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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 6 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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RE: To Spike

Like I said above....your choice. Play on the home school team and make daddy proud!!! You have a CHOICE. MAKE IT!!!

honey comb

Public schools are a privilege........again....public schools are a privilege. The privileges are also what comes with attending public schools. I am so tired of hearing the tax answer thrown at the public schools that entitles a home schooled individual. The parents made the choice....it's like having a kid quit a team and the team wins a state championship and he is supposed to be entitled to a ring? He made the choice just like parents made the choice. Privilege. I am glad the UHSAA is nipping this issue because I would hate to have to have to explain to a parent why their kid, who was vested in the public school and the system (academic and athletic), that their kid was being bumped by homeschooler who does not have to abide by the same academic standards. Of course we would know those standards if Madsen wouldn't have implemented the bill that took away accountability of the schools. He must be crazy to think there will be "no fraud" committed by signing a piece of paper. Are we that naive? Ask the teachers what they see, that is where facts are revealed. Go UHSAA.

Paul Mero

SB 37 prevents "jumpers" (i.e. these purported public school student athletes failing in grades who would be pulled by their dishonest parents into home school). Read the bill. And btw, we closed that loophole because of legislative concerns about dishonest PUBLIC school parents, not home school parents.

I cannot believe, after the voucher rhetoric from public school supporters (who argued that vouchers were dividing our community and not inclusive), all of this divisive "you made your choice now live with it" attitudes. Or that "public school is a privilege"...I have been constantly told by you folks that its a right.

The UHSAA is simply wrong. They are a private organization (with the power of a "state actor")worried about their money and their turf. Plain and simple. SB 37 is about freedom and opportunity and community and inclusiveness for ALL student athletes.

Where does all of this hate and discrimination over home schoolers come from? And why? We actually subsidize YOUR child's public school experience, as well as pay for our own.

The Jordan School District is a model of welcoming and appreciation for EVERY student. SB 37 simply extends the same ethos across all school districts.

Power Hungry

Madsen is consumed with his hunger for power. This insanity needs to stop now before our prep sports are flushed down his sewer. Please contact you legislator and ask her/him to keep the academic accountability on a fair and equitable playing field. Student athletes must prove GPA eligibility on a quarterly basis per UHSSA requirements. For most coaches they also require their athletes to prove eligibility at midterm checks to show progress.

Smee to Mr. Mero

Mr. Mero, in the public school, eligibility standards are set or influenced by the UHSAA, the school district, and the individual high school. They are in writing and they are measurable. They measure a student's progress academically. Written standards that are measurable can determine eligibility and are valid. Educated opinions by individuals can not be measured and are not valid. How can you have a standard eligibility policy to fit all home school situations? Can we expect all parents or those who teach home school to be honest when they are facing the disappointment and pressure from their child if he or she did not meet the eligibility standard especially if all they have to do is say "yes they are eligible"? Or if they have to show proof of the progress, how is this going to be done in a valid way? In the public school system, the people determining eligibility are not associated with the family. If exceptions are made for home schoolers, what will be the next exception? Adjusting the activities schedule of the school so that it matches that of the home schooled child? Please address these questions Mr. Mero.

Paul Mero

Dear Smee, the teacher/student relationship in the home is NOT inferior to the teacher/student relationship at a public school. Your questions assume someone is a liar...but why not a "someone" at public school? There are infinitely more examples of PUBLIC school cheaters than any home school family trying to game the system.

There is NO exception in current state law, current State Board rule, or even current UHSAA by-law...an adult of responsibility establishes grades for the student athlete. In a home school that person is parent or guardian. Geez, get over your prejudice.

As home school parents my wife and I have taught our six children for over a span of 20 years. Our four boys will have played for Jordan HS a combined 14 years by the time the youngest is done. Under current law, we live by threat of perjury if we are liars. Public school teachers, coaches, and administrators are under no such threat...and yet are still human and not morally superior. They still move student athletes at times through grades when ineligible. So, again, I ask why single out us?

Answer: pure discrimination, sometimes personal, sometimes systemic. SB 37 solves this problem.

Paul Mero

And to "Jordan Man"...you're a stud. You might be right...maybe all of these distrustful people are really afraid of what will happen next year at the state tournament!!

But why dwell on next year, Jordan Man? Lead us to the promised land now!! :)


Where does one get off thinking their home schooled kid should be allowed to participate in school activities...

no battle

nothing to battle about here... school sports and school activities include the key word "school" .... If you want your kids to participate on the school team then they clearly should be enrolled in that school... Its audacious to cry discrimination and unfairness when you choose not to participate... how is it fair to kids who actually attend a real school... all kids should be accountible to the same standards and should have the same school experience.
Home schoolers can have sock and pillow fights for extracuricular activities .... Get real people

A little understanding

Why do people homeschool? While I can't speak for everyone, for myself and most families that I know personally, the reason is simply TIME. I found it difficult to do all the "other stuff" when my children didn't get home from school until 4pm. I find homeschooling to be very efficient. We have time for reading, writing and arithmetic while participating in science, history and book clubs. This still leaves us time to do scouts, music lessons, sports, adult skills and maintain strong relationships. My children love it because they have more time and choice. They actually choose to read 2-3 hours each day and my son has time to write his book. Homeschooling is not an all or nothing choice, because Utah already has a dual enrollment law. This law allows students to attend their local school part-time while still being enrolled in a home school, trade school, online classes and/or the Utah Online High School. In this information age, many are realizing that time in a seat is not the only valid educational option.

