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Published: Thursday, Feb. 21 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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The settlement between the State and Barbara Snow does include requirements for Snow to enroll additional hours of State approved continuing education

Where is the proof #4

I have read the actual final document entitled "stipulation and Order" dated Febuary 19th 2008. The settlement sets forth very Strict restrictons and guidelines for Snow to follow over a four year probation. Get a copy. You would be amazed at how serious this settlement is.


As an adult, I sought out Dr. Snow a few years ago to help me work out some issues in my marriage. I knew her and trusted her and didn't believe for a second the accusations against her. At first I was pleased but then things got strange. I was shocked when she began to suggest to me that my problems stemmed from repressed memories of sexual abuse. I had worked with a skilled therapist before and had a pretty good handle on my issues and I was sure this was not it. She seemed obsessed and driven to prove this theory. She brought in an unlicensed practicioner with a degree in theology to help me "remember". This was very disturbing and I quit seeing her. I was also bothered about her not practicing patient confidentiality. She told me details of her work with other patients who we both knew.
I really don't know the truth is and I don't want to pass judgement. I only know that I experienced her suggesting and really pushing her theory without any other evidence that my problems were a result of repressed memories of sexual abuse. It was very scarry.


Our family has personal experience with her too. Not only does she ruin the lives of the falsely accused, the lives of her patients are filled with confusion, regret and much worse mental illness than they ever had to begin with. She must be stopped. She has an agenda.

superstitious age

I spent many hours studying the methods and works of social workers in the mid-eighties when the child abuse crusade began. I was not only unimpressed I was incredulous that they were getting away with leading questions, and threatening children who did not "co-operate" with them. I still am amazed that we live in such a superstitious and evil age, and that it works to destroy the innocence of children and adults alike.

It is amazing to me that people are still having to ask for videotaping of all questioning of children and evidencing the techniques used in "treating"/interrogating little children. It is ridiculous that this should not have become standard practice by now. Snow is no different than many others of her ilk. Notorious, questionable cases are legion. I still recall a well-respected doctor practising in Utah who would abuse little children and then say "Did anyone ever do this to you?"

Snow smashed up someone's computer that contained evidence of abuse? The woman must be a nut case.


I went to Dr. Snow as a young girl after being abused for 10 years. She was the best thing that could happen to me. To this day 26 years later, I thank my Father in Heaven for her. Because of her I somehow believed for the first time in my life, that I had worth. I will forever be grateful I met this women.


my husband was fasely accused of moestaion of a niece of mine,yet her mom was always there in a room when the girl was being questioned,now my husband has been found quilty he says he is being fasley accused and i bekieve him.whay can we do now

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