have to vote for someone who will change this digging of the hole.


When are we going to do something about "term limits" on congressmen. Having a Representative in Washington for years turns all good men bad and all bad men worse. Get them in, get them out. It would be interesting to see if someone else could do better. We will never know so long as we keep re-electing the same guy.

Is it time for change? Let it start there!

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