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Published: Friday, Feb. 22 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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I'm sorry, but I'll believe it when I see it - on TV.

Cougar stuck in Indiana

HALLELUJA!!! No more low-res games on the Slingbox!


Skeptic - it's time to do a reality check... every source is coming out and saying that this deal is done. It will be on TV in the fall.


SO WHAT! These teams have not existed for years now. I have lost interest in caring for future events.

Truth in advertising

Another problem with the network called mtn is the dishonest advertisements they have aired. They said there programing would be 24/7. But they have openly lied. In the late night hours, they air junk programs, advertising programs for all kinds of junk -- for which they undoubtedly make enough cash to make it more attractive to their bottom line than to air re-broadcasts of the games of the day.
If they are so dishonest as to break their 24/7 promise, what else are they dishonest about?
Has the Mountain West Conference made a mistake to deal with a bunch of crooks? That's called a rhetorical question.

Doubting Skeptic

Blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed.


I'm not sure this deal will help the Mountain West teams be visual on a national level. The availability is a problem for fans, but the real problem is the Mtn. It's an inferrior network and doesn't show the Mountain West teams in a good light. I personally would like to see the Mtn go away and hopefully we can patch up our differences with ESPN and see a portion of the games.

Sick and Tired

Thank Heavens

I'm so sick and tired of being bombarded by whining Zoobies crying about how they can't watch their football. Maybe now I can enjoy next fall again without this visual harassment every time I sit down to watch the news or anything else on TV.

Directv viewer

Man, if the mtn. goes HD, it will be sweet.

I have a 70" DLP HDTV and the DirecTV pictures on the HD channels are out of this world.

This is going to be fun.

Utah plays better on TV, and BYU just keeps playing strong.


Sweet! Now hopefully Dish Network will follow!


Intertiaman - you are killing me! The news is true because multiple sources are reporting it? Are you serious? By that rationale, there are WMD in Iraw! Nothing has been signed and this sort or "almost there" story has run before. I just don't believe in the ability of the MWC Commissioner to actually pull off a deal with the satellite companies. Comcast doesn't want the deal and the demand for the network is relatively low - the damage to the conference's appeal has already been done.


Maybe it will happen and maybe it won't. There are enough people like AL, present company included that have been alienated by this entire boneheaded process to last for awhile. Throughout this whole ordeal, serious questions have been raised about the future efficacy of the MWC for BYU and Utah. One point that really stands out is the bowl game placement that is available for the MWC champions, i.e. fifth place PAC -10. We now have to switch our focus to vastly, and quickly improving that sorry situation. No applause due for the "heroes" at the MWC and Direct TV.


It would be nice to watch MWC games again after a 2 year disappearing act. Hey Mr. Thompson, do you think we ought to change our name to the Atlantis Conference?

Nice work to Craig Thompson and all MWC school Presidents... you have done a good job setting the MWC back a few years. I wonder if anybody on the national scene even remembers who we are.

Bigger problem now

This deal will not get the game to all the homes as advertise, all it's going to do is make it possible for DirecTV subscribers to have the choice to buy a REALLY expensive sports package. This is still terrible and the MWC needs to be reprimanded for this terrible terrible decision that The mtn. was in the first place. Widespread availability will NEVER happen in the current situation. As far as I'm concerned NO ONE should pay the extra $$ for this package. The integrity of our educational institutions is worth far more to me than being able to see a game or two.

What needs to happen is to cancel The mtn. and get back to a situation that provides local outlets the games, with an occasional game on a national stage. Bring KSL/KJZZ back into the local picture in Utah and show us the BYU and Utah games we should be seeing.

On the bright side, low TV availability has to be a boon to the Universities' ticket sales...In today's environment could a BYU/Utah bball game that is shown on TV still draw 20k+ fans???


The Mole Hill

It is still a bad deal. We still won't be able to see all the games. With ESPN we could still watch the games they didn't cover on a local station like KSL or KJZZ. We are still subject to the MTN's programing.


Finally. Finally. Finally.

- St. Louis

Aggie Fan

As much as I disdain the Y and dislike the U, I am happy for their fans that this is working out. I personally would have loved to see the conference's ongoing sufferings for what I felt was the result of egotistical decision-making. I did feel badly for the fans who were the ones that were screwed by the whole deal, and I'm happy for their sakes.


BYU and Utah should go independent if they can't get in a better conference. They can make it work for football and maybe basketball; the WAC will allow the other sports to compete in their conference.

Jon Webb

Who on earth watches direct TV? Give me a break.

If they did a deal with Dish Network, then maybe someone would have a chance to watch a Mtn West game. But being on direct TV is almost as bad as having it on comcast, where virtually nobody sees the broadcasts.

It's time to wake up and finally do something right!

Sierra Blue

If the Direct TV deal actually is real, then I'm pleased. For those of us away from the Wasatch Front, our access to BYU sports has been radio or the occassional CSTV or Versus option. I'm happy with the possibility of just seeing games on TV! I will switch from DISH to Direct TV in a heartbeat once the deal is confirmed. As to all the comments about how bad the Mtn. really is, Give them a chance! With more revenue and more time, they will have an improved product. Too many posters on these articles are just negative. Life is too short to have such a gloomy attitude about things. Stop whinning. Give the process a chance. ESPN wasn't wonderful in their infancy. Rome wasn't built in a day. Didn't you ever hear that from your mother?

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