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He might run against Matheson for Congress

Published: Monday, Feb. 25 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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If Romney decides to run I expect the Democrats and the press and all the state's leftists to make much of the fact that Josh Romney is nothing more than the privileged son of a wealthy, well-connected politician who has, himself, not done much to demonstrate his commitment to the people of Utah.

Because Jim Matheson was not at all like that when he first ran.

Just the other day I was talking politics with a friend and stated that, given his performance in the last election, Jim Matheson is probably Congressman-for-life. Well, maybe not anymore. Thank goodness.

Josh Romney

Should Run, Right to the nearest recruitment center to show he is will to fight for what he belives in.


Could Josh bring his dad here and have him run for governor against Prince John? It would be great to have a governor that wouldn't threaten to veto immigration bills that the majority of Utahns support.


OK, so I'm not sure what experience prepares one to be a good congressman, but I'm pretty sure "campaign experience" isn't the quality I'd look for first.


Lee, you are right. That immigraton bill should pass and not be vetoed, and if Huntsman does veto it, I hope we get a "Mitt" for governor rather than another four years with Huntsman.


Let him have Cannons job in the third.


I would definitely vote for Romney Jr., as would almost every person I know in St. George that hates the fact that a democrat is our congressman


I am so excited! Ever since Romney dropped out I have been so depressed that there is no one I am looking forward to voting for this November - UNTIL NOW! I promise the do all I can to support Josh, I shook his hands at Pres. Hinckley's funeral and I could tell he was a good man with a political future, his good looks, money, and great family assures him a poltical future - maybe HE will be the Romney to finally land the white house one day


If the war on terror was the number 1 reason that Mitt dropped out of the race, why doesn't Josh show how determined he is to help win the war by enlisting? More action, less talk.

Don"t do it

Matheson is the best Republican we have in Congress...it would be a major mistake for Josh to run against Matheson.


You're right, you are young. I hear they need a few good young men in that pesky war in Iraq that your old pops supports. So why don't you prove you support the troops and go to the nearest recruiters office today!


Run, Josh, Run!


Maybe I'm a different kind democrat, but I have always voted for people based on what they stand for or stand against. I was hoping that Mitt would end up as the Republican nominee, and supported him. Not based on religion, party, or anything else other than issues and what he did and didn't do. I would think that if Josh ran, there would be other people who would also vote for or against him based on his platform rather than name, religion, or party.


To the two people that are asking for Romney to enlist because he supports the war on Terror. Grow up, please. He is 32 years old, has several kids and a wife. He is in no position to enlist.

As a 22 year old mulling over whether to enlist and with what branch this year, I would say to you that your words are vile with the way you trivialize the decision of enlisting. Might I also add that you are lucky there are people in this world willing to put their lives on the line so you have the freedom to say such disgusting things.

And as to this young Romney's candidacy, I would welcome it with open arms. To see Matheson, another one of "Utah's favorite son's" be knocked off his high horse would be a sight indeed.


He's young, but not recruiter's office young. Why must a 32 year old with 3 kids run down to the recruiter's office and enlist to prove he's a supporter of the troops and/or American values? Many true blue Americans do their part in battles that need to be waged without guns on our own soil and in our own home towns. If he were 18-24 and unmarried, that would be a great time for him to enlist. But now? Let him prove his support in other ways.


A "nut" doesn't fall far from the tree.

Go, Josh, Go.

Spend more of your daddy's money and your brother's inheritance.

Blind voters

There are enough morons here in Utah were they would vote party before the person, so trust fund Josh may go somewhere.


There are so many people who are envious of the Romney money. Money is not a bad thing--most of us could use a little more.


Josh, I would think that one of the Romney brothers would want to serve their country in the military. I support you enlisting in the military and showing that you're willing to be authentic with your desire to serve. If you're so willing to send young men and women to fight Bush's war, then I'd encourage you to show your committment by fighting for this country in a war that your dad so wanted to continue fighting.

Jay's thoughts

Nuts? LOLOLOL. What? you don't want to work for what you have either? Huntsman sr. wants to die broke. Who gives a fig. If Josh is right for the job, it's up to the people to elect him. Personally, I would hope that Mitt is the veep nom, and not that bigot Huckabee.

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