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Published: Thursday, Feb. 21 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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False accusations destroy lives

If this community had any idea just how many lives have been destroyed, how many children have been messed up for life, how people have been accused by Snow you would be flabbergasted! The list of those she has falsely accused is very lengthy and includes some very upstanding people living here along the Wasatch Front. You might be quite surprised to find a name on that list of someone you know and love. When Snows sword of accusation strikes its impact destroys with rippling effect and not even her own family is safe. Her unethical, threatening and manipulative techniques are no match for a child. She doesnt do proper forensic investigation. Snow decides herself if something happened and then sets forth to prove it. Until you have seen these things happen first hand you might be tempted to say that cant happen but let me tell you from one who seen the devastation and has heard the heart wrenching stories of many who have experienced this - it CAN happen and it DOES happen! She must be stopped. This creates a huge distraction from the real child perpetrators and destroys the lives of innocent children and adults.


Once again we have some people who don't get it. (False accusations destroy lives) Where do you think therapists get the names? From their clients. You talk about Snow's unethical techniques but what are they and how do you know. For someone who has been in practice for 20+ years Snow is bound to have treated hundreds of people and unless you believe Santa Claus is behind all of this, then there are a lot of real child perpetrators running lose and as anyone in the professional field knows, they can appear to be very upstanding people. Forensic investigation is used by police not therapists!!! Nice try "False Accusations" but thank you anyway for proving my previous point!!

Job is to heal not investigate

The job of a therepist is to provide intervention to children and thier families following abuse. To help them process their experiences and begin healing from the abuse they have endured. The job of a therepist is NOT to investigate a possible crime. That should be performed by trained and skilled professionals of investigation who know how to limit truma to the victim and protect the integrity of the evidence.

Forensic Investigation-

Objective, accurate, and skilled investigation of alleged child sexual abuse incidents start with a Forensic Interview which is an informational, unbiased gathering of data of a possible victim with the goal of accurate, and defensible findings regarding a possible crime.

This approach enhances the quality of assistance that is provided to children and families, improves investigations, and reduces the trauma to child victims.


Why is it that it always seems to be MS Snow that finds these alleged perpetrators ? It seems very Sad to me.


sad: because she must be good at what she does and people seek her out. As you can see from some of the comments, a therapists who treats those that are sexually abused is treated the way a women used to be treated when they were raped....its their fault. That's what's SAD.


Dr Snow is one of the most upstanding, brilliant, caring individuals in her field. She has been an advocate for children and families in our community for decades. She has saved so many individuals, both children and adults. I have known her personally and professionally for 35 years. Many have searched for a reliable, "normal" therapist and have been relieved to find someone so skilled and gifted. It is sad that people protect other adults at the expense of children and the truth. Child Abuse is rampant.

Believe the child

No one wants to believe that abuse happens to those they love. No one wants to believe that the one they love has abused a child. Child sex abuse is so troubling that many decide it just can't happen.
My child was sexually abused by a man my family knew. There was physical evidence to support the claims. My child was 5 years old. The abuser gave my child a STD. My own mother had to call a nurse to see if there was any other way to get the STD. In the end she still didn't believe her own grandchild.
Please start thinking of the victim first. Try to believe the child. How would a child make up stories about sex abuse? The child must have witnessed the things they describe.

Don't overlook this

I'm still waiting for all the dedicated defenders of Ms. Snow to explain this:

"Snow admitted to destroying a man's computer after allegations surfaced that he sexually abused one of Snow's relatives and had pornographic images of the child, which he threatened to distribute, according to the attorney's statement."

So, she DESTROYED the evidence of child sex abuse perpetrated against one of her OWN relatives, rather than taking it to the police and having the abuser arrested?

If she is such a dedicated foe of child sex abuse, then WHY on God's Green Earth would she help an abuser cover up his crimes?

Why isn't she in jail for obstruction of justice?

Am I the only one who sees something highly suspicious about all this?


Hey dont overlook this... you have no idea what you are talking about so I suggest if you dont know the whole story, you probably shouldn't speak.

