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Published: Saturday, Feb. 9 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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For once, I wish the newspaper would write an article about the responsibility illegal immigrants have to obey the laws of the United States--they are having trouble now because they thought they could commit a crime (entering illegally) and not get caught. They thought that America is weaker than Mexico with its immigration policy. Perhaps those individuals this article mentions crying about "divided families" , or the "injustice" of ICE enforcing US laws should have thought of the consequences of their own actions before breaking the law. I have spoken to hundreds of illegal Mexicans, and not one has any remorse for breaking the laws of the US. I for one am tired of articles like this one which focuses on the "pain" these lawbreakers feel, rather than on the damage they cause by doing it---lower wages for many US workers, and increased social, law enforcement and healthcare costs for us all.
The Mexican government at all levels is corrupt and demonstrably uncaring about creating jobs for its own citizens, and wants them to come to the US to mask its own terrible shortcomings-- illegals send back $25 Billion dollars to Mexico.
Why can't Mexicans obey the law?

be realistic

no country in the world lets anyone who wants to come and live without their say. I have no problem with immigrants whatsoever, In fact I think they provide a lot of good to our communities. Just do it legally and then you don't have to be worried about shopping at the mall and having the ICE come and pick you up. Everyone is welcome here, that is one of the wonderful thing about this country. Just do it legally.

DN Go For It

Please publish where they can get LDS welfare and help . Just wondering , I have never seen it?

Came here legally

I too came to this country looking for something better but I did it legally. When I came, I adapted to the country not expecting the country to adapt to me. I am now an American citizen and have seven children and certainly can feel for families that are torn apart. But there has to be a better way than living in fear with the constant threat of being torn apart and thrown in jail.


Being a criminal is a crime. It hurts you and your family. Go home. Don't risk getting caught and hurting them and you. It is not my responsibility to take care of criminals or feel sorry for you for coming here and knowingly breaking my laws.


I am sorry these families are having to go through this. However, if they had not broken the law, they would not be in this situation. They brought it upon themselves. On the most basic level they are stealing.

There are poor people all over the world. There are poor people in every country on the planet, with the maybe the exception of Monaco. We even have poor here in the United States! What are we doing for them?

There are two ways to do things--the right way and the wrong way. Looks like these people elected to do things the wrong way. Now they must suffer the consequences of their actions.

And please, don't you bleeding hearts try to give a guilt trip *me* for *their* bad decisions. If you or I were to break the law, we could expect the same treatment.

Gringo Ward

Many are making a better life by doing drug trafficking, being a coyote in smuggling in illegal immigrants at a hefty price, driving without a license with no insurance, free medical and identity theft. I am giving you this information because you are apparently not aware of these practices. This should help you with the tone, and substance of your messages on this issue.

The US Department is in big trouble by sanctioning trucks entering from Mexico on our US Highways, and this issue will be in our High Court soon. This takes jobs away from our own truck drivers in the US, and it is illegal. You should listen to the news on CNN to be more informed on all the issues of Illegal Immigration.

Please pass this on to Joe

Bob G

Money received or gotten by illegal means does not belong to them. The money should be given to the state and used as tax revenues not collected from these illegal scum low lifes. The families new the risks of being illegal and should suffer the consequences of their own actions. If they don't like it they can return to Mexico across the Rio Grande from whence they come, and don't forget the kids, we don't want you saying we wouldn't let you take them with you. The illegal children of illgals do not bleong here either and are not citizens of the US. They may have been birthed here but concieved in mexico and transported illegally across the border as hidden human smuggling.

Doug Slater

Prisons are full of "used to be" parents, whose families are having to cope without the Breadwinner.
These people created their own problem here without making a concerted effort to correct the situation in their own country. Granted, some are trying to do so legally and are frustrated by our bureacracy.
There is the real problem and our government is not making it possible for the legal immigrant to come here in a timely manner. Why? Having shuffled paper around an office, I still can't see why it takes years to process any application.


We need to make it easier for these folks to immigrate to the United States legally. Our country was built on the backs of immigration. They set a work ethic example for our children. They do need to be here legally but we need to clear the way for that. It is too expensive currently for them to do it legally. It's time to solve this immigration issue. The immigrants should learn english as part of their process.


While as a single mother know the heartache at times of not being able to provide essentials for my family, I did not resort to breaking the law. My teen daughters cannot find work in our area, none of the teens here work, because there are too many illegals who will work for nothing. When my company laid closed and laid us off, again I was competing with illegals for the jobs I needed to keep us a float. I was not in debt, had no credit cards with balances and had always paid cash for old cards, but I still got so far behind in my bills, taxes and car registrations. It was very painful. Do not believe for a minute that they are just taking jobs Americans don't want. Any job, from janitor to cashier would have kept me a float three years ago. Most, not all, of the pain I've experienced in my life has been the result of some thing I did. I think the tears of Ms. Ortiz are similar. I am sympathetic to her, but at the same time lets humanely give them a ticket back to their country of origins.

Why put yourself in this place?

Why aren't the unions in the country protesting this wave of illegals? They depress the wage scale all over America. I do not live in Utah. I live in a north eastern state.


These people broke the law. When US citizens break the law does the paper run articles on the families they will be leaving without an income. No.

Their have been immigration laws for many years, not only in this country but in every country to protect the workers. When the government stopped enforcing the law, they took advantage of it. Now the economy is turning bad, they are enforcing the laws, and the time has come for them and their families to go back to their homeland. It's not the government or society that's splitting the families, it's by their choice. Their families can go with them.

Mexico has the 14th strongest economy in the world and protects it's southern border from immigration violations.


Undocumented illegal aliens knew there would be risks when sneaking into the United States. They knew they were breaking the law. They chose to become criminals, they chose not to follow the rules. If the United States and Utah change the law for every illegal alien, we might as well throw out all laws. Their case should be a show case of Justice done right by Utah. They must be sent home, at their country's expense. Let this be a wake up call to all other law breaking, sneaks, that without remorse, defile the United States. Up holding the law is the honorable thing to do. Utah should not slap the legal citizens in the face by allowing these law breakers leniency.


Help this poor people to return to their country, and do the things right,and learn to respect the law.

Enter Name

Hey Des News, you forgot to mention one thing, ALL THESE PEOPLE WERE ILLEGAL!!!


What is so hard about understanding "illegal"? The families always suffer when anyone breaking the law is arrested. Whether it be drugs, poaching, DUI or any illegal activity. Welcome to Utah...obey the laws or leave!!

Migra man

When you live a life of deceit and fake who you really are, it eventually plays out and you ultimately pay the consequences.
Back back home, start over, and try doing things the right way for a change!


Universal Industrial Sales and like businesses that hire illegal aliens are the problem here. If They wouldn't offer jobs to theses people, we wouldn't have this problem. If these places get raided and their employees get busted, then the fines should be imposed on the business at such a rate that the fine would include providing for the affected families until they can get their affairs settled to go back to their homes. Now that so many illegals have come and partaken of the free enterprize and learned capitalistic ways, go back to your homes and implement them there.


Sad situation.
As long as there are jobs here and no jobs there, they'll keep on coming. Walls won't stop them. Fanatical volunteers at the border won't stop them. Raids like this won't stop them.
What will stop them is improving conditions in their home countries.
Until the US realizes this, and works toward it, they'll keep coming.

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