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Kings use pressure to rally past visiting Utah

Published: Saturday, Feb. 9 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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How did Jerry Sloan make it through that game? This was some of the most "homered" refs I've seen all year. That mysterious 3 second call on Milsap at the end of the 3rd period was strange? I love my Tivo. The Kings at one point were shooting 3-11 from the field during the 3rd quarter but had something like 28 free throws. This trend continued through the 4th quarter.

The jazz played well considering the pathetic officiating. I felt completely ripped off, the only reason I continued watching this game was to see Jerry Sloan get ejected, it was as if he was on valium?

NBA refs are the worst in sports

It's a little easy to see why the jazz lost. Sacramento shot 23 more free throws then Utah. If that's not one sided calling I don't what is

The jazz made 19 and the kings made 40, Take that away and utah would have won 85-77. Pathetic simply pathetic. NBA I expect you to officiate, not give games away

D up Korver

I didn't see the game, but on the highlights on ESPN, in every one of them Korver was falling on his rump "trying" to D-up Kevin Martin. He made Martin look like frickin' Jordan out there. Let me tell you one thing, you better start playing some dawgone D Korver. Or this will be the first of many losses the Jazz have in store for them.

bad officiating

Yes. But you have to over come that on the road for a good play off seed. Thats the way it is in Sterns N B A . Boozer and Memo are back to soft D,.... again. C.J. blew his chance,..... again. Korver was just a spot up jump shooter that couldn't hit. Not much to his game tonight. I am tired of saying the same things over and over about Hart. You all know it's a joke any way.Price looked very good again. It's good to see him get play time. We missed Brewer's quickness and defense tonight, he's important for setting the tone and it helps for when Korver comes in. We really need a big man stopper just let Hart go to use his roster spot for agood big. You can't go in to battle with only 3 4 and 5's combined.(Okur, Boozer,(softies),and Milsap) What were they thinking letting Araujo go with out replacing him with a good big. Instead they signed Hart. Well we had a good streak and I'm sure we will regroup. But the West is tough and we need a good big man.Please no more Hart. We don't want to pay for that.

Jason Hart

Ha ha ha ha ha........


I'd asked a question "which team will be able to stop the jazz ?" and answered "jazz". Yes, finally it happenned and Jazz stopped herself against the Kings. I feel sorry to lose the game but i know any team can win because here's NBA. No team can win all. On the other hand, maybe it happenned better for the Jazz, 'cause the player were under stress when to lose. Now, no more stress and i'm sure they'll play better for the next. There is no problem..GO JAZZ


Agreed. Whatever the reason, the refs were TERRIBLE. Normally when a team loses by 13 or whatever it finally was it seems silly to blame the refs, but they just made one terrible call against us after another and another. I don't blame the guys for getting frustrated.

Great Scott...

Jason Hart comes back and the Jazz NEARLY lose to the Nuggest, and then this game they actually did lose. I'm just sayin'... He does well quite a bit...but...the streak. Go Jazz! I'm sure Hart will do better.


I knew the Jazz would lose the Sacramento game, they should have lost the previous game in Denver too but they lucked out. The Jazz will come back to earth now, no more 10 game winning streaks. They now have the three point shooter they needed with Korver, but with no interior defense and Gasol now in LA and Shaq in Phoenix, the Jazz are doomed to fail once again.


Sloan has really calmed down lately... either he likes these young guys more than he lets on, he's just really happy Ostertag is gone, or his new wife gets on him every time he gets a technical!

Jimmy's Sneakers

Jimmy is disappointed but not surprised the Jazz lost that game. Sacramento is better than their record, especially now that they have everyone back and healthy and the Jazz have never played well at Arco Arena. Also Jimmy believes that Ronnie Brewer is more important to this team than he gets credit for.

Tonight the Jazz start a new streak against Chicago, who is suffering through some injury problems.

BTW - is anyone else surprised that Jerry only has 3 T's so far this year? Jimmy believes that that has to be an all-time low for him heading into the all-star break. Elias can you confirm that?


More soft play down low.
Too many free throws for the Kings.
December de ja vu.


The Kings played a tough game. They were agressive and the backed the Jazz down. But I have to agree with Officials, every time that whistle blew, it was against the Jazz. A lot of that came from aggressive play of the Kings, but it seemed taking it the basket for the Jazz didn't yield the same whistle tooting impact as it did for the Kings. Well, the Jazz had a good run, now they have to gear up, for the next go round. Loose two in a row, and they drop several slots in the standings.


I don't think the Jazz played with the same intensity that they have in the past few games. The Kings were doing whatever they wanted most of the game. They played well and we didn't---simple as that.
Officiating was suspect, but a team has to play well enough to overcome poor officating.
I didn't see the "spark" in the eyes of the Jazz last night like we normally see when they are really playing well.
They did hit their free throws pretty well when they were honored to get a call from the refs.
Hope they can come out and bury the Bulls, but they will have to work at it, the bulls took it to Golden State the other night.


to officials.

One word, WRONG. The Jazz played slow transition defense with no help. The Kings were relentlessly taking the ball into the paint and were the more aggressive team, that is the reason for the depairity. Now, I will not deny there were some questionable calls, the Jazz flat out LOST the game, and when it counted (the 4th quarter) fell apart offensively (poor passing and settling for jumpers) and refused to play defense. I look for a strong rebound against the Bulls tonight, and starting another streak.


The refs in this game truly dictated the pace of the game which caused the Jazz to be totally out of sync. The worst called game of the year so far.

I make no excuse

I swear NBA officiating needs to be completely redone. Those officials were completely wistle happy last night, We could have won it, had we kept a little more composure, cause we have done it in the face of terrible officiating before but bottom line, NBA refs suck...except of course that charming DICK BAVETTA ( I hope thats how you spell his name)
Good run Jazz
Start another and KILL the bulls tonight.

Jazz Fan

I agree with Officials? The Sacramento game last night was one of the worst examples of being homered in recent memory...mystery calls galore. But the Jazz are an atrociously miserable passing team; in close games they were exposed. They also cannot guard slashing driving players. What in the name of Sam Hill are a Douby or a Salmon? Sacrament is a 'D' league teams as far a any NBA team that will ever be a playoff contender. Korver came back to earth. The Jazz seemed content to only shoot from the outside, other than D'Will's driving to the hole. As I have said in the past, the Jazz cannot lose to any sub .500 team in the league and be a contender for the title or even the playoffs the way things are shaping up in the standings. Sloan and Johnson must be scratching their heads again. The Jazz must finish off the next 4 games in the win column or they will be in trouble.


Harps, Sappy, D'Wil and Price Kicked butt last night. The officials were bums.

Free Throws?

50 to 23? I think that is 27 more free throws for the Kings and they only won by 14. The Jazz outplayed the Kings, but because of the terrible officiating the Jazz didn't have a chance. It was incredible how the Kings would drive to the hole and get foul calls regardless if a foul was truly made. Deron drives to the hole gets fouled and nothing is called; for example he came off a screen got the ball and Brad Miller was there, Deron took it into his body made the shot and nothing was called. All I ask is that the officials be consistent, if they are going to call a lot of fouls, make sure they do it for both sides. Honestly the game was decided on the free throw line and all the credit for the win goes to the officials. Didn't this happen the last time we were in Sacramento? I thought I was watching the same game. Its terrible!

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