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Published: Thursday, Feb. 21 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Double wow

I knew this was coming. If allowed to pass, this bill will be the death of high school athletics. Superpower schools winning the same championship every year is absolutely ridiculous. Consider colleges with no scholarship limitations or pro teams with no draft. The legislature seems to be focused on gaining total authority over all aspects of our lives even athletics. SAD sooo SAD.


Who are we kidding? Student athletes play where they want to NOW!!!! Look at the rosters of all the schools in Salt Lake City. After a student athlete and their parents decide where they want to play, they simply go before the UHSAA in a "special" transfer hearing, and their request is granted. The UHSAA does not have the courage or the attorney to enforce their own rules. The rules are there . . . no transfers for athletic reasons and no recruiting. Does the UHSAA enforce their own rules? NO!!! These sessions are behind closed doors, and they do not deny "special" transfers, even if the reasons for the transfer are totally transparent. It is wrong and will ruin Utah high school sports, but it happens now. The current, un-written rule is this PLAY WHEREVER YOU WANT and everyone who has been around high sports KNOWS IT!!


Cheating and recruiting already happen with rules in place. The rules keep the honest people honest.
Many state house reps are board members and involved with charter schools. They profit from the school and want to build sports teams by recruiting. I have never seen so many cousins living with other cousins in my life. I think if a kid has attended a school before a new school is built that they should be able to choose which school they stay at.


High school fan. I agree, we need to eleminate high school sports and spend the money on the classrooms. Students don't need extra curricular activities. If the kids want to play a sport they can play city leagues. What would we loose?

Very Stupid Idea

You only need one rule. Go to school where you live. Case closed. Not just for sports, for everything. If you don't think you school is good enough, make it better. You live there, so something is good enough or you should move. But where ever you live when the first sport starts for the next year is the only school you can play at that year. Even if you move during the year you can not play at another school, or the school you moved away from. High School sports should be about the community, not just the sport. All of you who don't like this idea to bad, make you school better. And get over it.

2 cents worth

Ok fine. Don't let a kid transfer for athletics, but don't let him transfer for band, or choir, or anything else either. It makes me mad when I see a student from another school in our school musical... but other students are denied that same opportunity.


I laughed myself sick when I read this article. Mark Van Wagoner, who are you kidding? I really do hope you read these posts and you can respond. How many special transfers has the UHSAA denied in the last five years? How many "special" transfer sessions have been held? The UHSAA IS THE PROBLEM! I challenge anyone who is reading this post to go and look at the UHSAA's website. The rules are there in black and white. No student can transfer for athletic reasons and coaches cannot recruit. And yet, student athletes are allowed to transfer (with permission from the UHSAA) for "social" reasons, "academic" reasons, etc. Here's what we heard in our school. "This 6'10" basketball player is transferring for "academic" reasons (so he can take AP calculus - RIGHT!) or (now, this is a good one) this student athlete got a special UHSAA transfer because there is no one from her ethnic group that will ask her to the prom (RIGHT!!). I have wondered over the years if the UHSAA is dumb or just extremely frightened of litigation. I've come to the conclusion - the are BOTH!!!

High School Spores

Look, the big schools always do well anyway. If a kid can't be loyal to his neighborhood school, then let him be a sellout. So Brighton or Alta or Skyline might win ten straight state titles. Big whoop. There are starving kids in Africa.


I could not agree more with "Coach" - if this were to go through it would be the death of high school sports. Isn't the thing that makes sports so compelling the unknown - the possibility that anyone can beat anyone on any given day? That's when sports are interesting. If this bill went through that's out the window and we'd be left with blowouts every game. Now, wouldn't that be fun?

Re: Very Stupid Idea

You are so right on!! Can I nomiate you for the UHSAA's board?


People who want to get rid of extra-curricular activities were not cool or popular in high school...

Extra-curricular activities are what keep half the kids going to school...


This year's top college football recruit, Terrell Pryor, is coming out of a relatively small (though talented) high school program. And several NFL draft boards predict Leodis McKlevin from Troy State going in the top ten. It's not where you play, it's how you play. This bill, like so many others, is about parents feeling overly entitled to push their kids into what they perceive as their elitist due.


haha i transfered for athletics and got away with it not even trying to hide it. Its not hard and i could name you 20+ other guys i know that have done it. Get a grip.

Why pass a bill?

Kids have been moving for sports for years!! You don't need to pass any bill just ask Wasatch wrestling hoow it's done.....it's that easy!!


Oh great! Now we've got a legislator who wants to put H.S. athletic sports up to the highest bidders and allow H.S. Coaches to go out and recruit for state Championships. Please tell me that this fruitcake is from California or Texas....he can't possibly be home grown.
Mr. Madsen, you must certainly have a hard time occupying your time out there on the West Desert. Are you sure those are Eagles out there or are they Fu Birds? .....I'll just say this when this Fu bird idea of yours deficates all over you, be prepared to grin and wear it.

Re: Anonymous

Do you think we don't know that? Transfers for athletic reasons are rampant. You are one of many who learned how to manipulate the system, your parents, coaches, administrators, the UHSAA . . . Congratulations! Hope this works for your in the real world!

Sports = Art, Drama, Music

Kids should be able to transfer for athletics if they are allowed to do so for drama, art, music, and AP classes.

Athletics is a talent like art, drama, music that allows students to grow and achieve academic success that they otherwise wouldn't be able to. It opens up doors for scholarships and acceptance to universities that would otherwise be closed.

Might as well let athletes choose the best school that would give them the best opportunity of developing and being seen. And for those that state that where you go to school doesn't matter, yes, if you are Terrelle Pryor you will be seen wherever, but going to a top program does increase the likelihood of being noticed for a substantial number of kids that aren't prodigies.

Re: Why pass a bill?

Yes, we can learn from Wasatch, Highland, Olympus, West, Cottonwood, Skyline, etc. They all know about "special" transfers. Look at their football and basketball rosters. If you looked at the addresses of their athletes, it would read like a Salt Lake Valley phone book or zip code directory.


Of course the legislators want to end "horror stories" like the ones at ALA. Check into who operates these "public schools"! Once again it's our crooked legislature going with what their constituents want. NOT!!! If you want to play for another school that bad, and it's the difference in a scholarship or not, then MOVE INTO THAT SCHOOL'S BOUNDARIES!!! Wake up Senator Stephenson!! Come on Utah, please lets vote these clowns out next time.

Mark Van Wagoner

Whoever has posted as To:UHSAA, I would be happy to respond to you. Please give your real name and telephone number to Amy and I will call you. Otherwise, I won't waste time responding to someone unwilling to stand behind unsupportable comments.

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