Missing a friend

Ms. Snow and her followers are dangerous people. They are preventing children who are truly being abused from getting the help they need. Ms. Snow has many who she has taught to use her "techniques" and they are perpetuating her distruction. I personally have seen a family destroyed by their "therapist"'s techniques. The children have in no way been protected, they have been further harmed. Just a question, what are the the purported therapist's doing to the children while they are under hypnosis? How do we know the therapist is not abusing the children?


t is true that children will tell adults what they think the adult wants to hear. Teachers are very careful when they ask questions so they do not "give away" the correct answer. I do not think children "fantasize" about abuse, but a certain level of maturity of the brain is required before a child can distinguish what is real from what is not ("fantasy"). For this reason, most parents are vigilant about what their children watch on TV - young children do not understand that violence on the news is real while violence on a TV series or in a cartoon is not. Reports of child abuse must be investigated. Statements from a child must be carefully worded and presented - by an expert, if available - in order to prosecute the perpetrator. Not only do young children occasionally tell a story which is untrue; teenage female students have threatened male teachers with reports of molestation in order to get better grades. Our society needs to protect innocent adults, too.


I read these comments and it makes me crazy when people think just because Barbara Snow (one individual) is being attacked that somehow those people are attaching ALL therapists and DONT care about children and DONT have great concerns about abuse and DONT want to protect children. The tremendous need to protect children doesnt automatically make all those who work in that field ethical and professional. Why is the profession of therapist immune to unethical, unprofessional behavior? Every other profession has its bad apples why can't you conceive that therapists do too?

I find it interesting that the majority of those defending Barbara Snow have absolutely no personal knowledge of her dealings with children and families. The majority of those who want her stopped have knowledge of her dealings.

It would seem to me that experience out weights generalized opinions that have no backing.

Where is the PROOF???

That 'Recovered Memory Therapy' is valid and can be relied on. Barbara Snow uses hypnotherapy as the methodolgy for recovering memories that are supposedly buried deep in the unconscience mind. These therapies developed in the 1980's were center stage back then and have been proven to be completely unreliable over the last 25 years. The brain is extremely complex. The study of the mind and memory is still in it's infancy. One of the Utah Division of Professional Licensing's main compalints brought against Barbara Snow is that she does not keep up on current scientific discoveries and advances in the study of the brain and memory. Over the last 25 years there have been hundreds of criminal complaints of abuse derived from recovered (repressed) memory therapy. Most of these cases of recovered memory were in the realm of 'satanic ritual abuse'. Only a handful of these cases were ever proven and brought convictions. Some of these convictions were even overturned when DNA or other evidence exonerated the fasley accused and imprisoned. Barbara Snow is still using the methodologies of the 1980's. And as a result, innocent people continue to be falsely acussed and FALSE ACCUSATIONS DAMAGE EVERYONE ENVOLVED!!


Boy, do you assume something you have NO IDEA. And how do you know that those defending Barb "have absolutely no personal knowledge of her dealings with children and families"??? WRONG! I will and have defended Dr. Snow and I have had personal dealings with her and she helped me and my child. Those that want her stopped don't like the outcome of what her patients tell her. Don't shoot the messenger (in this case the therapist).

The Messenger

A messenger holds great responsibilites of TRUST which include: Proper and correct presentation and interprtaion of ONLY the message. Withholding personal development and personal interpretation of the message. The message needs to be consistent in it's context and interpretaion as accepted and taught amoung other professionals.

If the messenger cannot give the correct and proper
presentaion, FIRE the messenger and REVOKE her license!

There's The Proof

Amazing how science fiction gets passed for science! Equally amazing is the ridiculous assertion that one of the State's "main complaints" against Snow was that she does not keep up on current "scientific discoveries." No doubt because the discoveries you cite have yet to be made.
Like Dr. Phil says, "You can't reason with stupid."


What article is "There's The Proof reading"? I didn't see anything from the State about Snow not keeping up on "current scientific discoveries". Ya, Dr. Phil "can't reason with stupid". He had a hard time with the women that stood by her husband KNOWING he abused their little granddaughter and she did nothing!
What does science have to do with that?

Where is the proof?? Part 2

Get a copy of The State of Utah's, Division of Professional Licensing's petition filed
January 6, 2007, which sought the revocation of Barbara Snow's license. Some interesting reading.

Where's the proof Part 3

Interesting but irrelevant since the State dropped most of the allegations and did not revoke anything. Try the final document which was cited in the Desert New article instead of unfounded allegations of a premature petition.

Proof not needed

I really doubt the State sought to revoke Dr. Snow's license, like they have nothing better to do. They were probably following up on some silly complaint.

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