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Published: Friday, Feb. 8 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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This made me sick, I am glad to hear that the rogue Bishop was reeled in. Distubring that it got this far really. If I am walton, first thing I do at the end of the semester is find a new ward.

Re: cks1450

You have no idea what happened, just like none of us really knew what happened to Walton in the first place. Who are you to judge this bishop? I signed the honor code I by doing so committed to obeying all of the requirements such as attending church EVERY Sunday.


I'm sure theres more to the story that we don't know, and I'm glad, thats the way it should be. But some bishops need to realize that if kids are making mistakes getting them to transfer to another school may not fix the problem. In fact it would probably make it worse and the person bitter towards the church. BYU is not for perfect people, just like the church is not for perfect people. Lets allow room for repentance. I've known people that will just lie to get their endorsement because they think their small problems will get them kicked out of school. Is that what we want?


justice is served


It's nice you can judge the actions of a bishop without knowing anything, other than what was in the newspaper. Calling someone a "rogue bishop" is not only ridiculously harsh, but extremely disrespectful.

Metaphor Man

Glad to see even BYU's pencil has an eraser!

SJ Bobkins

I was open and hoping for more info in this story which should never have been written, especially with the disgusting tag line. There had to be something we don't know about the player or the bishop is an egomaniacally demon. Well, the player is back without restriction or probation, but the bishop....................
I'm very happy I have never met him. He may owe a lot of folks apologies, most of which, the young man who had his good name trashed on the front pages of both SLC daily newspapers.


If a bishop wants respect, he must earn it.

No, we don't know all the details.

But what we do know does not look good for this bishop.

Fanatic members are prone to assume that, because he was "called of God" to be bishop, therefore, he must be infallible. And therefore, there must be something going on with Walton - he must have really been doing something bad...

Your superstitious beliefs lead you to erroneously give the bishop the benefit of the doubt rather than Walton. THAT is religious prejudice, and THAT is what caused this problem in the first place.

How many times do we have to be told: WAKE UP SAINTS! Get your heads out of the hymnals long enought to look around and see what reality is like!

Too late

The D-News already put out this story for everyone to see. It was a tabloid article.


Another reason BYU is the lamest school in the Nation. It is the only school i wouldn't pay for my kids to attend, even though I am LDS. Why does a bishop need to determine if you are 'worthy' to attend biology, economics, etc. makes no sense. I'm sure plenty of kids do 'unworthy' things and still go every sunday, so why should someone be 'expelled' for not going or going to another ward with friends/family?

I wish the chuch would severe direct ties with BYU and let it be a private school not run by the quorumn of 70.

Not Mormon Here

How ridiculous. Thank God this young man got fair treatment. LDS bishop should be ashamed of himself.

My Grandpa Used To Say...

"It's a pretty thin pancake that doesn't have two sides." We will never know the Bishop's side of the story as it is not a matter of public record and should never come out in the media.

The "Rogue Bishop" comment shows incredible immaturity, or blatent disregard for the religion and the fact that it is a religious institution.

LDS students go to BYU at a discounted tuition compared to non LDS Students. If they violate the honor code they are in danger of losing that privilege to attend.

I am glad it is the Savior that ultimately judges us, and not "mere humans."

Dean of Ed.

I think eventually we'll find that the problem isn't with the bishop, but with Walton. Looks like his daddy saved him this time--next time it won't be so easy.


Few people will appreciate me saying this, but oh, well. The level of mean-spiritedness in the discussion of the initial story was very disturbing. (I'm also "Telegraph" there.) People ignored the fact they were hearing the bishop's and stake president's words FOURTH-HAND and fired away vicious diatribes against those eccelesiastical leaders, men they've never met and wouldn't know from Adam. Other people questioned this young man's character without knowing him, either. Sad.

I'm glad in this case that the leaders apparently did see reason and withdrew their hasty judgment. Hey, it happens. Church leaders, baseball players and their families, and BYU personnel are human beings. Human beings sometimes/often make mistakes. *Decent* human beings eventually recognize that fact and work out their problems like adults WITHOUT trying to assassinate each others' character. Other people ... um, well, let's just say they give "Rise and Shout!" a whole new meaning.

Walton's "natural" choice: Transfer to Oregon State, Arizona State, or another high-profile, top-flight baseball school. Instead, he worked it out. Congratulations to him and the others. Maybe all those snipers on the previous forum and their sympathizers can put aside their spite and bitterness and do the same?


I don't hink you have to go to church EVERY SUNDAY to be eligible for BYU. There are legitimate reasons to not go to church. If your wife has a baby on a Sunday are you going to say "sorry honey, I need to leave and hear about how to be a better home teacher". Yeah right.

Good for him

Good for Mr. Walton. I wish him well and hope those who mishandled the situation learned from just how ridiculous they appeared in jeopardizing this young man's future.


Happy to have Kent back in school! What ever happened is behind us now, and Kent can get on with his education and baseball playing again! Coach Law is an outstanding coach, and is a great example for his players.


Grateful for a fair process

This is wonderful news. I'm sure this entire ordeal would have been better handled privately and had the same outcome. The Tribune and DNews should been more responsible in selecting a story to print. Some things are better off left private. There are many situations that occur like this at BYU. But this only made the papers because he was a celebrity student. In any case, I'm happy for this young man.

cal mormon

i attended church exactly 2x as a freshman at BYU. 100% church attendance is not a requirement for acceptance or continued enrollment at BYU. and if a non-member does not attend church 100%??the honor code is just that -- not a covenant to attend church every sunday. the more BYU does this kind of stuff, the more difficult they make it for themselves to attract top LDS students and LDS student-athletes -- let alone good kids who are not LDS! i hope BYU remembers that there is a very large alumni network which doesn't appreciate this kind of publicity! BYU Admin -- you can control negative press by not making stupid decisions that are picked by the media and drag all of us down. please purge the admin team to get rid of the "tenured" hicks from utah co. and hire some professional admin -- some that have actually worked in the real world!

RE RE Cks 1450

I go to church every week because I individually feel it is right for myself, and for my family. I know many who go just to please someone else. (aka some byu students that sign the honor code). So please don't give me that "oh I signed the honor code so I go every sunday". By saying that you are telling me that you as an individual dont want to be there.

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