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Published: Thursday, Feb. 14 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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I hope the legislature looks compassionately at every bill they pass, not just the ones on illegal immigrants. As said in the article the Church takes no stand. I home the lawmakers enforce the laws, and do not take this as an endorsement for allowing status quo. Something needs to be done, and eliminating their ability to work is the sensible solution. But it should be done in a way that they can return to their homeland unless they have violated the law.

Kinda Sad

Kinda sad that Mormons have to be reminded to be compassionate and look and illegal immigrants as God's children, just like every other human is. What do Mormons teach in their Sunday School? (I suppose you can teach whatever you want but that doesn't mean Mormons learn or follow their teachings). I thought Mormons were Christians? Why the need for constant reminders that all humanity is God's children - that's bread and butter gospel, but seems like the members just don't get it.

Carlos B.

Dear Country:

At last, someone is making sense in the issue of immigration.

Thank you Elder Marlin K. Jensen (LDS).

Thank you Bishop John C. Wester (Catholic).

And, Thank you Pastor Steven Klemz (Evangelical) for all your support and positive comments towards a comprehensive immigration reform.

I am also a Pastor and I too am in favor that our government pass a law that would benefit the millions of undocumented people in the United States of America. This is the reason why THE LORD has blessed this nation. The love and compassion towards our neighbor.

We need to remember that THE LORD GOD of JACOB, THE GOD OF ISRAEL and THE GOD OF THIS COUNTRY made the earth for us human being. But, because of our hard heart we have made borders. Let's be a blessing to those in need, so that GOD may bless more our nation and not only bless us, but PROTECT US from those who wants to damage the United States of America.


J. Carlos B.


I commend the LDS, BUT:

Should not those that ask others to give compassion give it themselves?

Of the many faithful ,legal immigrants that are sick, seperated from their families, hungry, or poor that are legally waiting to come to the USA are extended compassion? That those illegally here should receive it?.

How many LDS Chapels are being used to feed, house or care for these , either here in USA or 3rd world countries?.

The Church teaches its members to work toward an eternal Family. Families spend great wealth towards that end and do great work for the dead. But families do nothing for the living poor, hungry or sick among its own membership in 3rd world countries. let alone reach out to those outside its own to give this Christ like love, charity or compassion.

Where is the guidance given its membership to reach out and take in a poor family, someone sick or hungry into their home, or to sponsor the poor of other countries in their repective locations through their own branches , wards, or stakes?. Rather then ask a State law maker to have compassion , Maybe the LDS Church could begin at home?

Karen Smith

I do feel compassion, but I want people who enter our country illegally to go back and return following US immigration law and regulation. We are a law-abiding country and it will always stick in the craw of Americans to watch people flaunt the law and begin their lives in America after having gotten in by, basically, cheating the system and disadvantaging all the people who are trying to follow the law and not circumvent the system.


Two comments. I hope they have compassion also for the workers who reside in the State legally, and for the 12-20 million people dealing with identity theft, so people illegally in the United States can work.

Illegal aliens are not immigrants. Immigrants come legally to this country, following the immigration laws. Many wait for years and years. My forefathers came here after almost a decade of waiting.

Bob G

This compassion for the illegal Mexicans the chruch speaks of is what has been and continues to destroy America and the Unity of the American people. These illegal aliens and foreign natiionals are preying on this compassion and using it against the American people. The time has come to throw compassion out the window for the illegals and put the american people and our country first, have compassion for the americans that have and are victimized by these illegals. Have compassion for the Americans losing their jobs and job security to these illegls. Have compassion for our governement and social programs that are supposed help the poor americans. Compassion for the illegals ends at the Mexican border and the time to serve the american people and protect our rights to have the american dream. The illegals, all 23+ million of them, have served their purpose and now it's time to rid this country of them. The will of the american people to have dreams of success has been crippled and destroyed. The abundence of illegal labor for business has systematically destroyed any hopes of the american workers and now it's time to take the illegals off the pork of government.

fed up in salt lake

i wonder if the same people that are so pro illegal immigration, have had their pay cut by half over the last few years and when they do hold out for a living wage only to watch their taxes go up and up to subsidize the employer who is giving our jobs to people who are here illegaly, after all someone has to pay for all the freebees, like housing,free medical, wick, free lunch at school, heat , and many other programs, while watching crime follow closly behind. so when you hear so many people talk about how we NEED the illegals hear , ask yourself , DO WE ?

