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Published: Thursday, Feb. 21 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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huh. Thats disturbing.

Grandma C

This is very sad, for all involved. In our efforts to protect children, we must remember that children often tell us what they think we want to hear. Leading questions, even the one about feeling safe in the home, suggest the anticipated answer and/or influence a child's thinking. In an effort to please the adult, the child may tell something that is not true. Young children (below the age of accountability) are unable to discern reality and fantasy effectively. Parents, educators, medical professionals, psychologists, and others must be very careful when questioning children. Observation of the session between a professional and child by a second professional assists in determining the reality of what a child reports. Parents should be present whenever their children are questioned by law enforcement officers, social workers, school personnel, etc.

leading questions

A therapist has to ask questions so where do leading questions come in? I think asking if the child feels safe at home is a legitimate question. The answer was frightening, not the question. If the child would have said because I fight with my siblings, it would have been different but to have a detailed answer I think is key, not the question.
I think there should be a better legal system in place, like 2 counselors for a child, to protect both, child and therapist.


Having first hand knowledge of abuse, I agree with you that it is sad for all involved. Leading is wrong. But at the same time, parents should not be present in the questioning of children. Another "safe adult" perhaps, but not the parents. If the abuse happened by a parent the child would feel uncomfortable and not say anything with their parents present. And most abuse is by a parent.


I am a victim of over-zealous social workers who investigated a groundless accusation of abuse. It was a looking-glass world where I was guilty unless I could conclusively prove I was innocent. That is impossible, because you cannot prove a negative fact.

I challenged the social workers who claimed they were treating my child. After going around and around and around with them I was more frustrated than ever.

("we don't make conclusions, we only treat" "Then what are you treating?" "we don't diagnose, we only treat" "Then how do you know if your treatment is working" "We don't make conclusions, we only treat")

The legal system also presumed I was guilty, and treated me like a criminal, even though all of the accusations had been discredited and were unsubstantiaed. The court nevertheless ordered supervised vists "to protect ME," just in case I was guilty.

The whole system is a nightmare. I hope something can be done to protect innocent people like me from the horrible treatment from over-zealous social workers.


Often, the initial report is given in a childrens' group education setting.
I don't know any children that have fantasies about being abused or raped unless that has been part of their reality. The idea that young children will tell someone only (or anything about) what they want to hear, makes it "open season" on young children.
Please take it seriously if any child reports abuse of any kind! It probably is taking every ounce of courage they have just to "tell" someone.

carol tate

It's about time to go after this evil woman.


CAROL TATE - Do you personally know this woman? Do you have ALL the facts - or are you just responding to a one sided article? I don't know if the woman is guilty or not because I only have this article to go by. I just wonder if you are reacting to personal knowledge or just reacting to react...Just asking.


An ex-boyfriend told me that his ex-wife wanted sole custody of their 3-year-old boy. She did not win it - they got shared custody. His attorney told him "The next thing that will happen is that your wife will accuse you of sexually abusing your son." Within days he found himself under arrest for exactly that. The whole ordeal was horrible for him but finally ended when the little boy said in court that his mommy told him to say what he said. Then she disappeared and he has never seen his son since - every time he finds them they up and move to another state. Child abuse is HORRIBLE - but being falsely accused has got to be a close second.

Retired Teacher

It is true that children will tell adults what they think the adult wants to hear. Teachers are very careful when they ask questions so they do not "give away" the correct answer. I do not think children "fantasize" about abuse, but a certain level of maturity of the brain is required before a child can distinguish what is real from what is not ("fantasy"). For this reason, most parents are vigilant about what their children watch on TV - young children do not understand that violence on the news is real while violence on a TV series or in a cartoon is not. Reports of child abuse must be investigated. Statements from a child must be carefully worded and presented - by an expert, if available - in order to prosecute the perpetrator. Not only do young children occasionally tell a story which is untrue; teenage female students have threatened male teachers with reports of molestation in order to get better grades. Our society needs to protect innocent adults, too.


Retired Teacher: Amen to you closing statement that innocent adults need protection, too. Why isn't there a sanction against people who continue to perpetrate false allegations when they have been repeatedly shown to be false?

My ex is allowed to say whatever she feels like, and I am told to "just live with it" (seriously). Meanwhile, the legal costs have been astronomical.


