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Published: Friday, Feb. 15 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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For patrons in wheelchairs, forget about using a restroom. They are down a set of stairs with no access.


Market street is way overpriced escpecially for the tiny portions you get, and the food isn't any better than red lobster.


Market Street is fantastic. The food is fresh and the service is WONDERFUL! We went to South Jordan location this past week and had a fantastic dinner of Canadian lobster tails with an appetizer of raw oysters! You can in no way compare this to Red Lobster....


We took our family to Market Street in South Jordan thinking we would let the family experience fine dinning. Each one of us tried to not be negative about the experience, but in the end we all felt the same, we will never come go there again. We had one small loaf a bread for the family with no butter. Our potatoes were hard, The brussel sprouts were awful, my salmon was awful, the fish and chips were fishy etc. etc. It ended up costing around $150.00, for what, a long wait and small portions and cafeteria food, and the wait for our food was horrible.


This is one of my all-time favorite restaurants. I live in California now, but still dream of the peppery chowder, crusty bread with slightly sweet honey butter (I always asked for extra butter when ordering), and ice cream with sabayon (the best dessert west of the Mississippi!). Some of these reviews sound like they are talking about a completely different restaurant. I've visited Market Street many, many times and have always had mutiple loaves of bread, ample butter, and seafood that could never be discussed in the same sentence as Red Lobster. To each her own :)

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