Paul Mero

To "Re:Paul Mero"...the state taxes I pay far outweigh the lose of a WPU. By us being self-reliant in education we reduce, not add, a burden to the public school system. Your "zero sum game" approach is the attitude of exclusiveness that drives negative feelings about the public school system. SB 37 is an inclusive bill that unites, not divides, our communities.

As far as "a right" I can point to many public school advocates who believe this...I am sure you can find it on the UEA web site for instance. The "rights" language is the basis for their defense of a system over the welfare of ALL school-age children.

Re: Paul Mero

What about jobs Paul? Does is outweigh that too? Sounds like cynicism to me. Hopefully you are not going to use the UEA as your punchline....pro-voucher slandered the UEA saying that they were the directive behind not wanting to pass the referendum. Don't use them now. The attitude is that there are too many loopholes for your ideals. You want what is best for you kids....simple cynicism because there is no inclusion of "other" to that which is around you other than your kids success. Sounds like model parenting to an extend or is it just misrepresentation? I love conservatism.

KG to Home Schoolers

I have a problem with this. First of all, I have been associated with both successful home school situations, as well as terrible failures. Some students maintain pace with schools, and many exceed learning rates of pubic schools. However, a majority of those with which I have been associated failed the students terribly. They are not able to interact socially and academically.
But to the matter at hand, why should the parents whose children are too good for public school classrooms be allowed to participate on the court, mat, or field? To me, the decision is simple: pick your poison. Deal with both the pitfalls and excellence of public education, or deal with the same of home school. I think it goes hand in hand with private schools also; they should not be treated equally to public schools. If students want to participate in public schools activities and sports, they must be part of public school. Simple as that. So much of education doesn't come from a book, but from life experiences that cannot be duplicated at home, and in many private school situations. Mommy and Daddy try to manipulate education and learning and fail their children miserably.


No one who home school their kids think that they are better than a public school parent. We just feel that our kids can succeed better if they have one on one attention. Who best to educate their child than the parents. We know them the best and we know their needs. Anyone who thinks that their is no cheating the system in the public school system are fooling themselves. How many grades are changed so that their all-star child can participate in the sporting programs? We have all heard stories like these. Please stop making home school parents out to be the bad guys. We sacrifice our time and financial resources for the greater good. We pay taxes just like the rest. We aren't catered to by any sense of the word. Instead we are persecuted because we sacrifice for something better.

RE: Sara

So you don't think that you are "better than a public school parent", but you are persecuted because you "sacrifice for something better."

You HAVE A CHOICE and I support that. Then "WHY" don't you support opur choice. We send our kids to the public school for intergration skills into society. That is one reason we do it. The oppurtunity to participate in EXTRAcurricular PUBLIC SCHOOL activities is a PERK for being in the PUBLIC SCHOOL.

I support your sacrifice....but make it a sacrifice of the PUBLIC SCHOOL sytem if that is your desire. Don't pick and choose what you can and cannot provide.

One on One

OK, so if you homeschool your children for One on One attention, why do you need your children to be in sports? That is 5 on 5, or 11 on 11, and so on. Play your child one on one in the back yard, and stop the double standard.

Paul Mero

Here is the problem for all of the commentators who ask home schoolers to "pick their poison" or stick with one thing: we home schoolers pay taxes that subsidize your public school kids. What do you do for us? Let us live in liberty? Gee, thanks.

I have been amazed at the narrow-mindedness of some of you public school folks. Generally, public schooling has been invoked as THE "American Way" to bring everyone together and then, when we home schoolers want to take you up on that offer, you shun us.

This is duplicity at least and subtle and not-so-subtle forms of bigotry at most.


Mr. Mero it is simple. You want your cake and eat it too.

Paul Mero

Dear Manny, it is even simpler...we're citizens too.

JHS Coach

As a basketball coach at Jordan High, I have the privilege of working with two of the Mero boys every single day. They are two of the finest young men that I have ever been around, and I am glad that I get the opportunity to coach them. That being said, one thing that bothers me about the comments I see on here is that many of you believe that home schooled kids get a "free ride" on their report card as they "sit home and play video games" all day long. Wrong! Each term I receive a report card for each of the Mero boys. I can assure you that, at least in the Mero's case, the boys are graded based on their academic performances in each subject area. I for one am glad that Jordan High School allows these boys to participate, and I believe that the athletic experiences (both good and bad) will help to shape these young men as they enter their adult lives. I view that as a big positive.

Quit being so narrow minded! Besides, athletics is considered to be extracurricular. Is it not?

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