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Friends off court, the 2 guards battle hard on it

Published: Monday, Feb. 4 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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The stat lines are misleading. You have to understand that as a rookie the Hornets just turned Paul loose and gave hime free reign. The Jazz chose to develop Williams a little slower, even playing him at the 2 spot. Also, look at the number of games that Paul missed due to injury. There is something to be said for being durable also. Look at minutes played per game. Williams averages 33.7 min/game in his career. Paul averages 36.6 per game. You have to compare apples to apples.


It's no coincidence that the Jazz are on an 8 game win streak at the same time that Hart is injured, and Collins getting little or no time. Price is a far better backup for Williams than Hart, yet Hart will probably take back Price's minutes when he's healthy. As soon as Collins and Hart get back in the rotation, this Jazz streak will end. That's how extraordinarily bad they are at basketball.

Jazz 106 Hornets 97

SH from KY

I would have to agree with DeronMVP. Hart is not only a horrible backup because he plays lousy basketball, he also rubs off on all of the other players when he is in the game. When Price has been the backup we usually add to our lead or make a comeback. There is nothing more frustrating than watching Hart run the last 20 seconds of a quarter. He sucks!!!! Price brings energy and more of a threat. He plays better defense as well.

Jimmy's Sneakers

Jimmy is sick of comparing the two players. Jimmy wishes we could just all agree that they are both good. Jimmy thinks Paul is having a better year this season, but the Hornets are also asking more of him this year than the Jazz ask of DWill.


Could we see stats for Williams and Paul's head to head match ups. It seems to me that Williams outplays Paul head to head, but I may be a bit biased.


What is this comparing for ? It is for pushing them into stress and play only for himself to be shown better ? It is the Williams of us(Jazz),good at his job with his teammates, we believe. GO JAZZ.


Paul has an edge in stats but having watched Deron in the playoff I think he has the edge in CLUTCH

go Jazz


I think D-Will should be more selfish in the game, making more shot attempts and drive-ins. If only Sloan didn't tell him to share the rock first and then try to shoot, he could've been making 30pts or more every game, I tell ya. The real question is what is better for Jazz? And my answer is that it depends on the game - if everybody is struggling from the field, D-Will should take the ball and put it hard to the rack in every play.


Who can argue that Chris Paul should be an All-Star this year what with the year he's having, the success of his team AND the fact that New Orleans is hosting the game? Don't compare points and assists with these two guys because D-Will has plenty of other scorer's on his team (Boozer, Okur, AK and now Korver) and he competes with AK every night for assists. Paul has to do everything on his team. I recently say a game where he scored 32 but his SHOOOTING GUARD, Mo Peterson got zero. He has the opportunity - out of neccessity - to have bigger numbers. Both players are great. There's just not enough room on the roster to include D-Will this year. But he'll get there and both players will be contributing to great games in the NBA for a long time to come.


lamonte, you're right. dmasta, you're wrong. B-ball is a team game, and what really matters is who wins, particularly in the playoffs. I'll bet Karl Malone would gladly have traded his MVP for a championship. Teams that rely on individual talent usually don't do well in the playoffs. The teams that compete play tough defense and share the ball, getting it to the player with the best shot inside his range. Still, the Jazz must keep improving in order to win home court advantage in the playoffs, which is critical because referees give most close calls to the home team.


Did anyone notice that out of the two guard position we scored thirty points on 13/19 shooting and also had five steals. Brewer is playing well and so is Korver. The two guard has become a solid position for the Jazz and if they continue so will the win streak. I am thrilled with the way the rest of the season looks and expect Utah to trounce New Orleans tonight. Go jazz


mulrich and lamonte you guys are awesome. good points. i second what mulrich said. if we are so in to comparing their stats, how about we add the stat of victories. who has won the majority of the games between williams and paul so far? williams is dominating him. so paul can be the all star this year, we jazz fans want wins, we want playoff success. williams has given us, and will continue to give us, both. and williams WILL be an all star. we have our guy. they have theirs. now lets see who wins tonight.


It is a fact that Chris Paul is a better all around player than Williams; Deron is a very good player, but Paul is Superstar. What bothers me about this whole thing is that Jerry Sloan made the final decision to go with Williams and he admits he never saw Paul play in person. How did the Jazz not get Paul in for a personal workout???? Because as always, jerry doesn't do his homework and bullies the front office. Deron is great, but Sloan benched him behind McCloud and Palacio!!!!

A fan

The funny thing is that it is only a rivalry to the fans and the media, not to Williams and Paul.

John Rambo

Thank you anonymous! I'm glad to see that at least one Jazz fan can see that, while Williams is great, the Jazz made the wrong decision in taking him over Paul. Everyone here is so blind and refuses to believe that anyone could be better then the infallible Williams. I love Williams, but I'd trade him for Paul in a second, and anyone who wouldn't is ignorant.


How far did paul take the hornets in the playoffs last year?


The jury is still out for me on this comparison. Paul's numbers are better than Williams but the Jazz have more talent and more playmakers than the Hornets (despite the fact that the Hornets have a better record), and less is required of williams which explains the difference. One thing everyone seems to forget though is the performance of Williams in the playoffs last year. The playoffs is what it is all about and Williams play was nothing but sensational. Paul has not played in the playoffs yet, so it is hard for me to say which is the better player. One thing is for sure, it will be hard to match Williams performance last year.

RE: John Paul

Williams has his down side (turnovers) But the fact that Williams is more durable is worth a lot. Williams does a lot of little things that makes him a better fit for the Jazz. When Williams passes the ball he then runs underneath and post up on miss matches or set screens for the big guys something Paul cannot do. Both are good picks for their respective teams but Jazz took the player who fit best not the best player. In the long run fitting in is more important. We have seen how good players who don't fit in, fare in Utah.


I'm personally a fan of Williams over Paul but I'm probably biased. I think in the long run, Williams will last longer in the NBA than Paul because he is a tougher, bigger player. Even if Paul is better right now, I think Deron will have an advantage in longevity. The Jazz made the better pick.

just a couple of comments

from fair weathered jazz fans.

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