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Real Salt Lake gets high-scoring Scot to help anemic offense

Published: Wednesday, Feb. 27 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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College Soccer

Didn't Real or should would call them Un-Real, lose to a college team? I am so glad that millions of tax dollars are being used to help this minor league organization.


I'm ready to go and watch this season. Can't wait till the end of the year so we can throw stuff like what "College soccer" said back to them.


yawn!!! move along now college soccer


This signing will be great for many reasons: he's a big forward that can score and he been doing it for a long time. If you read the international buzz, this is a big move. Unlike other season this one Real has done out and signed some top-tier talent for our market. Now let's see what it does on the pitch.
As for the soccer hater's - go do something else to be bitter about. It's pre-season ergo evaluation of talent. And as for the millions of dollars that are being squandered, that's the American way. i.e. defense budget. Go write a congressman!


Ahhh, the haters, or is it just one hater using multiple psuedonyms? RSL took a pre-season stumble that no one is terribly worried about given their other performance and recent signings. In fact, it has nothing to do with the above article.

In any case, I'm glad to see Dr. Goal being signed. With the great additions on the backline and in the midfield, this looks like it's been a productive pre-season. I'm looking forward to seeing the real season start (pardon the pun).

Allez RSL

If he can put his head on the ball for us like he managed to do for Gretna, it might be enough to put RSL into the playoffs.

Also, College Soccer, you're obviously very intelligent. Why don't you use those massive intellectual powers to simply ignore RSL instead of making uninformed comments on these articles? Maybe you can apply your genius to figuring out how the Jazz lost to an 11 win Minnesota team in a game that might actually make a difference in the playoff race -- not a pre-season friendly designed to test questionable strategies and lineups.


Finally a target striker. I really hope this guy pans out. He seems like he could be really good for us.


I just hope that all these new guys have got ball skills. The big guy sounds like a tarket but what can he do with his feet. I am looking forward to seeing Williams have a great season. I hope Kreis doesn't do what they did last year and put him on the bench for the first month and then bring him in to dig us out of a hole. It is a blast to watch him play.


This is big news. It appears he was given a lucrative offer and also attracted by the local medical center along with a little nudging from Ian Joy (his mother is from Scotland).


When did Salt Lake get a soccer team and what does MLS stand for?

Garth is the Man!

The front ofrfice for Real is incredible! They have added lots of youth that have real potentail. And then to add experience with the likes of Kovalanko and 'Dr. Goal'. RSL is looking to make a long run in the playoffs! Go Real!

Wonderful News

It looks like everything is shaping up just the way it needs too. The only thing I was worried about was getting a quality striker. I think Real now has the pieces to finally get to the playoffs. Moving into the new stadium this fall will be the final piece.


It is exciting that Real is making some additions that have shored up the defense and may add some scoring. I can't wait for the season to kick off!

Comments monitored?

Supposedly: Comments are monitored. Any comments found to be abusive, offensive, off-topic, misrepresentative, more than 200 words or containing URLs will not be posted.

Seems they are not monitored.

Many of the "hater" comments are abusive, offensive, off-topic, and misrepresentative.

Maybe Des News should actually monitor the comments.



I no licke RSL and everting to doo whit soccer. Whut a stupid name fer a game that is plaid with feet. Maybe you dumbos shuld call it football or something like that. Don't the rest of the world call is football? At leest american foot ball is plaid with feet cause everyone runs whit feet. So there! And basketball is plaid whit a basket and a ball, that makes cents. I licke the JAZZ case them got gud guys two. And baseball is plaid whit a base and a ball, that two makes cents. I wundered why it not named batball, that makes cents.

I am american and only licke american stuff.

Great move

Ignore all the ignorant soccer idiots out there. They know nothing about the sport or how its played but if everyone gave it an equal chance like they give american football, baseball, basketball etc most people would become soccer fans. This is a great addition to the team, I personally felt that Real was already pretty deep at the forward position but this just makes it even more interesting. This is the kind of depth that you see over sees and more quality teams. Seeing videos of this guy online he is the real deal and you, he is quick and strong which is a deadly combo at the forward position. The Real are setting themselves up not only for the now but for the future. This is a young quality team that should be able to compete with any team. The only thing I regret is that I am not living in Salt Lake and am not able to watch this team do damage.


I wonder why people who really and truly hate soccer, continue to waste their energy letting every one know about it. They are wasting space and breath and ought to shut their pie holes. Anyway, looking forward to this next season and will continue to support RSL regardless of record, and I will continue to be a season ticket holder as long as there is a team. Good luck with the season RSL and fans!!!!!


Nothing will help the SL Reals if they keep turning their roster over every year. Feel free to get some consistency so the team can gel and build some momentum.


I understand what you are saying about consistency, but this should have been Jason Kreis's Team from the beginning of last year. Instead, he had to take over when the team and organization was in crisis mode. He brought in a core of players during the transfer window last year that he believed in. Most of that core remains. He has just continued to improve the side in the offseason, by replacing reserve players with guys who will immediately compete for a starting spot. I'm excited to see what this group can do, and I feel that this group of players will be here to stay for a while. I love the new signing. The SPL is a fast paced, physical league, so Dr. Goal should be able to quickly adjust to MLS and contribute goals.


Great new signing. I think we have a solid group now across the board and this last month can be sued to help them come together.

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