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Published: Saturday, Feb. 2 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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Add this in too!

This article didn't factor in the free promotion Mitt get daily in Utah in the LDS owner press.

Don't you mean

his ONLY fans?


WOW. 35.4 million of his own money? I guess he thinks he can buy it!

John Newby

What is even more impressive is the way Utahans have been duped by this guy.

For a people that claim to support and stand by the inspired constitution, this is a sad day.


This is one of those stories where you have to ask: Is there gambling in Las Vegas?

Nice facts and data, but it isn't news.

It also sounds from the latest news that Mitt might fold up the tent after Super Tuesday. Now, that would be a story. His rationale would be... ???


Can't believe Utahns are donating to a candidate that once supported the primal political sin of abortion.

Nothing from me

The donation statistics in this article describe a real weakness in Romney's campaign. In terms of funding, he can only rely on his own wealth and Mormon contributions. Already, Romney has spent $35 million from his own pocket and is willing to now go deeper for Super Tuesday results. Americans are not behind Romney's campaign in a way he needs. He certainly is not receiving money from conservative Christians, the group he considers his base. I doubt that he will successful against McCain, but if he is he will not be competitive in a general election. At some point, a Romney slaughtering will happen.


I guess there are many people who want Mitt as President all over the country. He has won in 3 states so far. GO MITT!

I think all the candidates

think they can buy it. After all. Why are they gathering money? It's not to spread to the poor!


You know I don't know if you are looking at this with a real understanding of Mit Romneys intentions here. He loves America, and does have the skills that could and would help our economy. Working in the private sector brought him from word to mouth doing a good job. If they didn't like his performance he would not have gone on to be asked to do other great things such as the Olympics, and Mass. Gov. You don't get that reputation unless you do the right thing. As far as everyone bashing him for being rich and spending all the money he wants is terrible. He cares so much he has given of his own, because it means so much to him to help our country. And as far as him being a Military Comandr and Chief........... Have you forgotten that Pres Clinton was a deserter and was forgiven. Romney has so much more than anyone even realizes to offer. How sad that our country has so little faith to believe in something that looks too good to be true.......


In response to the comment "I guess he thinks he can buy the presidency". It takes a lot more money for someone who is relatively unknown and doesn't have the free advertising that McCain gets from the MSM.

Denny Andrews

Mittney is the right man for the job. And, since that's clearly the only crieria Utahns place on the candidate, as is evidenced by our strong continuing support for shrub, we support mittney totally. Religion has nothing to do with it. Unless you support someone else, then it's religious bigotry.


Go Mitt I Cant see Canadians Dealing with Hillory.

GAC in Texas

If Romney doesn't win and McCain does, America will have what the liberal press has always wanted - a one party Democratic country. McCain is a Democrate in sheep's clothing. He is not the "true conservative" that he is pretending to be. I know a number of Republican party members who will never vote McCain no matter what he calls himself or pretends to be. Check him out yourself. After you do, ask yourself if you want this man with his fingers on our nuks!

The Fat lady is warming up.

Romney blew it. BIG TIME.

Romney pretended to be a liberal to run for Governor of MA. Now he's pretending to be a conservative to run for the Presidency.

If Romney had stayed true to who he was, and what he believed he probably would have had a much better chance. But when you can read online that one of his "campaign tactics" was to "disparage France any chance you get," you can easily see the height of his hypocrisy and the lengths this former Mormon missionary to France will go to to pander to the far right.

Unfortunately Romney has exposed himself as an insincere fraud. And being handsome and worth millions (which seems to really impress his Utah supporters) isn't nearly enough to overcome his true emptiness.

Spencer McGee

This guy is worth over $250 million. Why would anyone give him anything?

Romney is for the rich individuals and wealthy corporations. Obama is for the lazy poor people. Here we go with another election where the middle class lose either way.

Romeny's Mistake

The country is now embracing McCain despite the fact that he is a true moderate. I believe at heart Romney is also very moderate. This country is also largely very moderate as people have rejected the extremes of politics. It's a shame Romney felt he had to portray himself as something he is not - the right wing representative. Mitt has some incredible talents that could help this country particularly in the economic sector. But he blew it by trying to paint himself as something he is not. I think many would have warmly accepted the Mitt who ran for governor of Mass not the one who is trying to be the next George Bush. Serious miscalculation for such a smart guy.

Mario A. Meza

`Your acts sound so loud ,that I cant listen your words. Thats why Mitt is the MAN, right now all the problems in the U.S. depends of the MONEY, the military, the healt care,the education , the inmigration, the national security, So , What does America Really needs? A man who really KNOWS How the economics works and how to makes things done,Thata true leader , America needs Leaders not Preachers, if you see him in long perspective He will overcome Hillary or Obama no doubt about it,Because hes prepared for it,he has the right perpective to be the president of the american people, and yes the american Values and this Holly land with Him as a president will prevail!.
(thanks for this space and yor time )


Enough of the negative attacks because of how much money someone has. There is nothing wrong with spending your own hard earned money for your own campaign. Romney has raised more money than what he has put into the campaign. For you McCainiacs and Huckawannabes, Romney is a family man and has money. Why should either disqualify him for President.

Look behind the facade...

If any of the so-called Front-runners became President, it would be a sad day indeed. They would keep us on the same path of destruction as the Bush and Clinton years. Destroying our liberties and freedoms all in the name of Safety and Security. This once-great Republic would go the way of the ancient Roman Republic to be replace by an Dictator.

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