Oops . . .

Let's fix that typo:

It's meant to say, "Have compassion for criminals".

Karen K.

Not taking a position? Are you kidding me? It is obvious that religious leaders are taking a position in favor of illegal aliens. Oh well, I guess I will continue to follow the advice my church leaders give me and honnor and obey the law. No double standard here that I can see.

Re: Kinda Sad

It's also KINDA SAD that mormons know so little of their own history that they have no clue that their ancestors were once the same thing.
Only, THEIR ancestors fled to Mexico because their practices were not allowed by the 'promised land' "set up so that they could be founded".


Elder Jensen can't possibly mean what he said about taking a "factual" approach to the problem. That would certainly not lead to more compassion. We have compassion fatigue because we see the problem growing. And his comment about getting to know an illegal alien is absurd on the face of it. When we hold home evenings at the prison, we love the felons. We forgive them for what they did. BUT WE DON'T LET THEM GO AND PRETEND THERE WAS NO CRIME. Do the Brethren realize that is their message? Will I be excommunicated for my stand against illegal aliens?


Elder Jensen -
At what point do we stop showing compassion for Gadianton robbers? Either you support rule of law or you ignore it. You can't choose the laws you want to obey and the ones you want to completely disobey - there are consequences. I support legal immigration 100%. It's illegal immigration I struggle with.


"Meet an undocumented person," he said. "Come to know their family."

Not a good idea, they might sell your information to a relative living in another part of the country, and you'll end up trying to fix your credit once they use your identity.


Utah's new immigration measures come straight from Apartheid South Africa's book. Now there's a state to emulate.


Once again, the church is sticking its nose into legislative business. How about the separation rule when it comes to law making and religious influence.
I hope the laws get passed and we can start taking control of the illegal immigrant situation. They are breaking our laws and I have no compassion for any law breaker. Round them up and send them home. Church leaders should keep to their business of running their church, not the government.

Dan H.

Which side of the mouth is the church talking from today? We don't generally take a stand on legislative issues - except alcohol and immigrants. AlcoPop's are legal and we think they shouldn't be and immigrants are illegal and we want them to be legal. I am getting dizzy in the winds of change.

Should we be excepting a rewrite of the Articles of Faith soon to suit the needs and will of the church - "We believe in not being subject to kings, presidents, rulers, and magistrates, in disobeying , dishonoring, and opposing the law".


It is time for the churches to practice what they preach. Let the churches suck it up and pay the price for being compassionate. Not the general public. I am LDS and I hold to my belief, however let the different religions take up the call and provide the expenses for medical care, WIC, free school lunches and the many other programs that are handed out to the illegals. In this way I can decide for myself wether to pay my tith and support my beliefs or not. Not expect the citizens of this community or any other community to carry this unlawful burdon. I know may illegals due to my employment and the majority are very hard workers. BUT THE LAW IS THE LAW. Is it not what religions teach, to follow and obey the laws of the land??? Let the immigrants come to this country legally!!


Elder Jensen, what part of obeying the law of the land do you not understand? Illegal immigration is not the same as legal immigration.


The ICE Officer can show compassion as he assists the illegal's onto the bus and again show compassion as he assists the illegal's off the bus into the country from whence they came.
The 12th Article of Faith of the LDS church says that we believe in obeying, honoring and sustaining the law.
We are fed up with the increased crime and other costs associated with the illegal's that are flowing into this country. This must cease. The Federal legislators have refused to take a serious stand and stop this insanity so it has become necessary for State legislators to do so. I hope that our legislators will not buckle to the comments by Bro. Jensen. I have had nothing but the highest respect for Bro. Jensen in the past but we part ways on this issue.

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