As a retired Dective I have some knowledge of Snows Methods. I was involved in investigating some of her allegations, some of them were so far fetched I was suprised that anyone would belive her. One that stands out, is many children in one neighborhood were flown in an airplane to another city and made to do indecent things, then flown back the same day and taken back to their homes. And yet not one child mentioned to their parents or siblings that they had been on a plane, which you would think they would have a hard time keeping that to themselves. No one saw them leave or return. Ya right

ABB: I was there...I know

There are three people that MUST be protected: the child, the accused and the therapist. Such protections can be afforded by mandating that all interactions with a therapist be videotaped and preserved. If leading or suggestive questions are asked by the therapist, one would have clear evidence to demonstrate it. Of course all of this requires that the therapist have complete integrity in the discharge of her professional duties. Absent that, it becomes a free-for-all in the legal system. Addressing the Bullock case in 1989, Utah Supreme Court Chief Justice I. Daniel Stewart stated, "...the sole basis for judging the reliability of the methods Dr. Snow uses, according to her own testimony, is her 'own integrity is all you would have.' But since she starts an interrogation with the assumption that abuse has occurred, she then proceeds to prove that point." "Thus, whatever expertise Dr. Snow demonstrated has to do with obtaining evidence from children to prove an assumption and not to elicit truthful responses." "Any claim that...Dr. Snow's own expertise and experience validate her conclusions...is devastating refuted by her own statement, 'I didn't believe any of those kids when they told me it didn't happen.'"


I agree with Carol Tate it is finally time to go after this evil women. Yes I do know her & her methods that she uses. She has destroyed homes,
families & neighborhoods. I know there is child abuse that is happening & that is sad very sad. It also is very sad when innocent people have their lives torn apart because of false allegations. Snow has caused much damage with her methods & she needs to be stopped.


Hard to believe it's taken over 20 years to see any action taken toward this woman. She was allowed to take a voluntary probation and have charges dropped. How long is her probation? God willing, this person will never again be allowed to practice her so-called profession in the community. Along with the destruction of lives and families look at the children who have had their childhood marred forever, who are still trying all these years later to reconcile their lives and be good fathers and mothers now. I do know the innocent who have suffered.


Who would question a retired detective? Probably anyone who knew you were labeled astonishingly incompetent by the mayor for your narrow minded and incorrect assumptions about who you insisted was the valid suspect in the Elizabeth Smart case.
No investigative or court documents in any of the alleged sex ring cases in which Snow was involved had components even vaguely resembling what you described.
In fact, your assertions are identical to allegations made in the famous McMartin sex ring case. Whod suspect a cop of plagarism?
A more accurate explanation for your bias may be the embarrassment of the law enforcement community when the Attorney General's Office successfully prosecuted the Lehi case which they discounted.

Remembering You

Carol....let's be forthcoming here. You and your husband were accused in an ecclesiastical setting by eight separate adults of sexual abuse when they were minors and Barbara Snow wasn't the therapist for all the victims.


Why are we spending time on a 20yr. old case where a jury found him guilty and the sentence was upheld by the Utah Supreme Court. It really doesnt matter, its old news. We are forgetting the perp that started this whole mess mentioned in todays article. Since there was no custody issues and/or divorce its hard to find a reason why two separate people implicated the same person and what motive a therapists would have. Quit forgetting about the abused.


As one who has been fortunate to have been treated by Dr. Snow, I am grateful everyday that she has helped me through one of the most devastating events of my life. Without her professional care, I would not be a functioning adult today. We need more like her to help those of us who have been sexual abused as it often times takes years to heal. I am now guilt free and realize it was not my fault, something my abuser was very good at making me believe.... especially since I am a male.


A common problem with is child abuse is we all think we know a little about it, when we really do not. (e.g. Detective/Carol Tate) Getting to the root of the problem of child abuse is very complicated and unfortunately very real. We have to ask ourselves why would therapists want to plant false memories? That makes no sense. Therapists recount what they hear but too many times they are then crucified for their message. Just like Snow. To be quite honest why we anyone select this as a career based on what is happening to Snow. As a society we need to start taking abuse allegations more seriously and try to fix the system so victims feel like they will be believed and therapists feel like there is some backup support for what they do!! Thank goodness for therapists like Snow who have the guts and the expertise to recognize child abuse and protect our children, at apparently great personal sacrifice!! Get real people.

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