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Published: Thursday, Jan. 31 2008 12:00 a.m. MST

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This hate group isnt religous at all. Their belief is that the whole world is going to hell for being homosexual or condoning them. They have no respect for their country and they basically come up with any reason in the world to hate.

Fred Phelps, the groups leader, is a senile, psychotic, old man. The best thing we can do in this situation is treat them with kindness or ignore them all together. We dont need to disrupt President Hinckley's funeral any further by loosing control of ourselves and assaulting these guys. Don't try to contend with them, they are so far gone astray that it wont do any good. They just look for reasons to hate, and in their mind if your not a member of their church your going to "hell". We as followers of christ can follow his example. Gordon B. Hinckley was a great man and nobody can tell us any different.


Wow...these fools are simply PATHETIC.

Jon B. Holbrook

It is amzing to me that some of these Christians claim that the Mormons are not Christian. President Hinckley, by both his sermons and his example, was a true Christian. The people of the Westboro Baptist Church spreads its hate and contention. If the Westboro Baptists read their Bibles(Which I doubt.) They would have read the verse that states that contention is of the devil. Therefore, I can only conclude that they follow The Prince of Darkness and not The Prince of Peace. Thank-You

Melissa V.

Both religions are whacky, IMO. But Westboro REALLY needs to back down. I was still in shock over hearing about them wanting to protest Heath Ledgers funeral!

Old Port

Someone should spy on these folks. I am sure there is a homosexual scandal coming with their leaders soon enough. Positive energy certainly surrounded Hinckley; it was just obvious in how he carried himself.


Its wierd to me that LDS people are bashing these people for hating homosexuals. The church has gone out of its way to ban gay marriage everywhere. Get a grip on reality people.

nc mom

I agree with the singing of hymms and also think the LDS members should politley wave at the protesters with a cane! Wouldn't that be a compliment to President Hinckley?


Fools Fools Fools! This the biggest bunch of nonsense that I have ever read! Who cares about these degenerates? They cannot hurt the church if we ignore them in all their ignorance. They are foolish and disrespectful to everyone. not just Mormons.


Maybe the Utah chapters of the Temple Riders Association could show up on their bikes and pass out hot chocolate to the protesters. That could be our version of the veteran biker groups that protect the funerals they protest.

Agree w/ Jon but...

Contention is of the devil... is not stated so plainly in the bible that is 3rd Nephi 11:29, but I totally agree with the idea. Having served a mission surrounded by people of the Westboro "mentality" and I pity them. Because their whole belief system is the destruction of others beliefs. I would simply refer to Matthew 5:43-48. We can only love them and hope they have the opportunity to change and then take the chance when it is there.


Wouldn't it be nice if this Westboro Baptist Church practiced and preached what THEY actually believe instead of preaching how bad and evil Mormons are? If their whole religion is based on hating others...what kind of Christian religon is that?


Dont you people realize that these protesters are horribly starved for attention? They cannot handle the LDS church getting so much of what they cannot have. These protesters are a very jealous and greedy group of people... so they strikeout at us. Although, everyone realizes that we are a strong people and we can ignore this silly behavior. What would the Savior do?

RE: Matt Johnson

Rev. Johnson, thanks for your kind words! Those of us Mormons who have had positive experiences with Baptists and Christians who *truly* believe what they preach know you're correct. These Westboro people don't even deserve to be called "Baptist." They are WAY out there. Most *real* Baptists are at least sincere about trying to love God and their fellow man, as Christ truly taught, despite all of our flaws and differences. Thank you, Rev. Johnson, for your grace and class!


this group in without love and affection. Void of compassion. I wonder what type of family these individuals came from. Sad. They some how were never taught common decency and respect. I pity their miserable lives.

Wyo Reader

Won't it be great to meet some of these people on the other side! I can hardly wait to see the looks on their faces when they realize they have been so deceived by the great deceiver! Let 'em protest we know the truth and as stated before "The truth will set us free"!

Get a hobby dude!

These protestors must seriously have nothing better to do than bash mormons.

Hate is hate.

While I believe this Westboro group to be a troop of sick, hateful, and angry people, there are MANY MORMONS that hold themselves above all others. I have experienced the judgement of Mormons while simply visiting Salt Lake City on a vacation. Hate is hate. Judgement is judgement. And while the Westboro tactics are reprehensible, the Mormons who judge everyday are doing the same thing, but just in a different way.

A Disgusted Baptist

I am a Baptist, but I am just as revolted by the actions of this group as all of you. One cannot help but wonder how this group could possibly imagine that they are following the example of Christ.

To judge all other Christians, or even just all other Baptists, by this group would be much akin to judging all Mormons by Warren Jeffs.

Fellow Evangelical

As a Evangelical Christian myself, I detest these types of protests. An important religious leader has died. He and his family deserve respect, not Wackos holding up signs saying "Hinckley is in Hell."

I encourage all my fellow Evangelicals to stage a peaceful protest (at the same time) on the opposite corner exposing these nuts for what they are.

Though I am not LDS, I support the LDS' faith to honor their leader without these fruit cakes causing problems.

P.S. To the LDS faithful, please ignore them. What they want is a confrontation that will garner them national publicity.

Surprisingly thankful in CA

When I first read this article, I was so upset that the Westboro Baptists had decided to protest President Hinckley's funeral. Of course I had heard of them and the hurt they spread, and my heart just sank at the idea of their disrupting the celebration of a beautiful life. I wasn't able to read the comments yet because I had to put my son down for his nap, but while I rocked him, I was still so angry and hurt. But now, after having read a few of these comments, the ones suggesting mourners smile and wave, or lay a flower at the feet of the protesters, or act as Pres. Hinckley would've, I feel so much better. Thank you to all of you who commented in like manner. It helped soften my heart and soothe my anger. I won't be able to attend either way, but thank you for showing a cool head in the midst of such hurtful circumstances. God bless President Hinckley and all those who do their best to live exemplary, Christ-like lives.

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