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Published: Thursday, Feb. 21 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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another coach

the coach's that are worried about kids leaving their program must be doing something wrong in that program. i don't think most kids would leave their area and the neighbors they have grown up with. i would love to see kids go where they want, for athletics or anything else for that matter. anytime someone wants to better themselves, they should be able to. this is america. i am a coach that most wouldn't want to play for but that is fine with me. being known as a good coach comes from playing the hand that is dealt, not going after a kid to come to my school. the bottom line with me is being able to look in the mirror at night. let's be honest here, recruiting and kids moving has been going on for awhile in utah anyway. letting kids go where they want would make schools and coach's get better and improve so kids wouldn't leave. anyone that wants to leave my program can go. teamwork and getting on the same page is more important than talent.

to donaldson

you should let me list all the problems with kids transfering. you should also include the stuff i send in. Those kids that transfer cant do fund raising because there neighbors dont want to support a team across town. The local kid goes to everyone in his neighborhood to ask for support. Then his money and efforts are used to support the kid who runs from the challenges at his own school. The coach feels sorry for the transfer kid and gives him opportunitys before the local kid. The rule needs to be that the students stay at there local school. If the coaches are no good then the parents should go to the administration and register a complaint. There are a lot of good people out there willing to work with young people.

to donaldson too

The only difference is ...... I have a brain.

You should let ME tell you about the problems of a principal that hates sports and could care less who coaches. A principal that sees sports as a bother and would prefer terrible teams because then less people will go to the game and it means less work for her/him.

Kids can fund raise to ANYthing ANYwhere. How many of us always by tickets to a Scout Jamboree that we have ZERO intention of going to? Or overpay for Cookies because they're for the Girls Scouts?

AS FAR AS "coach feels sorry for the transfer kid" .... either the coach is an idiot or your kid lost his position to someone out of area.

Hmmm, which one would YOU guess?


It use to be that if a kid transfered, they would have to sit out year. Now it's like you can transfer one day and be elgible the next.
Their is a kid at Davis that played baseball at Viewmont High School and was dismissed from the team for being a problem. Next thing you know he and his dad move into the Davis bounderies and he is elgible. It is sad that a kid that causes those kind've problems on his or her team is rewarded with elgibility at a new school. The kid at Lone Peak is another example.


exactly,as where is the reward for good behavior if a known athlete is allowed to misbehave and is rewarded..for felonous behavior. I pulled my kid so quick as the administration condoned it , then tried to insult the intelligence of the rest of the community. The UHSAA should have been contacted immediatly ...but no the so called righteous let this and other actions slip by..all the while the students and athletes knew the score and time of day in each and every incidence. What a plastic world and message sent to both parents and participants.


As a coach of a pretty successful program who does it with kids that only live in the boundaries, I take pride as does our school with the accomplishment. We are one of only two schools who has closed boundaries where you have to live to play. (enforced by our district) Sure I get a kid that moves in once in a while for, but it's like one kid out of my entire squad, and their family picked up and moved in. If it went open I don't think I would coach anymore. The coaches that do it for the kids and the love of the game would get out. What would be the fun in having supper teams you know that will win it every year. When we win championships doing it with our own kids it's the best because we did it through training and hard work.

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